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Kerala police recover fireworks stored for Hindu New Year festival from RSS worker’s house, Congress, media and Islamists spread fake news claiming it to...

Kerala Congress insinuated that the 770 KG "explosives" recovered from RSS affiliate were meant for terror activities. However, those were firecrackers for upcoming Vishu Festival

Riyas Maulavi murder case: All three RSS members acquitted by Kerala Court after spending 7 years in jail

The chargesheet was filed within 90 days which made it difficult for the RSS members to get bail in the case.

Sewa Bharati of RSS establishes 1250 schools in Kashmir teaching Muslim students the true value of Kashmiriyat, keeping them away from stone-pelting: Report

The 1,250 Ekal Vidyalayas (an informal school education system) dispersed over ten districts in Kashmir Valley include 180 such schools in Baramulla, which has been the site of multiple terror attacks on civilians and security forces.

Is Congress relying on fake RSS for the upcoming LS polls? Janardan Moon’s ‘RSS Online’ backs INDI Alliance, calls the original RSS ‘fake’

Janardan Moon's 'RSS Online', a namesake of the original RSS, was founded in 2017, and has extended its support to INDI Alliance.

YouTuber, who alleged that RSS-affiliated Seva Bharati Trust wants to eradicate Christians, ordered to pay ₹50 lakhs for defamation by Madras High Court

YouTuber Surender alias Naathikan said in his video that Seva Bharati Trust is involved in the custodial deaths of two Christian men and that the trust wanted to eradicate Christianity.

Anti-Kashmir propaganda, endorsement from Pakistan, falsehoods about RSS and PM Modi: Meet Nitasha Kaul, the propagandist invited by Congress but deported from India

Due to her anti-India antecedents, Nitasha Kaul was invited as a guest at the Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) in July 2020. She was part of a panel discussion alongside anti-Hindu 'historian' Audrey Truschke.

Madhya Pradesh: Panic ensued after a hand grenade was found in the vacant ground of Bhind’s RSS office, bomb squad revealed it was ‘inactive’

On Friday, some children found a ball-shaped object when they were playing in the RSS office compound in Bhind, it turned out to be a hand grenade

PFI ran a dedicated group named “Reporters” tasked with identifying and assaulting members of BJP and RSS: ED supplementary charge sheet

The ED has launched a case against 12 members of the PFI in Rs 120 crore Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) case.

‘Was Ram lifeless?’ Controversial Samajwadi Pary leader Swami Prasad Maurya launches yet another diatribe against Ram Mandir

Swami Prasad Maurya claimed that Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony was not required and it was a BJP, RSS and VHP event.

2021 BJP leader murder: Kerala court convicts 8 SDPI members in Ranjith Sreenivasan’s murder, 7 others charged for conspiracy

Eight of the accused men who were found guilty of murder include Nizam, Muhammad Aslam, Salam Ponnad, Abdul Salam, Safaruddin, Ajmal, Anoop, and Manshad.

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