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Metro is an upper caste male Brahminical, Hindu supremacist patriarchal project, scrap it

Down with this symbol of toxic masculinity which looks like an elongated penis.

What is sold to the poor as a comfortable and cheap mode of transport, is actually one of the biggest conspiracies of all time, did you know about that? Of course you didn’t, because you have been brainwashed into believing that a Metro network is one of the best modes of transport for Intra-City travel. This false belief leads to lionization of conspiracists like E Sreedharan, but today we will expose them point by point.

Metro is part of an Upper Caste project, which denies entry to people from the lower caste, this is evident from the ticketing system in place. Instead of making it an inclusive system, where everyone can enter and travel, they have put in a ticketing system to make it exclusive for their upper caste friends.

Have you ever noticed the shape of the Metro, like a very very long penis? Insecure males have made such structures for generations to fulfill their wild fantasies of having enormous penises, that is why Metro is shaped similarly! Where is a vagina shaped Metro one might ask, but won’t get the answer for sure.

Then comes the question of Brahminical angle. We all know the fascination Brahmins have with purity, and that is why the insistence on keeping the Metro premises clean. These fanatics even impose fine on you if you litter there, 2-3 times I myself have paid. When we can litter anywhere in the entire country, then why is Metro excluded from that? What is so special about it that we can’t make it dirty? Have you ever stopped to wonder?

Now do an exercise, think of all the Metro trains that you have ever seen, remember ever seeing one in dark colours like Black or Brown? No you don’t, you know why, because it is at its heart a white supremacist project! Think where the first Metro came up, the London underground! This is not just a white supremacist project, it is also a tool of colonisation!

I have traveled in Delhi Metro, and I have noticed how only one compartment is reserved for women, while all other compartments are open for the toxic males, there is no compartment at all for the transgenders in the train. So what if that fascist Yogi dedicated one metro station in Noida for transgenders, it does not mean entire compartment is reserved for them or even for Instagram activists for that matter. And what about the annadatas? You want to eat their food but not have Metro compartment reserved for them?

This again points towards the overall patriarchal set-up of a Metro train.

Now that more people know the true nature of a Metro project, I hope there will be more voices against this toxic project, and lionization of men like Sreedharan stops immediately! 

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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