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Even a dead Hindu must be dehumanised: How mainstream media and Islamists have ganged up to blame Harsha for his murder

As the role of Islamists in the coordinated killing of Harsha emerged, the Islamists and the left-liberal media establishment quickly attempted to whitewash the crimes committed by the Muslims. Instead, they tried to shift the blame on the 26-year-old victim Harsha for his own death.

Hindu activist Harsha was brutally murdered by Islamists over an alleged social media post in Karnataka’s Shivamogga on Sunday night. The 26-year-old Hindu activist was murdered by six Muslims for defending the Karnataka government’s regulation on uniforms that barred students from wearing any religious attire inside the educational institutions.  

Two days after the murder, the Karnataka police has managed to arrest a total of six individuals – Qasif (Kasif), Syed Nadeem, Mujahid, Rihan alias Qasi, Afan and Asif for stabbing Harsha on the streets of Shivamogga. The locals speaking to OpIndia have confirmed that Harsha had repeatedly received threats from the Islamists and suspect that the Islamists may have killed him over allegedly “blasphemous” social media posts.

The brutal killing of a Hindu activist by Islamists over alleged ‘blasphemous’ posts has triggered a massive outrage across the country. Harsha’s murder has evoked a strong response from Hindus, expressing their anger and helplessness against the repeated terror attacks on the community. As usual, the secular state has yet again turned a blind eye towards the apathy of the Hindus.

The Islamists and the left-liberal establishment has now taken it to another level by blaming the victim for his own death. As the role of Islamists in the coordinated killing of Harsha emerged, the Islamists and the left-liberal media establishment quickly attempted to whitewash the crimes committed by the Muslims. Instead, they tried to shift the blame on the 26-year-old victim Harsha for his own death.

Left-liberal media outlets, Islamists blame Harsha for his own murder

Indian Express published a report saying that the police are looking at crimes allegedly committed by a Bajrang Dal worker in the Shivamogga region to ascertain a possible motive behind his murder.

Quoting imaginary police sources, the Indian Express claimed that Harsha was involved in at least five assault and attempted murder cases, having “communal overtones”.

Image Source: Indian Express

Indian Express also claimed that Harsha was part of a mob that attacked Muslim traders in Shivamogga city on December 3, 2020. However, it did not provide any source or evidence to substantiate their claim.

The Indian Express tried to push a narrative that Harsha was a “criminal’ against whom cases were registered, and his murder was a reaction to his own act. As per Indian Express, the deceased Hindu leader was not a victim as he had a criminal past ‘as per sources’. Essentially, the Indian Express hints that nobody can be blamed except Harsha for his murder.

Well, it is not just Indian Express. Far-left propaganda site Brut India has also tried to portray the killing of Harsha as a legitimate response by Muslims over the Hindutva leader’s alleged criminal antecedents.

Brut India has shared a story on Instagram of violent incidents that took place in Shivamogga following the death of Harsha. The post portrays the Hindu community as the aggressor in the events that followed after Harsha’s murder.

In its Instagram story, Brut also peddled the same theory that Harsha had five cases against him to insinuate that he was a criminal and his murder was a response to the acts he had allegedly committed.

Image Source: Brut India

Times of India is not far behind. In its report, the ToI claimed that “sources” in the police said to them Harsha was an active member of Bajrang Dal, and he was reportedly attacked in the past for his hate posts on social media.

The report also added that Harsha might have been killed for his alleged derogatory post pertaining to the hijab protests that had angered some people.

The Times of India report suggest that Harsha was a criminal with cases against him for his “communal posts”, and he is to be blamed for his death as his derogatory posts had angered “some people”. As per TOI, the Muslims murdered Harsha as a reaction to some “derogatory posts”.

It is not just the powerful media establishment that is setting out a dangerous narrative of normalising the killing of Hindus for sharing their opinions on social media. Several left-wing media influencers and Islamists are now blaming Harsha for his death, saying that his previous alleged actions may have been the reason he was killed.

Jas Oberai, a radical left social media influencer, said that Bajrang Dal member Harsha had five cases against him, including cases that were related to anti-Muslim violence. Nobody knows whether these allegations against Harsha are real or not. But, even if the cases against him were indeed filed, how exactly does that justify his brutal murder by the accused?

Islamic troll Sayema, who is accused of instigating a Muslim mob to attack a police station in Delhi during anti-CAA riots, also attempted to whitewash the crimes of Muslim killers of Harsha. According to Sayema, ministers and anchors turned the entire issue communal, which resulted in riots. She did not bother to add that when college students are instigated to defy college rules and wear religious attires in violation of a uniform dress code, the issue is already communal.

Citing a news report that claimed that Harsha was accused in two cases, Sayema said that the killing of a Hindu leader was not at all criminal as he was allegedly accused in a riot and communal violence case.

In a way, Sayema does not have any problem with Hindu activists being murdered if they are found to be involved in alleged ‘riot’ and ‘communal violence’ cases.

In a way, Sayema is saying that the murder victim was a lawbreaker and the 6 accused persons murdered him to uphold justice. This is how mob violence is justified.

Mohammed Zubair, a notorious fake news peddler, took a step ahead to show Muslims of Shivamogga as victims by claiming that several shops and commercial establishments faced stone-pelting by Bajrang Dal members.

As usual, Zubair tried to weave propaganda that Hindus were aggressors and Muslims were the victims in Harsha’s murder case.

CJ Werleman, the habitual fake news peddler and also an apologist of Islamic terror, tweeted without any shred of evidence, claiming Harsha was a terrorist belonging to the ‘Hindu extremist group Bajrang Dal’, which carried out a wave of terrorist attacks against Muslims in Tripura in November.

For the likes of Werleman, the killing of Harsha was justified as he was a member of the Bajrang Dal. It is notable here that the alleged ‘attacks on Muslims in Tripura’ was fake news too. Islamists in several areas of Maharashtra had committed acts of vandalism and arson over some debunked fake claims of mosque attacks.

It is no longer even surprising to see Islamists and the left-liberal media establishment exonerating Muslims from the crime they commit against Hindus over allegations of ‘blasphemy’. However, lately, a new dangerous trend has emerged where the killing of Hindus is being normalised to achieve some petty ideological goals.

Even a dead Hindu, who has been murdered by Muslims, has to be painted as the aggressor

The killing of Harsha has evoked strong sentiments in the minds of Hindus in not just Karnataka but also across the country. As a result, there is a consolidation of Hindus across states. Most importantly, the killing has occurred right at the time when the hijab row is at its peak, a controversy that has exposed the sinister designs of Muslims and radical Islamic organisations, who have been very vocal about adhering to Sharia instead of a secular-democratic constitution. 

Only recently, another Hindu man named Kishan Bharwad was killed by some Islamists in an elaborate and well-thought-out plan. A maulvi is accused of supplying the weapons that were used by an Islamist to kill Kishan, only because he had shared some social media posts that the Islamists did not like.

Amidst all these events, there is a sense of national re-awakening for Hindus. Hindus, who have been the victims of the secular state, are now raising their voices against the atrocities committed on them in the name of secularism, the expansionism of Islam and the threats that come along with that. 

As expectingly, the Islamists and their allies – the left-liberal establishment do not want to see a united Hindu resurgence. Hence, the vilification of Hindus continues to carry on. 

One can see a similar case in Harsha’s case as well. Harsha, who is not alive anymore, is their latest target. The dehumanisation of Harsha and showing him as an aggressor is part of the latest toolkit to show Hindus as perpetual aggressors even when it is a Hindu who has been murdered. The whole idea is to blame Harsha for his acts and to depict that Muslims were only victims of the ‘hatred’ perpetrated by Hindu activists like Harsha. For them, the killing of Harsha is just a response, and one should not blame Muslims for the killings.

Liberals perceive the killing of non-believers of Islam as valid and believe that it is just a natural response for the community to kill the non-believers if they speak something critical about their religion. For the left-liberals and Islamists, even a dead Hindu is a threat against their perpetual victimhood complex. Hence, they tend to dehumanise Hindus even after their death.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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