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‘He asked doctors to chant Jai Shri Ram’, Rinku Sharma’s mother opens up about the brutal murder of her son

In an exclusive footage accessed by OpIndia, Rinku Sharma's mother told Surendra Jain that her son's last words before he succumbed to his injuries in Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Mangolpuri at 12 noon on Thursday were: "Jai Shri Ram bolo doctor...Jai Shri Ram."

The Hindu families living in Delhi’s Muslim dominated Mangolpuri area, where a Hindu youth Rinku Sharma was brutally hacked to death by a bloodthirsty Muslim mob on February 10 (Wednesday), have been left traumatised for the rest of their lives.

Today, a day after the 25-year-old youth succumbed to his injuries, the narrow street in K-block of Mangolpuri where Rinku lived, was chock-a-block with media persons and activists from Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, which Rinku was associated with.

‘He kept asking the doctors to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’, mother of Rinku Sharma recounts her son’s last words

While speaking to VHP joint general secretary and Bajrang Dal national head Surendra Jain, the inconsolable mother of the deceased recounted how when her son was in the hospital, breathing his last, he kept asking the doctors to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

In exclusive footage accessed by OpIndia, Rinku Sharma’s mother told Surendra Jain that her son’s last words before he succumbed to his injuries in Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Mangolpuri at 12 noon on Thursday were: “Jai Shri Ram bolo doctor…Jai Shri Ram.”

Exclusive video footage accessed by OpIndia

‘My son was mercilessly killed by the very same people for whom he had donated his blood’, Radha Devi

Speaking to the VHP leader, Radha Devi reiterated how her son was mercilessly killed by the very same people for whom he had donated his blood, not once but twice, a year ago.

We had reported how Rinku had donated his blood to the wife of one of the attackers who killed him. The woman was pregnant one and a half years ago and was in a critical condition, and blood was needed for treatment. In such a situation, Rinku gave his blood, not once but twice, to the accused’s wife.

Additionally, the Delhi Police also found that Rinku had even helped Islam’s brother Shakuru to get admitted in a hospital when he was infected with the coronavirus. Obviously, he was unaware that a few months later, Shakuru’s brother would bay for his blood and lynch him to death.

‘Rinku Sharma is a true Ram Bhakt, he is a martyr, he will always live in our hearts’, Bajrang Dal workers remember the deceased

Bajrang Dal national head Surendra Jain assured the family that the culprits are now on Bajrang Dal’s blacklist. Claiming to have all the CCTV footages, Jain told the family that the culprits would have to pay for their deeds.

“Jai Shri Ram bolte hue gaya mera baccha”, (My child kept chanting Jai Shri Ram as he left for his heavenly abode), cried the Radha Devi, to which the VHP leader says that Rinku Sharma is a true Ram Bhakt, he is a martyr, he will always live in our hearts.

The VHP leader assured the family that justice would be served to Rinku Sharma. “If the police fail to take action, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad workers would make sure Rinku Sharma gets justice”, said Jain, who further assured financial assistance to Rinku Sharma’s family. Jain guaranteed a job to Rinku’s brother.

Hindus participating in the Ram Mandir donation drive awareness rallies being targeted by Islamists, said Bajrang Dal activist

Speaking about the sponsored and concerted plan of the Islamists in the area, another youth named Naresh speaks on how he was also recently accosted by a few Muslims in a park. They had cornered him and started threatening him, but before they could harm him, Naresh’s friends reached the spot and the Muslim youths fled, narrated Naresh, who alleged that the Islamists in the area have been targeting all those Hindus who have been participating in the Ram Mandir donation drive awareness rallies.

VHP and Bajrang Dal workers meet Rinku Sharma’s family

Bajrang Dal slams leftist media and secular liberals for shielding Islamists responsible for killing of Hindus like Rinku Sharma

Meanwhile, Surendra Jain slammed mainstream media and the secular gang for whitewashing attacks on Hindus. He said that such instances have become extremely common. Every other day, Hindus are being lynched by Islamists. While these jihadis carry out these heinous crimes with impunity, the leftist media, police and the so-called secular liberals look on like mute spectators, said Jain while speaking to media.

He castigated the police administration for the impassivity shown in handling Rinku Sharma’s case. “Had the police authorities carried out a timely investigation, Rinku would be alive”, said Jain.

In the media brief, Jain furthered that his organisation is well aware of how the secular gang members not only stand behind or defend these jihadis, they also play a paramount role in instigating them against Hindus.

Though the leftist media has desperately tried to prove that there was ‘no communal angle’ to the brutal killing of Delhi’s Hindu youth Rinku Sharma, the incident is a grim reminder of the growing intolerance towards Hindus in the ‘liberal and secular’ India.

Jain further added that ever since the Supreme Court has granted permission to build the Ram Mandir temple in Ayodhya, such concerted attacks on Hindus, in every corner of the country, have proliferated. Saying so, the Bajrang Dal national head claimed that such offensives against Hindus by the jihadi elements would not be tolerated any longer.

Hindu organisations demand constitution of fast track courts for such cases

Jain demanded assurance from concerned authorities that such incidents would be dealt with strictly and the perpetrators would not be spared. He further demanded that fast track courts are constituted where these cases would be heard in priority.

Recounting the horrifying details of the incident, a Bajrang Dal activist had told us earlier in the day how the knife with which Rinku Sharma was stabbed, had got stuck in his back. The accused at first tried to take out the knife from his back, probably with an intention to again stab him. They kept frantically twisting the knife to pull it out. When unsuccessful, they mercilessly pushed the sharp knife deeper inside Rinku’s back.

He also attested that Rinku was in the radar of the neighbourhood Muslims ever since he had even taken out a rally, following the Bhoomi Pujan of the Ram Mandir earlier in August. 

Bajrang Dal social media head refutes police statement

Talking about the Delhi police’s statement that the incident was a fallout of enmity over “opening food joints close to each other”, Bajrang Dal IT head Rakesh Pandey told OpIndia: “I don’t know what the Delhi police is saying, but if the matter was so simple and there was no communal angle in the incident, the rage amidst the Hindus in the area would not be as much. The police are trying to divert the media attention from the case.”

While the family was unavailable to comment on this angle, the Hindu outfit workers and neighbours dismissed this as a ‘cover-up’ by police.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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