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Ben Shapiro goes up against MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’: Here is everything that was said

Nance alleged that the United States was on the verge of autocracy in the last four years. The conservative host was quick to point out that Nance did not face censorship during the Trump administration, even though he claimed that it was dictatorial in nature.

On Saturday (August 7), conservative host Ben Shapiro went against MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance during a discussion on ‘critical race theory’ and other matters. The fierce debate was aired on the ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ show.

During the discussion, Nance made a wild claim that about 40,000 people stormed into the US Capitol Hill on January 6 this year, even though the number is in less than thousands. Shapiro corrected the MSNBC journalist and stated, “I will tell you why this (exact figure is important)… You have a terrible habit of conflating people who do actual violence with a wide group of people. For instance, (consider) the number of people who voted for Donald Trump is 75 million (7.5 crores). And that (gross generalisation) is ugly.”

Ben Shapiro added how Malcolm Nance had labelled him as ‘racist’ and demanded that he be stopped from entering Washington DC. “That sounds rather authoritarian to me. I have never called for you to be kicked out of MSNBC. I have never called on anybody to not buy your work. I have never called on anybody to censor you on Twitter,” the conservative speaker drew distinct lines between the dealings of the left and right. A rattled Nance could only resort to creating hysteria about the existence of authoritarianism during the Trump era by equating it with the Rwandan genocide and Holocaust.

Given the tendency of the MSNBC journalist to switch back to the Trump era so as to not hold the incumbent Biden administration accountable, Shapiro said, “I think I am living in a parallel universe.” He pointed out how the Democratic party has been in control of the White House, Senate and the House of Representatives. While reiterating that Trump has not been in Office since January 20 this year, the major challenges posed to the country are by big tech giants and the government-run by the Democrats.

Nance alleged that the United States was on the verge of autocracy in the last four years. The conservative host was quick to point out that Nance did not face censorship during the Trump administration, even though he claimed that it was dictatorial in nature. In his defence, he alleged to have been terminated from MSNBC due to a letter fired off from the Trump White House.

Show host Bill Maher chipped in to claim that Republicans have a ‘dictator immunity’ i.e. they can interact with dictators freely and not face repercussions. Ben Shapiro was quick to intervene and pointed out how Barack Obama held hands with Raul Castro (Fidel Castro’s son) and went to a baseball game with in Cuba. He also added how Obama promised Russian Medvedev “flexibility” after his reelection.

Ben Shapiro shreds MSNBC journalist on critical race theory

The debate then moved from Donald Trump to the critical race theory. Ben Shapiro stated, “Critical race theory basically argues that racism is baked into all the old systems of the American society and that a neutral system was meant to benefit those in power.” He clarified that disparity does not equate to discrimination. Citing the example that if the black community is not performing well on one indicator, it must automatically imply that the system was meant to benefit the white people. Shapiro added that the superfluous theory also stated that white people had the duty to tear down the system to make it alleviate the racial divide.

Malcolm Nance then claimed that ‘inconvenient history’ such as the Scalp Act of 1749 and the Chinese exclusion Act of 1840 was not being talked about. Shapiro intervened and said that there were enough discussions already on the said topics. Referring to the critical race theory, he said, “You seem to be a pretty good beneficiary of the meritocracy because you have merit…If you’re going to criticize the meritocracy as an outgrowth of white supremacy, than you’re going to have to tear down the system…you’ve succeeded in.”

A baffled Malcolm Nance was also caught off guard about campaigns such as ‘Defund the police’, which implied that there would be none for the protection of black people.

But, the MSNBC journalist defended it by claiming that the terminologies have been hacked by the right ecosystem to give it a bad name. He then went on to make personal attacks against Shapiro, after being left with nothing to defend. While the conservative host of ‘The Daily Wire’ slam-dunked Nance during the debate, the liberal stooges on Twitter claimed moral victory for the MSNBC journalist.

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