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‘Godhra carnage a lie, nobody saw anyone setting railway coach on fire,’ says Siddharth Varadarajan: Longstanding effort of the Left to blame Hindus

The Wire founder Siddharth Varadarajan insinuated that Godhra train burning was a conspiracy to target the Muslim community

Even a dead Hindu must be dehumanised: How mainstream media and Islamists have ganged up to blame Harsha for his murder

The whole idea is to blame Harsha for his own death and to depict that Muslims were only victims of the 'hatred' perpetrated by Hindu activists like Harsha, even though it is Harsha who was brutally murdered.

The Burqa over barbarism and trauma: Millions of Muslim women at risk due to Female Genital Mutilation, no Islamic organisation protests for their rights

Somali Muslim women narrate how their genitalia were sewed shut when they were young as part of FGM

Foreign funding, radical Islamic organisations and hijab protests: A plan to mobilise Muslim youth against India

The hijab protests are now being seen as a strategic move by the PFI and Jamaat-e-Hind to recruit young Muslims into the radicalisation movement.

From SIMI to Popular Front of India: Islamic radicalisation in college campuses has been going on for decades

Popular Front of India, which is now leading the fresh wave of radicalisation in the country, is considered a resurrection of the banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Rahul Gandhi yet again avoids posting pictures of Hindu Gods on Hindu festival, instead promotes hijab while talking about Saraswati Puja

For Rahul Gandhi, the Saraswati Puja was an occasion to shame 'Hindus' because some Muslim women in Karnataka are preferring hijabs over their education.

Challenging the idea of India, stoking sub-nationalism – Rahul Gandhi’s new playbook of polarisation

Rahul Gandhi dismisses the idea of India's national identity and peddles left-liberal narrative of India being just a union of states

From ‘arararara’ to ‘Mera Yeshu Yeshu’ to exorcism in slow motion: Funny Christian conversion videos which are no joke

The Christian preachers have left no opportunity to trap innocent Hindus by organising mass evangelical camps, healing events etc.

Moplah massacre: Classical dancer Kalyanikutty Amma’s granddaughter recounts how their ancestral home is now occupied by Muslims

Amidst the ongoing campaign to "secularise" the Moplah massacres and portray it as a freedom struggle, Smitha Rajan has put out a Facebook post recounting how legendary Mohiniyattam performer Kalyanikutty Amma and her family had to flee from their own house in Kerala during the Moplah massacres in 1921.

Western media that predicted doomsday scenario for India over Covid-19, chooses silence over worsening situation in the USA

Despite the high number of Covid-19 cases in the United States, the US media outlets seem to have found no courage at all to question the authorities over their failure to manage the pandemic in the country.

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