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religious conversions

Ghaziabad: Brainwashed through online game, 17-year-old Jain boy started visiting mosque to offer namaz, was influenced by Zakir Naik, father files complaint

A strange case of religious conversion has come to the fore in the Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh wherein a 17-year-old boy belonging to a Jain family was brainwashed.

The Kerala Story makers release video of real-life victims amidst controversy around factual authenticity

The real-life victims who were indoctrinated and converted to Islam shared their ordeal and lauded the film The Keral Story for narrating the truth.

Allowing cow slaughter to conversions, here are three anti-Hindu demands that Amnesty India, with links to radical Islamists, has made from Congress in Karnataka

Amnesty India has made 3 anti-Hindu demands in Karnataka after the Congress govt has assumed power in the state

Pakistan: 124 including 81 Hindu women forcefully converted to Islam in the year 2022, 58% were minors

The abduction and forced conversion of girls belonging to minority communities continue unabated in Pakistan

‘Entrepreneur’ Sana Sheikh, accused in forced circumcision & conversion case, gets funding for her ‘modest clothing’ brand in Shark Tank

Sana had lured Deepak into a relationship and later forced him to convert his religion to Islam. Deepak was also tortured and humiliated for Rs 11 lakh first and Rs 25 lakh later by the family members of Sana who got constant support from AIMIM MP Imtiaz Jaleel

Abduction, forced religious conversion of Hindu girls continues unabated in Pakistan

Multiple incidents of Hindu girls, especially minors, being abducted and forced religious conversion to Islam in Pakistan have been reported in March 2023

“Conversion Factory” Mian Mithu, known for abduction and forced religious conversions of Hindu girls, invited at anti-conversion seminar in Pakistan

Mian Mithu has been involved in abduction, rape and forced religious conversion of scores of Hindu girls in Pakistan.

Christian missionaries in Delhi book fair provide anti-Hindu material, Bible for free, persuade Hindus to convert religion, United Hindu Front protests

the Christian missionaries were distributing the objectionable content against Hindus and Bible for free even to small children

Pakistan: 17-year-old Hindu girl in Sindh kidnapped and converted to Islam; police claim she converted of her own will

A minor Hindu girl in Pakistan's Sindh was abducted and converted to Islam. But the police claims she converted of her own will.

No arrests for SHUATS VC Prof RB Lal in 2022 religious conversion case, Allahabad HC directs police

In April last year, one Himanshu Dixit had complained that a large number of people had gathered to convert local Hindus to Christianity by luring them with money and other tactics.

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