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There have been numerous instances where videos have been either demonetized or deleted from YouTube for violating its policies which attempt to stifle criticism of regressive Islamic practices and Leftist dogma.
In the Congress manifesto, in a very subtle manner, the party has made it clear that it tends to enforce a crackdown on media should it win the elections this year.
The Congress party in its manifesto, released earlier today, has promised a crackdown on social media. After hinting at Communal Violence Bill 2.0, the manifesto also hints at the possible return of Section 66A.
These kinds of despicable political rhetorics are very common with the Congress who have become too insecure after Modi's increasing popularity
As the sad news of passing away of Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar came in, social media was filled with condolence messages from people in every spectre of life, from politicians to celebrities to ordinary netizens, irrespective of their political affiliation. Manohar Parrikar was known for his simplicity and no-nonsense attitude, and most people expressed their genuine grief to the tragic news. But that was not true for all people, as many people on Social media seemed to celebrate the death of BJP leader. And obviously, these comments came from such people who oppose the political ideology of BJP. As can...
As Lok Sabha elections are just weeks ahead, the Congress party has resorted to its old strategy of personal attacks against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Imran Masood in 2014 had said that if Modi tries to turn Uttar Pradesh into Gujarat, he will chop him off.
When confronted, the Congress leader brazened it out by saying he has said nothing wrong.
The violence started as revenge for the rape of a minor girl allegedly by a Bihari man
The shameless fanning of North-South divide just goes to show the deep-rooted intolerance in the Media community.
She said Congress leaders are also ready to pick up weapons for the betterment of farmers
He has also been a very vocal Aam Aadmi Party supporter.
Extremely hateful tweets for Modi's mother who is not even a public figure.
Bhushan, who is taking a high moral ground here, himself has blamed 'Hindutva' for molestation incident.
He had earlier fled to Dubai when his designs started unravelling
Not the first time a 'liberal' columnist has wished death upon the Prime Minister.
Baba Khan slams Kejriwal for playing dirty politics in name of Muslims
He has earlier used social media to give hate speech and create communal tension.
Hate mongering Facebook page claims he deactivated on his own accord, users claim otherwise.
Small time actor shares inflammatory videos on Facebook, urges people to join his 'political party'.
The hatemonger masquerading as journalist justified his wish to see Narendra Modi dead.
The bigotry and hate that some people can easily get away with under the garb of 'liberalism' is horrifying.
UP Congress has declared open support to militant outfit Bhim Army, with Imran Masood warning of agitations.
Siddiqullah Chowdhury is the education minister of West Bengal and has made controversial statements in past
Will the Mamata led state machinery now act against the Imam?
As soon as Yogi Adityanath was announced as BJP’s choice for UP Chief Minister, a lie was spread.
She is not hated because she is an independent woman, but because she is a bad journalist.

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