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‘Will shoot you, bow down to us if you want to live in Mewat’: Faisal and Parveen warn Hindu youth against following Hindu rituals in Mewat

Every Hindu in our area who visits temples or engages in any form of religious activities is suppressed and harassed, Hindu youth reveals the atrocities being meted out at them.

The atrocities on Hindus in Mewat, Haryana is not unheard of. The Hindus, who have been reduced to a minority community in Haryana’s mini Pakistan (Mewat), are living under constant threat in the hands of the Muslim majority in the region. Incidents of rape of Hindu, especially of Dalit girls, kidnapping of brides, forced conversion, assault on Dalits have become common in the villages in Mewat.

Recently, it was reported how a temple located in a village falling under the jurisdiction of Mewat’s Nagina police station was vandalised by the Muslims in the region. Now, another incident from the same jurisdiction has come to the fore where a Hindu youth has been terrorized and threatened with death if he visits the temple or indulges in any religious activities.

Hindu youth in Mewat claims that his case is not being heard

According to reports, two Muslim youth named Faisal and Parveen have threatened to kill a Hindu youth Muralilal Saini. Muralilal claims that in the hope to get some help, he has been knocking every door possible. He has approached the village sarpanch to the Nagina Police station and also written a letter to Haryana’s Chief Minister Mohan Lal Khattar. However, Murarilal claims of receiving no assistance until now. His case is not being taken seriously, alleges the youth.

Murarilal Saini

Murailal, who is a fruit seller by profession, was going to the temple with his friend Hemraj on November 2 when he was accosted by 4 youths. The Muslims who were on two bikes started abusing Murarilal and Hemraj. According to the Hindu youths, this was not the first time that Faizal and Praveen had harassed them. They often confronted them and intimidated them with locally made guns. Until now, Murarilal kept complaining to the village Sarpanch in hope that he would help him out. But when he saw that it was not working he approached the Nagina police station.

In his complaint, Murarilal said that he was standing at Hemraj’s shop on November 2 when some boys including Faisal and Parveen came to him and started abusing him. They threatened him by saying: “The day we find you alone, we will kill you”. They told him that they had prepared a hit-list with the name of few Hindu youths from the village who were in their radar and that he was one of them. In his complaint, Murarilal clearly expressed his fear that his life was in danger. He specified that if anything untoward happened with him, the Faizal, Praveen and his accomplice should be held accountable.

OpIndia speaks to oppressed Hindu youth in Mewat

When OpIndia got in touch with Murarilal, he shared with us the letters he had written Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, State Home Minister Anil Vij and the Superintendent of Police, requesting them for help.

Murarilal’s letter to Haryana CM

When OpIndia questioned Murarilal on police’s response, he said despondently that he had not received any reply from the police station so far. The bike riders still threaten him and kept saying that “You are from the RSS … will shoot you.”

“Jab bhi humare same aao toh humain salaam karo”, Muslim youths warn Murarilal

Murari expressed helplessness as he claimed that he is 31 years old and yet he was receiving such threats from boys aged 20-22. He said nothing like this happened before. He has been running his shop in the market for about 20 years. But from the last 7 to 8 months these boys started bothering him, claimed Murari. He told us that when the Muslims youths accosted him, while he was on his way to the temple, they warned him that if he wanted to live in Mewat, he would have to live as per their whims. They said that whenever in future Murari crosses them he would need to bow down and salute them first. “Mewat mein rehana hain toh humare hisaab see rehna hoga. Is liye jab bhi humare samne aao toh humain salaam karo”, roughly translated as (If you want to live in Mewat, then you have to live according to us. So whenever you come in front of us, you have to salute us).

The aggrieved youth first thought that all these were petty matter amongst the villagers and would get resolved in the village itself, but when his hardships started to cross all endurable capacities, he gathered the people of the village and approached the village sarpanch. The sarpanch assured him that he would make sure that the matter is resolved and the Muslim youths do not bother him henceforth.

For a month things were better, but it all started again after one month. The process of intimidation and threatening has continued ever since, said Murarilal. In fact, those Muslims youths have now started threatening Murarilal to leave the village or face dire consequences.

On November 2, seeing Murarilal standing at Hemraj’s shop, these Muslim youths surrounded him and asked: “You have not left the village yet? Now your time has come.” According to Murarilal, every Hindu in his area who visits temples or engages in any form of religious activities is suppressed and harassed. They are often roughed up by these Muslim youths and due to their dominance in the village, the helpless Hindus can do little to help themselves or their friends, revealed Murari.

OpIndia approches SHO of Nagina police station

After speaking to Murarilal, Opindia contacted the SHO of Nagina police station. However, we were told that they have no information about the purported incident. After this, we again tried to reach out to them, but the police did not pick up our phone.

Murarilal’s letter to the Nagina police station SHO

Atrocities against Hindus in Muslim dominated Mewat continues unabated

This is, however, not a one-off incident in Mewat. Earlier, a 24-year-old Dalit boy Rahul was brutally assaulted, with a battle-axe, by members of the Muslim community in his village Uleta, falling under the jurisdiction of Mewat’s Nagina police station. When Rahul’s family went to save their son, even they were also subjected to assault by the Muslim assailants.

The village sarpanch and other villagers stayed away from even inquiring the well being of Rahul and his family which came under the attack of the Muslim assailants. Instead, Rahul’s uncle Jaswant was allegedly intimidated by a well-known person in the village who warned him that if he wants to stay in the village, he will have to live under their yoke. The police did not allegedly cooperate. To weaken the case, the ST/SC Act was removed from the case. It’s been four months since Rahul’s family has been running pillar to post seeking justice for their young son, but his assailants are still roaming around freely.

However, these Hindus are no different from the rest of the oppressed Dalit family’s in Mewat, who have been enduring these hardships for the past two decades. The pervasiveness of the local police, probably under the influence of the majority Muslim population in the region, has only added to the miseries of these Hindu families.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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