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US soldier burns himself to death protesting against ‘genocide in Palestine’, Muslims call him Kafir regardless

Even after the US soldier Bushnell took the extreme step of self-immolation for Palestine, Islamists denounced his support for Palestine saying that he was a ‘kafir’.

“I am swearing on Allah if you assist the BJP, nobody will forgive you”: Mamata Banerjee makes Kafir jibe at ‘Sarv Dharm Sambhav’ rally

Mamata Banerjee said, "BJP ko agar tum log madad karoge koi to Allah ki kasam aap logo ko koi mafi nhi karega hum to mafi nhi karenge."

‘Clean every part where Kafir touches’: Burqa-clad woman tells Muslims to purify themselves if they hire non-Muslims to apply Mehndi

"You need to purify (Pak) every body part that a Kafir has touched with his wet hands," the woman was heard saying.

UK: Indian Hindu family attacked in West Midlands, called ‘Kafir’ but cops claim ‘no evidence’ of racially aggravated offence

According to the BBC, there has been a sharp rise in hate crimes (251% increase) from 2531 (2011-2012) to 8897 (2022-2023) in West Midlands area.

Uttar Pradesh: Video of Burqa-clad schoolgirls in Mau, dancing on song cursing non-believers as ‘hijda’ and ‘kutta’ goes viral

The girls are said to be the students of Talimuddin Niswan Women's Degree College in Mau.

Islamist influencer Syed Ali Akbar Jagirdar who called to kill ‘kafirs’ arrested by Karnataka’s Yadgiri Police

The accused holds an Instagram account with the id identified as @syeds_jagirdar_v18. He has around 9000 followers and has posted more than 100 videos to date. He calls himself a video creator and believes in Islamic practices, further calling to kill the kafirs.

Blessed are we Pagans and Kafirs: From Starbucks India to Stalin worshippers, all these pro-bono educators chose us, after all

Just a couple of days back, Starbucks, which sells “overpriced and tasteless coffee” (not my words, that of eminent anti-Modi intellectual Sadanand Dhume) wants to educate us on LGBT rights.

RJ Sayema claims Islam says every good person will go to heaven; Netizens cite Islamic scriptures and Muslim ‘scholars’ to prove her wrong

Netizens quoted Islamic scriptures to counter RJ Sayema, who had tweeted that every good person will go to heaven as per Islam.

Virat Hindu Subramanian Swamy heaps praise on Mamata Banerjee, who declared ‘jihad’ against BJP, oversaw post-poll violence

A staunch critic of the BJP, Subramanian Swamy had ignored the anti-Hindu antecedents of Mamata Banerjee out of political convenience.

Young Muslim children are being taught ‘how to kill Hindus’: How radicalisation, hate and bigotry is ruining another generation

Videos of young Muslims, even children declaring that they want to kill Hindus are rampant on social media. The level of radicalisation among children is concerning.

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