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Bangladeshi author draws attention to the vile anti-Hindu; anti-India propaganda being peddled by France-based ‘neo-Muslim’ YouTuber Pinaki Bhattacharya

Prominent Bangladeshi author and Blitz magazine editor Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury highlighted how Pinaki Bhattacharya has been thorugh his YouTube channel exhorting his 1.6 million followers to boycott Indian products in Bangladesh.

‘Modi face of Hindu terror’: Khalistanis desecrate Tricolour, make ‘gaumutra’ jibe in Vancouver while Canada holds workshops for Indian officials on ‘rule of law’

In a statement" senior bureaucrat Weldon Epp said, "How India defines extremism or even terrorism does not always compute in our legal system."

Darbhanga: Lone Hindu family in village harassed, forced to convert by Mohammad Guddu and Mohammad Laddu, police denies communal angle, says ‘land dispute’

According to media reports, Vicky said that now he feels that Hindus do not have the right to live under the Constitution

“Aaj Kutton Ka Wakt Hai, Hamara Daur Ayega”: Video of Mufti Salman Azhari’s hate speech in Junagadh goes viral, action sought

He further addressed the Muslim youth and said, “You have now started taking Hazur-e-Akhlaq lightly. Islam has been started to be taken lightly. Now it has come to this point that neither our mosques are safe nor our hats, beards, nothing is safe.”

Tamil Nadu police say state govt not anti-Hindu, but court docs reveal how only 4 out of 288 permissions were given for 22nd Jan...

On the 29th of January 2023, the Tamil Nadu Director General of Police filed a counter affidavit in the Madras High Court, responding to a petition which claimed that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu had issued an oral order against granting permission to events surrounding Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha.

Karnataka: Priest of ‘low income’ temple asked to return salary of Rs 4.74 lakh, notice withdrawn after BJP calls Congress govt anti-Hindu

The notice also stated that the temple is classified as category C, a low-income religious establishment. As the matter gained traction, BJP state president B Y Vijayendra turned to social media to assert that the Congress-led government is "targeting Hindu religious sentiments".

“Bakwaas”: Saba Naqvi insults upcoming Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha in a meltdown, says bigger things happening in the world like war in Gaza

The headlines Naqvi criticised about the 500 years of struggle appears trivial to Islamists and Leftists. Recently, former NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar had a similar meltdown.

Ghaziabad: Teacher at Holy Trinity Church school smears student’s face with fluid for writing Jai Shri Ram, Bajrang Dal protests

The teacher in her apology letter claimed that she only put two dots of fluid on the student's face and that she did not have any ill-intentions

Bigot-baby-secular-baby stories make a comeback, this time by hypocritical columnist with The Hindu, Telegraph who justified death of infant in Shaheen Bagh

The anecdotes shared by Dr Nazma and her coterie to demonise Hindu children and their upbringing with carefully weaved words and projected as personal stories are used to launch an offensive on the Hindu value system.

UK: Hindu families living in perpetual fear of persecution by Islamists, netizens reveal chilling details of harassment and police inaction

Hindu harassment is not uncommon in the UK. But several accounts of atrocities faced by them reflect the horrifying image of persecution underway.

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