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“Did she really say Kafir?”: Netizens in disbelief as video shows Mamata saying something that sounds like ‘we are not kafirs’

Netizens expressed their concern over a sitting CM using the word Kafir in a public address, as the the pejorative has been used to dehumanize Hindus for centuries

On May 3, a video of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went viral on social media where she was addressing the crowd on the occasion of Eid. During her address, she said something that sounded like ‘Kafir’. She said, “Let them do what they want. We are not scared. We are not cowards. We are not ‘Kafir’ [possibly]. We fight. We know how to fight. We will fight against them. We will finish them.”

Netizens were in disbelief as the video went viral. Many expressed their concern over a sitting CM using the word in a public address. Interestingly, Banerjee, who prefers to speak in Bangla most of the time, gave the statement in Hindi that also added up to the speculations that she allegedly wanted to give a message to those who “do not speak Bangla”.

Swarajya Magazine’s author Satish Viswanathan pointed out it was concerning that a sitting CM used a public platform to say ‘hum kafir nahi hain’. He said, “A sitting CM says “Hum Kafir nahin hai” on a public platform. For centuries, the pejorative has been used to dehumanize Hindus and justify violence against the community. The Overton window has definitely shifted with regards to normalization of violence against Hindus.”

Twitter user _Agnijwala_ said, “Speech in woo whom? But will constantly attack obangalis & call them goons brought from neighbouring states. She literally said, “Hum kafir nahi hai”.. waiting for @BanglaPokkho to rephrase & say that she meant “Hum musafir nehi hai.”

Another Twitter user Mr Sinha said, “We aren’t coward, we aren’t Kafirs, we will fight against them, we will finish them” – Mamata Banerjee. For those who don’t know, “Kafir” is a slur used by radical I$Iamists against Hindus.. Their book says Kafirs don’t deserve to live.”

Twitter user Shivani Sahay said, “Why she is not speaking Bengali? Why she is saying “hum kafir nahi hain” (we are not infidels)? She need not say this on behalf of all the infidel, people not of any book, on our behalf. Her kowtowing to violent radicalized constituencies does not bode well for West Bengal.”

Some netizens said she was subtly showing her “true religion”. Shivangi said, “Finally Mamata Banerjee declares her true religion.. in the speech she is praising Khuda, Aman etc. n saying “Hum Kafir Nahi Hain”. N Bengali Hindus are busy bashing BJP!”

Adhik Burman said, “Hum darte nhi hai,Hum Kafir nhi hai?? This is how Hatred and Abuse against Hindus are being Mainstreamed by Anti humanitarian evil Islamist and Abhrahmic fascist forces. Bengali people? Wake up.. What’s wrong with your choice. Sick of so much hatred against Hindus.”

Political Commentator Sunanda Vashisht said,”  ‘We aren’t Kafirs’ – Did Mamata really say that? Who is not a kafir? Mamata is not a kafir anymore?”

A few netizens said with the history of mispronouncing words even in Bangla, it was difficult to be 100% sure about what she said during the address. Twitter user Coolfunnyshirt said, “Did she actually say that? uska pronunciation ka legendary problem hai waise.. in every language..”

Though it is unclear what West Bengal CM said during her address, she has a history of making controversial statements. Not to forget, during state elections, she used to the slogan “Khela Hobe“, which was commemorated on Direct Action Day. Given such history, no one should be surprised if she actually used the word ‘kafir’ and said, ‘we are not cowards and know how to fight’.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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