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‘BJP has fielded a prostitute from Mandi to turn parliament into a brothel’: Bihar politician Rudra Pratap Kushwaha attacks Kangana Ranaut with sexist remarks

When the journalist interviewing him protested how can he use such words for a woman, Rudra Pratap Kushwaha insisted that Kangana Ranaut does not deserve any respect as a woman because of her costumes in movies

Rudra Pratap Kushwaha, known for his frequent controversial remarks, has once again sparked controversy. This time, during the Lok Sabha elections of 2024, he has directed a barrage of criticism towards BJP candidate and Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. His comments not only targeted Ranaut but also took aim at the BJP and the nation’s highest legislative body, the Parliament, likening it to a ‘brothel’. Furthermore, he issued sexist remarks against Kangana Ranaut and called her a prostitute.

Rudra Pratap Kushwaha was speaking to a media person on the nomination of Kangana Ranaut as a BJP candidate from Mandi in a highly objectionable manner. He said, “A prostitute has been given a ticket in Mandi. This BJP is sending such a woman to the Parliament House to fool the backward society and they will open a brothel there in the parliament. They will show such a woman to other MPs and transfer their votes in exchange. These people have a similar history right from the beginning. We will request Modi ji and Shah ji to give Sunny Leone the ministry of women and youth.”

The journalist interviewing him protested how can he use such words for a woman, Rudra Pratap Kushwaha insisted that Kangana Ranaut does not deserve any respect as a woman because of her costumes in movies. When the journalist said that those visuals were from movies, the politician continued to attack Ranaut over her movie dresses. During this, when the journalist said that ‘an FIR will be filed against you’ for such comments, Rudra Pratap said that he was not afraid of the FIR.

Senior journalist Mamta Tripathi took to social media platform X and reacted to this. She wrote, “A ticket has been given to a prostitute from Mandi. These BJP people will open a brothel in the parliament and get the votes by showing such a woman. How is this man still standing on his feet Narendra Modi Sir? Men like Rudrapratap Kushwaha who do not know how to respect women should be taught in their language. You curse them (women) when they are Rajput, you abuse them when they are Brahmins. In the whole country, only nonsense is being talked about women’s safety, sisters and daughters. Every day such ignorant people are inventing new ways to say anything like that.”

Rudra Pratap Kushwaha has previously been in the news earlier also due to his controversial remarks. In one such video, he was talking about killing and chasing away Brahmins. He said, “Now, there will not be any Hindu-Muslim riot in the country. Rather, there will be a backwards versus forwards riot in the country. Rudra Pratap Kushwaha will do it to chase you people away from this land of Bharat. You have made a joke out of it. No Hindu is in danger. No Muslim is in danger. Neither Geeta nor the Quran is in danger. Remove the glasses of religion from your eyes and see. You will find that the entire Hindustan is under threat because of these 2 per cent Brahmins. Chase away these 2 per cent Brahmins and kill them. Muslims are our brothers.”

In another video, he was observed advocating for the expulsion and eradication of Brahmins from the country as a means of running the nation, suggesting it is unnecessary to drive out Muslims.

Rudra Pratap Kushwaha also objected to the triple talaq law for Muslim women. He called PM Modi the son of a Muslim. He also questioned the powers of Lord Shiva. He also showed his hatred for the Ram Mandir. To demean religion, Rudra Pratap Kushwaha says that due to religion, the backward class could not study, and in such a situation, he will work to set this religion on fire.

Kushwaha also questioned the gods and goddesses of Hindus, saying, “These deities including Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, they are all called the masters of the universe; If these people are the masters of the universe, then why were they born in India, not in China and Japan?”

Rudra Pratap Kushwaha is the national president of the Yuva Vichar Manch organisation. He frequently makes statements targeting Brahmins. He has been known to label Dalits supporting Brahmins as illegitimate offspring of Brahmins. Kushwaha suggests that Dalits should regard Muslims as brothers due to the historical significance of the Mughal dynasty. He advocates for the elimination and expulsion of Brahmins. Furthermore, he implies that those who stand by Brahmins lack strength and masculinity.

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