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Two underage Hindu girls Raveena (13) and Reena (15) were abducted from their home in Pakistan’s Sindh on the eve of Holi. The girls were forcefully converted and married off to older Muslim men.
Earlier today, EAM Sushma Swaraj had questioned Pakistani PM Imran Khan on his promises of 'Naya Pakistan' and promises of safety to minorities.
Malala, who often preaches the world about feminist adventures and jumps in to display her intellect over human rights issues especially against women across the world seems to have not found her voice to condemn the bigotry of Pakistanis as she could face severe backlash within her own country.
Islamic militant organisation PFI is behind the murder of Ramalingam
The recent activities from Christian missionaries to convert local Hindu tribals to Christianity have been cited to be the reason behind such decision by the villagers.
The poor tribals from Jharkhand and Bihar were reportedly lured into Christianity after they lost their jobs in the Sonamukhi tea plantation.
From what is happening at the Kumbh to the latest development in the political front, daily roundup of news.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh said he supports the freedom to follow any religion but was of the opinion that a debate is needed as the mass conversions is a matter of concern for any country.
There has been a sudden surge in the conversions of Hindus, who are being either lured or forced into adopting Christianity
A non-observant Muslim was constantly harassed by his devout in-laws to follow the doctrinal instructions of Islam
On Saturday, the organisation registered a complaint with the District Magistrate and requested that religious conversions by Christian missionaries be stopped.
Thabir, a Hindu had married Surabhi, a Christian, in a court in Odisha in 2014.
The probe into the financial transactions of the NGO is being conducted as a part of the investigation in the sexual abuse case involving the NGO.
The NGO, Good News, had been recently caught for sexual harassment of their inmates in Odisha
All Nation's conduct appears to be hazardous to the health of its missionaries.
The shelter home was being operated illegally with gross irregularities
Seven fishermen who took Chau to the island were arrested under the Prohibition of Aboriginal Tribes Act and various sections of the IPC.
The Christian preachers are targeting Dalits and people from backward communities for religious conversions
The response of the Indian govt to such biased reports thus far has been, "India does not take cognizance of internal reports of a foreign country."
The accused duo, residents of Bihar's Jamalpur, were arrested from Kolkata admitted to killing the woman
The complaint has been lodged by AAP rebel leader Kapil Mishra
"Seculars" continue to preach “tolerance” to plural Hindus even in the face of an onslaught from the intolerant ones
Mostly all of these organizations have received funds running in crores
She has also accused her classmates of forcing her to wear head-scarf and observe fast during Ramzan.
He was adorning a tilak on his forehead and wearing a sacred thread when he met her.
It is being reported that the arrested pastor is a resident of Muzaffarnagar.
The man's daughter and her lover have also been accused in this matter
Ashish Dhar has also composed numerous songs on various political issues in the past.

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