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Muslim cleric instigates violence in Mumbra over arrest of Maulana Azhari, crowd chants ‘Labbaik’ as he asks Muslims to be ready to ‘get throat slit’ for Prophet: Details

Sayed Shabahat Hussain Qaudri is a Muslim cleric who looks after the Jinhata Shareef mosque in Uttar Pradesh's Chandausi

Muslim cleric Salman Azhari and his hate speech have created a ripple effect among the Muslim community. He was arrested for his hate speech against the Hindu community. But his fellow jihadis have only been furthering his genocidal agenda even after his arrest.

A speaker at the Gareeb Nawaz Conference organised in Mumbra on 6th February was heard giving an inciteful speech while speaking in support of Azhari.

A clipping from Sayyed Shahbat Hussain’s hate speech has gone viral on social media. In this clipping, he can be heard saying that the Muslims have and will always abide by the Indian laws but on the condition that Salman Azhari be released.

“Salman Azhari should be released and it should be conveyed that Salman Azhari is not alone, all Barelvi Muslims are with him,” Hussain said in an inciteful address and the crowd broke into loud cheers chanting Islamic slogans.

“Labbaik ya rasoolallah,” a man chanted the Islamic slogan as the crowd broke into the same chant. This was immediately followed by another question by Hussain to the jihadi crowd.

“Who can get their throats slit in the name of ‘huzoor’, raise your hands? Will you get your throats slit in the name of ‘huzoor’? Those who can get their throats slit in the name of ‘huzoor’ can do anything. So how many people will keep a beard in the name of ‘huzoor’ staring today, stand up please. Those who will keep a full beard in the name of ‘huzoor’ stand up,” he said to the delirious crowd.

In his 37-minute and 21-second long address, Muslim cleric Sayyed Shahbat Hussain largely preached about Islam followed by occasional jihadi chants.

At about 33:55 minutes, Hussain tells the jam-packed crowd of Muslim men that they should not live in fear and that they should a fearless life.

“Humare buzorgon ne darna nahin sikha hai. 313 the toh 1000 ko bhagaya tha. Talwaren saath thi magar allah saath tha. Kisi se darr ke mat jiyo. Kuch dinon mein marr jao koi masla nahin. Mere bache hain, mere bachon ka bhi ka bhi maalik wahi hai jo mera maalik hai. Unn chaapluson ko tareekh yaad nahin karti jo jaanon ke liye darte rahe hain, tareekh unko yaad karti hai jinhone madina chora toh unki laashen bhi madine kabhi nahin aayi. (Our elders have not taught us to fear. 313 had made a 1000 run away (reference to battle of badr which Muslims mark as Islam’s triumph against infidels). Swords were on our side but allah was on our side. Don’t live out of fear of anyone. No matter if you die in a few days (but life fearlessly). I have kids, their ruler is also the same as mine. Time doesn’t remember those who are scared of dying, time remembers those who left madina to die and their dead bodies also couldn’t return),” the cleric said in his radical address.

Hussain said that the reason behind him saying this is that although they are a peaceful community and love their country but if injustice will be done to their “ulema” (Muslim scholars) then “it will not be tolerated”.

“Whatever has happened with Hazrat Mufti Salman Azhari, we are all with him in every way,” Sayed Shabahat Hussain said as the crowd broke out into a loud clatter of Islamic chants once again.

Hussain defended Azhari’s hate speech saying that whatever the latter said was not as wrong as it was made out to be.

“Whatever he (Azhari) said, you (the government) misrepresented it. And what about the statements that are given by your people morning and evening? In Delhi, it was said “goli maro saalon ko”, what did you do with that person? These people who keep babbling, make them understand, control them. And tell them this too that they don’t know how to speak the way we do alhamdulilah,” Hussain said.

This was followed by calls for the release of Salman Azhari.

Who is Sayed Shabahat Hussain?

According to his Instagram bio, Sayed Shabahat Hussain Qaudri is a Muslim cleric who looks after the Jinhata Shareef mosque in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandausi.

Many video clips from his speeches are posted on his Instagram profile. In one such video, he can be heard singing praises of the proponent of two-nation theory and Pakistan, Muhammed Iqbal.

What does “Labbaik Ya Rasool” mean?

The Islamic phrase “Labbaik Ya Rasool” literally means in the service of prophet mohammad. The term “Labbaik” is used by Islamists to forcefully assert their servitude to their god Allah and his messenger Prophet Mohammad. The phrase and term both affirm that their faith towards allah and islam above all else.

It is this underlying radical faith that is used to justify acts of terror, all in the name of service to prophet and allah. While on one hand goes the phrase “labbaik ya rasool” where Muslims announce their eternal servitude to the prophet, they also declare to separate the heads of those who are not in servitude of the prophet.

“Gustakh-e-Rasool ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda, sar tan se juda,” which means that the heads of those who violate the prophet will be separated from their torso. This phrase, which has roots in Pakistan, is a radical sentiment emanating from “labbaik ya rasool”. It is safe to say that when clerics like Hussain and his followers chant “labbaik ya rasool” they are not only reaffirming their loyalty but also declaring to kill as part of this very loyalty.

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