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From India was ‘hijacked by Brahmins’ to fuelling misapprehension about Grooming Jihad: Advocate for hijab petitioners goes on an anti-Hindu tirade in SC

Advocate Dushyant Dave, representing the petitioners challenging the Karnataka HC's verdict upholding the ban on the hijab, made a slew of preposterous arguments, from claiming Brahmins once hijacked India to how Muslims have faith in the country as there has been just a lone suicide bombing attack so far.

Dushyant Dave, a senior advocate in Supreme Court, made a slew of preposterous arguments during the plea(s) hearing challenging the order of Karnataka HC upholding the prohibition on wearing headscarves in Pre-University institutions.

From claiming Brahmins had hijacked India to designating Jains and Buddhists as outsiders to selectively quoting Dr BR Ambedkar, Advocate Dushyant Dave made a bunch of ludicrous arguments while representing the petitioners challenging the hijab ban upheld by the Karnataka High Court.

Here are some of the gems from his anti-Hindu tirade in the Supreme Court:-

‘India was hijacked by Brahmins’

The senior counsel representing the petitioners challenging the hijab ban by the Karnataka High Court went into raptures about the Mughal ruler Akbar’s reign in medieval times, claiming that the religion was otherwise “hijacked by Brahmins”.

‘Outsiders have always been welcomed…Jains, Buddhists were allowed to be born in India’: Dave

In another argument, Dave insinuated that Jains, one of the oldest indigenous communities in India, along with Buddhists, were “allowed to be born” in India.

Supreme Court advocate quotes BR Ambedkar to support wearing hijab while discarding his strident criticism of the Islamic purdah system

Ironically, Dave quoted Dr Ambedkar to bolster his arguments in favour of the hijab while selectively brushing aside his trenchant criticism of the veil that he voiced on more occasions than one, most notably in his seminal book ‘Pakistan or partition of India’. 

“Constitutional morality is not a natural sentiment, it is to be cultivated…Democracy in India is only a top-dressing on Indian soil, which is essentially undemocratic,” said Dushyant Dave quoting Ambedkar. 

Contrary to what the Left and their intellectual ‘enablers’ like Dave would have us believe, Dr BR Ambedkar was a staunch opponent of the burqa. He extensively wrote against the practice of purdah that afflicts the Muslim society, sharply noting that watching Muslim women wearing burqas is one of the hideous sights one can witness in India.

“As a consequence of the purdah system, a segregation of the Muslim women is brought about…These burka women walking in the streets is one of the most hideous sights one can witness in India,” Ambedkar wrote in his seminal treatise ‘Pakistan or Partition of India’.

Dave fuels misapprehensions about love jihad; uses the cover of consensual relationships to paper over the existing social menace

The Supreme Court advocate also fuelled misapprehensions about grooming jihad, the phenomenon that entails targeting Hindu women by Islamists under false pretences. 

Dave tried to whitewash instances of love jihad and instead falsely clubbed a consensual relationship between a Hindu girl and a Muslim to paper over the social menace. He also cited the instance of how Akbar married a Rajput prince but conveniently refrained from mentioning the ubiquity of jauhars during the Mughal rule when Hindu women embraced self-immolation to avoid capture, enslavement and rape by Muslim invaders.

‘Muslims have faith in the country because so far there has been only 1 suicide bombing in India’

The lawyer also came up with bizarre reasoning to support his case. He said since more than 10,000 suicide bombings have taken place in the Islamic world but only 1 in India, it means that Muslims have faith in the country. 

“More than 10,000 suicide bombings have taken place in the Islamic world. Only 1 in India. This means, minorities have faith in our country…read papers, will see reports of daily suicide bombings in Iraq, and Syria…but not in India,” Dave contended.

Karnataka Hijab row

A major controversy erupted in Karnataka in January 2022 after a Udupi school prohibited hijab inside classrooms. Some Muslim girl students, supported by PFI had appealed against this in the Karnataka High Court. On February 25, the court reserved its decision on the case. Protests, allegations, and counter-allegations occurred in response to the hijab ban.

The Karnataka High Court declared on March 15 that wearing a headscarf does not constitute an essential Islamic practice as the petitioners failed to provide evidence in that regard. The Karnataka High Court dismissed all petitions contesting the hijab ban in Karnataka schools and decided that the rules for the uniform dress were fair and that students can not object to respective dress codes mandated by educational institutions.

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