Thursday, July 29, 2021



The Michigan Kidnapping Conspiracy: How a US army veteran-turned-FBI informant instigated a plot to abduct a Governor

Dan's job was to pass on crucial information to the FBI, participate in group activities with the condition that he must not do anything illegal.

FBI helped instigate plot to kidnap Michigan Governor, framed Trump supporters as US establishment prepares for domestic war on terror

A Buzzfeed report has revealed that 12 FBI informants were not only part of the conspiracy but also instigated the Michigan Governor kidnapping plot.

Kabul: Afghans protest outside Pakistan embassy against the abduction and torture of ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad

A kidnapping case was lodged at the Koshar police station in Islamabad in connection to the abduction of Silsila Alikhil.

Abduction of Afghan ambassador’s daughter in Pakistan: Medical report shows Silsila Alikhil has rope marks on hands and legs, injury on the face

Abduction of top Afghan diplomate's daughter in Pakistan marks another low in the rapidly deteriorating Pakistan-Afghanistan relationships

UK-based Pakistani commentator Faran Jeffery alias Natsecjeff abducted from his Karachi home: Reports

Social media has been abuzz with reports of UK-based Pakistani commentator and security analysit Faran Jeffery was abducted from his Karachi home on Sunday.

Sikh girl conversion row: How The Quint created confusion regarding the girl’s age and quietly changed report once proofs emerged

While The Quint claimed that age of abducted Sikh girl Manpreet Kaur was 28, it changed that to 18 after documents of the girl emerged

‘Used us against CAA’, ‘why did you take away Muslim girl’: More fractures appear after activist says Sikh women will not be allowed to...

The farce of "Sikh-Muslim unity" falls apart as Sikhs and Muslims spar over the conversion of two Sikh girls in Kashmir.

‘Can’t force her’: Sikh body admits missing girl from Kashmir who converted to Islam does not want to return

Jagir Kaur informed that one of the two Sikh girls does not want to reconvert and does not want to come back to her family.

‘Home Minister Amit Shah has assured safety of minority Sikh girls in Jammu and Kashmir, will meet delegation soon’: Manjinder Sirsa

Sirsa said that Amit Shah in touch with the Governor regarding the case of abduction and forced conversion of the two Sikh girls in the valley.

The ‘Sanghi propaganda’ trope on abduction and conversion of Sikh girls to Islam. Here is how this online tirade is an omen of impending...

Some propagandists masquerading as 'farmer supporters' on social media are trying to brush under the carpet the abduction and forced religious conversions of Sikh girls in Jammu and Kashmir by terming it "Sanghi Propaganda"

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