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‘Command’ & ‘Communication’ not same, this is master-slave bus: ECI schools Left-wing propagandist Ravi Nair on the basics of EVM and English language

Responding to ulterior motives of Ravi Nair casting aspersions on EVM cloaked as “logical questions”, the ECI explained factual inaccuracies in his post.

US says it is ‘closely monitoring’ the implementation of CAA in India: Here is why their ‘concerns’ are hypocritical and how they too have...

While the USA chooses to 'watch closely' India's internal policies, it overlooks its analogous legislation aimed at aiding persecuted religious minorities.

Remembering Darshan Solanki on his death anniversary: How leftists weaved a ‘fairy tale’ of caste discrimination and went into hiding after Arman Iqbal was...

After Arman Iqbal's role in the unfortunate death of Darshan Solanki emerged, the leftist cabal that was lampooning on 'caste discrimination' theory went into hiding.

‘Parliament me toh apne hi log gaye hain’: Leftist journalist Anil Sinha supports the accused in parliament security breach case

Anil Sinha said, "Those who intruded into the parliament are our men only. It is just that they entered the parliament in a wrong way. That is their only mistake."

‘Media Matters’ tries to cancel X and Elon Musk over ‘anti-Semitism’, President of the leftist media watchdog turns out to be racist

'Media Matters for America' alleged that X owner Elon Musk supposedly reinstated the accounts of 'bigots', 'pro-Hitler', 'paid far-right extremists', and 'Holocaust deniers.

They are not against us but the truth: Director of the Young Thinkers’ Forum, hounded by leftists for Conclave at NLIU, speaks exclusively to...

"The majority of the student community did not have a problem with the event. It's only a handful of leftist students who created this hue and cry," remarked Ashutosh Singh Thakur.

Nuh violence: Posters threatening Muslims were put up by Asif, how Islamists and leftist media had tried to blame VHP

The poster that came up in Sector 69, Gurugram on August 27 set the stage for Islamists and the leftist media, who once again went on to exploit this situation to portray Muslims as victims and Hindus as the aggressors

Congress ecosystem, leftists and Islamists attack former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad for calling out ‘hatemonger’ Zubair

When Prasad called out Zubair's dubious credentials on social media, IYC President Srinivas BV claimed that the ex-cricketer had somehow descended into disgrace.

ThePrint ‘journalist’ Jyoti Malhotra claims people in non-BJP states can walk and talk freely vis à vis a BJP-ruled state: Here is how she’s...

Jyoti Malhotra, a senior journalist with Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint claims that the freedom of speech and dissent is being clamped down in BJP ruled states

‘Thou shalt not question’: Ashoka University faculty, Leftist propagandists gang up to defend flawed, shoddy research paper that made dubious claims about election manipulation

Glaring flaws, loopholes, and dataset-related mistakes have been pointed out in Das' paper by numerous economists. However, for the Left ecosystem, facts do not matter. What matters is their conviction that a certain ideology should be above scrutiny or criticism and should be accepted by all without any question.

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