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Nupur Sharma redux: ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ slogans raised against a Hindu boy in Nashik after he responds to a derogatory post made by an Islamist on Lord Ram

Islamists in Nashik went on a rampage, vandalising buses and vehicles on the roads, and raising 'Sar Tan Se Juda' slogans against a Hindu boy after he responded to a derogatory post made on Lord Ram by an Islamist in the same coin.

On Thursday (4th April), the city of Nashik in Maharashtra saw massive tension rising after thousands of Muslims gathered in the Jai Bhavani locality and vandalized public properties. The Muslims targeted the city link buses and also attacked private vehicles belonging to Hindus. This is after they alleged that a Hindu boy identified as Sanket Saudagar posted derogatory comments about Islamic Prophet Mohammed Paiganber’s daughter, Fatima al-Zahra.

The Muslims from the city during the month of Ramzan gathered and demanded death punishment for the alleged Hindu person. They also shared several posts on social media platforms saying that Saudagar had committed a grave crime by commenting against Fatima al-Zahra and that he deserved ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ punishment. The images and videos of the posts have been obtained by OpIndia.

Posts being spread against Sanket Saudagar on social media

However, it is interesting to note that the quarrel as usual is said to have been initiated by the Muslim community. As per the information exclusively obtained by OpIndia, the incident is said to have happened in the last week. The Hindu community in Nashik has been making preparations for the upcoming Ram Navami festival (17th April). During the preparations, the Hindu community people, including Saudagar began posting elements of preparation on Instagram. But, this could not be tolerated by the Muslim community persons.

As per one of the Hindu local activists who provided information to OpIndia on the condition of anonymity, the Muslim locals, including one boy who specifically identified himself as ‘Khwaja’, posted derogatory comments on Lord Rama on Instagram. He along with the other Muslims demeaned the preparations for the upcoming Hindu festival of Ram Navami and used abusive language for Lord Rama on Instagram.

Public bus vandalized by Muslims

“The initial fight was between the two individuals only. Saudagar could not tolerate the insult of Lord Rama. He also then gave them answers in their own words. He made some remarks about the Islamic Prophet Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima al-Zahra. His acts cannot be justified by then this is what the Muslims wanted. They triggered the fight by commenting ill about Lord Rama and forced the Hindu boy to take this unjustifiable step. The screenshots of this post were then shared by Muslims in their groups which led them to gather to demand the death of Saudagar,” Vipin (named changed) said.

He added that after the violence was triggered, the Muslims deleted all the comments they made against Lord Rama and took screenshots of posts posted by Saudargar to specifically target him and the community.

The Muslims gathered in thousands and created chaos in the city of Nashik on 4th April. They raised the slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ and also insulted Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad took cognizance of the event and wrote to the city police demanding strict action against the Muslim community persons.

letter copy obtained by OpIndia

“Some individuals posted derogatory comments against Hindu Gods and Goddesses on social media. After that, they dismantled the Kamaan which was established for the Goddess Tuljabhavani temple ceremony. They pelted stones at the temple kamaan and insulted Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Further, they blocked roads vandalized vehicles, and public buses. The current environment in the city of Nashik is concerning. We demand strict action against the miscreants,” the letter by Vishwa Hindu Parishad read.

Kamaan destroyed by Muslims

Notably, Saudagar got trapped after the Muslims deleted all the derogatory comments they had passed against Lord Ram on Instagram. They, however, managed to take screenshots of the post posted by Saudagar and circulated the same in the Muslim community now demanding ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ punishment to Saudagar.

As per the latest updates, the Police have filed an FIR against Saudagar for allegedly passing derogatory comments about one’s religion. The police have also arrested Sanket Saudagar in the case and are investigating the matter. However, the Muslim person who made derogatory remarks against Lord Ram is believed to be absconding.

Police could not be reached for comment during the writing of this report. Further updates will be reported once the FIR copy and police comment in this case are obtained.

Nupur Sharma was targeted by Islamists, egged on by Mohammed Zubair, for responding to barbs on Lord Shiva

In 2022, former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma found herself at the centre of a raging storm after Islamists, egged on by the likes of AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zubair, issued multiple threats against her and her family for expressing her views on Prophet Muhammad and Islam. 

Sharma was part of a debate panel on Times Now, discussing the finding of Shivling in the Gyanvapi complex and the subsequent mockery of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses that followed in the wake of the discovery. Islamists have claimed that the Shivling discovered inside the wuzukhana of the Gyanvapi disputed structure was not a Shivling but a fountain. Across social media platforms, detractors have been repeating ad nauseam that the Shivling found inside the Gyanvapi premises is a fountain and not an idol of a Hindu God.

In response to the contempt and scorn poured over Hindu Gods and Goddesses, which was evident even during the Times Now debate where some of the fellow panellists referred to the Shivling as a fountain, BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma asked them to refrain from insulting Hindu Gods and cited Islamic scriptures and Holy Quran for substantiating her remarks on Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

When Taslim Rehmani repeatedly used derogatory references to Lord Shiva on the Times Now debate, former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma spoke about Prophet Muhammad and his marriage with Ayesha and other scriptural claims made in Islamic Hadiths, an edited video of which was later shared by Zubair to dog whistle Islamists against her, resulting in ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ protests across the country. 

Several Hindus, including Kanhaiya Lal from Udaipur, Umesh Kolhe from Amravati, and many others, were hacked to death by Islamists for merely expressing solidarity with Nupur Sharma.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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