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Running parallel government in Jungle, slipping poison into food of Jawans: Know what was ‘Permili Dalam’, the Naxalite terrorist outfit that took 39 years to dismantle

Last week, the security forces finally completely destroyed the deadly Naxal terror group 'Permili Dalam' of the Peoples' Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) in the Gadchiroli area of Maharashtra.

Last week, the security forces finally completely destroyed the deadly Naxal terror group ‘Permili Dalam’ of the Peoples’ Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) in the Gadchiroli area of Maharashtra. The group was considered to be the supply chain of the headquarters of Naxalites in Abujhmarh. Paramilitary and state police personnel engaged in anti-Naxal operations concerning finally achieved success in dismantling this group after 39 years. The anti-national outfit was brought to an end with the help of numerous soldiers and officials, many of whom sacrificed themselves for the cause.

On the 13th of May, security forces received information about the movement of some members of Permili Dalam in the Gadchiroli region. The C-60 squad assembled specifically for the anti-Naxal operation was dispatched to the location based on these details. The security personnel were fired upon by the Naxalites during the search operation, and three of them were neutralised in retaliatory fire, including two females. The male Naxal was identified as Commander Vasu, who carried a reward of Rs 22 lakh. A carbine, an INSAS rifle, an AK-47, Naxal literature, and a few other items were found during the operation.

Permili Dalam has been destroyed by the security forces following a 39-year-long struggle. The security forces have advanced decisively on Abujhmarh, the final stronghold of Naxalite after the dismantling of this group. Moreover, Abujhmarh is unofficially known as the Naxalites’ headquarters and Permili Dalam was utilised as their supply-chain.

What was Permili Dalam

Permili Dalam was founded in 1985 by educated Telugu youths who later became active in Gadchiroli and its cadre grew gradually. They turned Gadchiroli into the epicentre of Maoist violence since its establishment. It was one of the five armed groups in the Dandakaranya zone that belonged to the Maoist South Gadchiroli division. Initially, the gang started threatening forest department officials. This gang began inciting the tribal people against the officers stationed at local police stations in an effort to advance Maoist ideology.

As the cadre expanded, Permili Dalam eventually began hiring female members as well. The conflict persisted for 39 years during which multiple troops lost their lives. Many young people turned their backs on the outfit as a result of the area’s development and the benefits of government initiatives. Permili Dalam was ultimately wiped out in the operation against Naxalite terror.

How Permili Dalam once incited fear

An officer from the paramilitary unit involved in the anti-Naxal operation was interviewed by OpIndia. He provided us with information under the condition of anonymity and disclosed that Permili Dalam and other Naxal organisations used to identify places which were away from the eyes of the administration. The cops and the forest department employees, who were stationed in small groups in the centre of the forests were the targets of earlier assaults. Subsequently, the region was announced as its territory, and assertions were made that the group ran a parallel government there.

We were informed that Permili Dalam had established training camps within Gadchiroli’s thick woodlands where it provoked the young tribals against the government and taught them how to use guns. In the past, Naxalites would raid mines in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh to steal detonators that were given to groups like Permili Dalam. These detonators were employed for both building bombs and planting landmines. Permili Dalam, like other Naxalite groups, buried their weapons in water tanks to hide them.

We were informed by another Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) officer participating in the anti-Naxal operation that Permili Dalam drew inspiration from the Maoist doctrine, which seeks to eradicate the adversary in all its forms and unveiled that in addition to using weapons to strike security forces, the group intended to contaminate their food and water supplies as well. The official expressed hope that India would soon be free of Naxals if such significant operations are continued relentlessly without any hindrance.

Why Abujhmarh was made the headquarters

We were further informed about Abujhmarh by the CRPF officer assigned to the anti-Naxal operation who mentioned that the name of the place meant ‘something that nobody could comprehend.’ This forest, which covers 4400 square kilometres, has not yet been adequately mapped. Any official movement there requires the governor’s approval. We were also informed that the Naxalites occasionally benefited from police border disputes because this forest shares borders with multiple states. Abujhmarh is split between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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