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Greta Thunberg Files: How the ‘Ask India Why’ campaign used former SC Justice Katju to peddle their agenda of ‘Sikh Sovereignty’

Through the 'toolkit', the role of the Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) became evident which is the mothership of the 'Ask India Why' campaign. The founders of the PJF are both Khalistanis

Ask India Why, a campaign by Khalistanis, has been intrinsic to the global campaign against India over the ‘farmer protests’. Their involvement was revealed after climate activist Greta Thunberg inadvertently shared a ‘toolkit’ intended to attract further global attention to the protests that are currently underway.

Through the ‘toolkit’, the role of the Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) became evident which is the mothership of the ‘Ask India Why’ campaign. The founders of the PJF are both Khalistanis. The ‘Ask India Why’ campaign produced meticulous propaganda material that was distributed far and wide to launch the campaign.

The toolkit revealed a ‘press activation plan’, a document titled ‘narrative’, another classified as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) and a tweet bank as well. The media plan included ‘training’ spokespersons with the FAQ that was created. It was also emphasised that the designated spokesperson remain accessible to the media.

Ask India Why's press activation plan
Ask India Why’s press activation plan

With regards to an FAQ whether they fear violence against the protesters, the FAQ sheet says, “India has continued to use tear gas and water cannons against men, women and children protesting the new farm laws. The primary reason for this Global Day of Action is to ensure the safety of these protestors and support their movement.”

The meaning of the question “Why is India killing us” according to the FAQ is, “This is a legitimate question being asked by many communities across India. According to Human Rights watch, a report by the Delhi Minorities Commission in the summer of 2020 highlighting an independent investigation into attacks on Muslims by Hindu mobs in Delhi in February found that police were complicit in and even abetted violence against Muslims. The attacks came after weeks of peaceful protest against the Indian government’s discriminatory citizenship policies.”

Ask India Why FAQ sheet
Ask India Why FAQ sheet

Needless to say, the narrative around the Delhi Riots is extremely flawed by design and is geared towards spreading false narratives about India. In reality, the violence was a consequence of an Islamist conspiracy which was evident from the Islamist nature of the protests that preceded them.

The ‘weeks of peaceful protests’ that are mentioned were actually riddled with widespread rioting, the death of a baby at a protest site due to the negligence of the parents and a great destruction of life and property. One of the masterminds of the protests also openly called for North East India to be cut off from the rest of the country.

The ‘Ask India Why’ campaign also prepared a ‘narrative’ document, presumably to codify the narrative that the entire campaign was going to peddle.

The document states, “Amidst cries for change, and in the throes of a pandemic, the Government of India introduced a set of new laws it maintains will reform the system. These laws, developed without consultation with farmers, do not solve the farmers problems. Instead, they threaten to dismantle a way of life, a culture, make family-owned farms unviable, leave farmers with few options in a country with stagnating job creation, and increase the burden on an already vulnerable sector by placing them at the mercy of massive corporate interests.”

The Ask India Why narrative
The Ask India Why narrative

“These are the circumstances that gave rise to the largest protest in history. Today, farmers continue to peacefully protest and petition for the XXX day in a row, asking the government to make sustainable reforms that will protect their families’ futures and the farmers’ way of life. However, the protest action is being met with a massive disinformation campaign, led by state-sponsored media, and supported by disinformation campaigns, in India. The safety of these farmers who are in the street of Delhi with their families, is at stake,” it adds.

There is also a document that contains the preordained set of ‘key messages’. It reveals that disrupting the Republic Day celebrations was one of the foremost objectives of the campaign. It states, “The focus is to disrupt Republic Day celebrations to call attention to the farmers action, encouraging global citizens and the Indian diaspora to #askindiawhy.”

The Key Messages

Another key message is, “Farmers all around India are concerned big private players will dictate food prices, driving small operations further into debt.” Yet another states, “Farmers believe the agricultural reform laws introduced by the Indian government will drive down crop prices and devastate their earnings.”

All of this is far from the truth and has very little to do with reality as is evidenced by the fact farmer unions themselves were calling for these reforms not too long ago, in fact, as recently as the moment when the bills were passed.

‘Ask India Why’ also has a list of ‘tweet templates’ that could be used by people across the world to participate in the global campaign against India.

Ask India Why tweet templates
Tweet templates

We visited the website of the campaign that was mentioned and there, we discovered more evidence of the Khalistani inclinations. The website speaks of ‘Sikh sovereignty’ and ‘self determination’ which is only a fancy way of speaking about Khalistan.

The website says, “Sikhs are a sovereign people, and since colonial occupation, have been resisting dispossession in their homeland. Sikh dissent and political activism is violently repressed in India and deemed terrorism. The state is eliminating democratic political space required to exercise the right to self-determination.”

The campaign speaks of 'Sikh Sovereignty'
The campaign speaks of ‘Sikh Sovereignty’

In addition, it also claims that the drug problems in Punjab are ‘state-induced’. The campaign does not stop there and relies on ’eminent individuals’ such as former Supreme Court Justice Markande Katju to peddle their delusions.

Katju may be a former Supreme Court justice but he is thoroughly discredited due to his conduct on social media which often crosses the boundaries of civility and is definitely monumentally creepy. He is someone that nobody takes seriously but the Khalistani campaign has.

Ask India Why relies on Markande Katju

Creepy Katju had tweeted, “A Jalianwala type massacre is inevitable.” The Jalianwala Bagh Massacre was an instance of brutal mass murder under the British era when colonial forces opened fire on Indian freedom fighters. Comparing that to the current situation is the height of delusion, given the restraint authorities have demonstrated while dealing with protesters despite injuries to hundreds of policemen.

Thus, all of this clearly points towards the fact that there is a sinister agenda underway in the garb of a global campaign for ‘human rights’. We have reported a step by step breakdown of how the entire global propaganda unfolded and how it was orchestrated.

It only demonstrates how necessary it was for influential figures to come out and say unequivocally that Indians need to stay together during these times and foreign interference was not appreciated.

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