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religious conversions

Buddhism separate religion from Hinduism: Gujarat government issues circular saying Hindus converting to Buddhism must seek permission

The circular issued a warning on possible legal challenges resulting from a lack of understanding of the laws pertaining to religious conversions.

Affidavit of consent, age, knowledge of legal consequences: Delhi High Court issues guidelines for religious conversion for marriage

Delhi High Court said that it becomes paramount to furnish and inform the individual with exhaustive information before their religious conversion for marriage.

UP: Bangle seller Shamsuddin arrested for converting people to Islam in the name of exorcism

The complainant alleged that accused Shamsuddin has converted many people to Islam so far

Maharashtra: Maulana Shoaib Noori who converted a 20-year-old Hindu girl, forced her to marry rapist Sayam Qureshi, arrested from Indore

The Police earlier had arrested Sayam, Imran Sheikh, Chotu alias Kaleem, and Faiyyaz and were on a lookout for the Maulana. However, the Maulana was identified and arrested by the Police on July 16.

Ghaziabad conversion case: Maulvi who performed online nikah of accused Rahil with Hindu girl Neeru arrested by Khoda police

Reportedly, Maulvi Shahdaman had called witnesses during the online nikah of Rahil and Neeru.

US-based Christian pastor claims over 1 lakh Hindus converted just in a week, says RSS and PM Modi made conversions tough in north India

American Pastor Chris Hodges labelled India as a prime target for religious conversions by the missionaries.

Madhya Pradesh: Another institute in Damoh found involved in religious conversion, Hindu students forced to read Bible in the Aadharshila children’s home

The Aadharshila institute is run by a church. It presides over a children's home where Hindu kids are forced to read Christian religious content.

Chhattisgarh: Christian evangelist women beaten up in Durg, accused of trying to convert local Hindus

The residents of Urala Basti have made accusations that the women apprehended with Chitralekha were engaged in converting people under the guise of a prayer meeting in the locality.

Hardoi, UP: Sumit, Adhiraj and others force Hindu man to convert to Christianity and threaten him when he refused, threw his Murthis out, FIR...

Makoo, Sumit, Adhiraj, and Shivanandan are accused to have had the Hindu deity idols in Vijay's residence thrown out.

‘To win, pray in mosques’: Read about the sinister approach the Islamists utilised to manipulate and coerce children to convert to Islam through online...

Ghaziabad police have unearthed a gaming racket wherein Islamists are luring young children to convert to Islam through online games

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