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‘I will have vengeance’, ‘Secession or War’: Gay activist Milo has a meltdown, calls ‘Daddy’ Trump a selfish clown

Milo Yiannopoulos also directed his angst toward the Republican Party, which was perceived as not supporting the US President, and said that it was time to 'burn it to the ground'.

Milo Yiannopoulos, self professed ‘Dangerous F*ggot’, had a meltdown on the social media platform Parler after the United States Supreme Court junked a Texas lawsuit alleging electoral malpractice resulting in Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 US Presidential Elections. Milo floated separatist ideas and suggested war as a possible recourse under current circumstances.

Milo has a meltdown (Credit: @SethAbrahmson)

The political commentator also said that he had “lost everything trying to put Trump in office” and that his “life and career were completely destroyed”. Milo declared that it was not worth it and that he was feeling betrayed. “I will have vengeance,” he said.

Milo has a meltdown (Credit: Seth Abramson)

Milo Yiannopoulos also said that the three Supreme Court Justice appointments made by Donald Trump during his presidency was “pointless”. “We defended a selfish clown for nothing,” he said. He also directed his angst toward the Republican Party, which was perceived as not supporting the US President, and said that it was time to ‘burn it to the ground’. It may be pertinent to mention here that Milo may be calling Trump a ‘selfish clown’ now but he used to call Trump ‘Daddy’ once upon a time.

Image Credit: @SethAbramson

In another post, Milo declared that he was “dedicating the rest of my life to the destruction of the Republic Party.” Milo is not the only person who has floated the ‘secession’ rhetoric recently. Popular pro-Trump voice, Candace Owens, said, “You actually don’t need a bloody war to secede— just an agreement. If you Democrats are so convinced that 75 million people in this country are racist, sexist, xenophobic, fascist red necks, explain to me why the concept of their secession so infuriates you?”

Not everyone has given up, however. Fringe elements in American political discourse such as Nicholas Fuentes and others such as Proud Boys are continuing to organize to ‘Stop The Steal’.

In an unusual turn of events, another pro-Trump fringe group ‘Groypers’ started heckling pro-Trump Drag Queen ‘Lady MAGA’ after spotting her at the rally.

Thus, quite clearly, Trump supporters are taking the defeat just about as well as Hillary supporters back in 2016. However, the gut-wrenching visuals of cacophonic meltdown that was visible back then is absent.

Who is Milo Yiannopoulos?

Milo is a controversial British political commentator who revels in being an agent provocateur. He was banned permanently from Twitter in 2016 for targeted harassment. He was banned permanently on Facebook three years later. He was widely described an ‘alt-right’ figure although he has never publicly associated himself with the group. He rose to significant fame as a homosexual man who derided the ‘politically correct’ culture and was invited to speak at college campuses.

His career was generally on the up before video clips emerged where he could been defending sexual relationships between boys as young as 13 and older men. “And I think particularly in the gay world, and outside the Catholic Church — if that’s where some of you want to go with this — I think in the gay world some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life-affirming, important shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men,” he said in a very problematic comment, adding that “They can be hugely positive experiences.”

Defending himself, Milo said, “I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That’s perfectly true and every gay man knows it. But I was not talking about anything illegal and I was not referring to prepubescent boys.” He stated further, “Anyone who suggests I turn a blind eye to illegal activity or to the abuse of minors is unequivocally wrong … To repeat: I do not support pedophilia. It is a disgusting crime of which I have personally been a victim.”

Nevertheless, the extremely controversial comments caused a huge uproar and he was dropped by his ‘allies’ like a hot potato. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) rescinded their invitation for him to speak at their event, Milo had to resign from Breitbart although he insisted that he was doing it on his own so that the controversy does not distract the media outlet from ‘important reporting’ and the contract to publish his autobiography with Simon & Schuster was cancelled.

Milo has never really recovered from that fall.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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