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All Hail The Prince: Global Left loves Rahul Gandhi – not because he is bright – but because he is as reliably Woke

There is a far bigger, far more important reason for the leftist ecosystem, in India and in the West to continue to lay all their bets on Rahul Gandhi. One that overrides all else even if they are willing to invest time and money, launch another dynast to national success with the same arsenal they deployed to launch Rahul Gandhi - ideological commitment.

The leftist propaganda ecosystem has been singing praise of Rahul Gandhi non-stop ever since the results were out on 4th June. His taking over the job of LoP has given new meanings to the term as if it is equal to the PM’s chair! The post of leader of the Congress party in LS was offered to Shri Khargeji, a Dalit leader when it carried no weight. But they couldn’t resist keeping it within the Famiglia when it became “constitutional”. Don’t expect any of our fearless journalists to ask why! His reckless antics and blatant lies in the Parliament have been spun as “opposition finding its voice”. They don’t even seem to mind that their non-stop tune of “democracy dying in India” has been made an even bigger lie than it was. And of course, the rest of the opposition has been given the short end of the propaganda stick. 

After trying to create fake news about LoP being a “constitutional position”, the ecosystem moved on to other ways to hail the prince. Every word, gesture, and body language of the Prince has “fearless independent” sycophants in the leftist media going gaga or getting goosebumps. It was as if you could not do the job with 50 seats and needed 99 for that.

There is, of course, little doubt that 2024 has been better for Congress and by extension, its crown Prince than 2014 or 2019. They improved the tally to 99 seats, even if you ignore PM Modi’s 99/543, not 99/100 remark. But the point is, this increase is very much part of the revival of almost ALL opposition parties. It’s not the intention of this article to go into why.

Yes, you could argue AAP lost compared to its state election performance but even they improved compared to their 2019 tally. You could also argue similarly that Congress declined in KA but the fact is their tally went up when compared to GE 2019.

Obviously, the most spectacular increase has been that of Akilhesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party – nearly 7 times! This rubbed off on Congress too with its tally going up by 5 seats. BJP’s (in hindsight) self-goal in Maharashtra resulted in a drubbing and this is where Congress found its biggest increase – 12 seats. Between these two states and Rajasthan, the bulk of the increase is accounted for.

If you recall the tune sung by the leftist media elites before the election, it was one of Congress being first among equals and the need to build alliances and concede space to state players, etc. In fact, worried over the clean sweep by BJP, many even criticized Congress for being over-ambitious. All that has been forgotten once 4th June happened. It is almost as if the rest of the INDI alliance doesn’t matter and it is Rahul Rahul all the way.


To understand this, we must understand who really runs the show. It should be obvious it is the leftist ecosystem. And the global woke leftists acting as force multipliers. Without the sustained propaganda background music given by the left’s formidable army of “journalists”, academia, global media and of course the “activists” and “civil society” funded by liberal moneybags like George Soros and Omidyar etc., it is doubtful if Congress would have seen any success at all. Add the power of Wikipedia, NYT, WaPo, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, etc. As if that were not enough, publications with totally non-political objectives like Nature, Lancet, etc., too started running hit jobs against the Modi regime, using blatantly biased “opinion writers” like Mani Shankar Aiyar’s daughter. Imagine Jay Shah getting column space in some UK cricket magazine to attack INC & Rahul Gandhi! 

We keep hearing shocking news – Rohun Dua, a journalist, has filed a lawsuit alleging that a few Google – YouTube employees worked to alter algorithms to benefit one side. Brave Muslim journalists like Amana Begum Ansari who dared to take on the STSJ brigade and their dog whistlers and risk their lives doing so were repeatedly demonetized by YouTube despite non-controversial content. While users get “recommendations” of Ravish Kumar videos. Many other non-Left SM users have long alleged this, not just in India. 

Clearly, Modi was not fighting a political party. He was fighting a powerful global ecosystem that was using its enormous reach, all the dirty tricks in the books, complete control over social media tech giants (barring Elon Musk’s X), and of course, billions of dollars in money power to deploy. Given the opaque ways many of these NGOs and charlatans operate, and the holler that we hear when “fascist “ Modi asks them to keep books, we will never know how much of this was actually deployed. 

Getting rid of Modi has been their top priority along with their Polpotist pogrom on Sanatana Dharma, which has gone from being hidden & subtle to direct and on the face. 

These efforts failed on 4th June despite the setback BJP received. Now they are staring at five more years of wilderness without power and ability to pursue their agendas. But there is a silver lining in the cloud – BJP doesn’t have its own majority. There is always a chance that with all the powers at their disposal, they could wean away a few allies and restore the golden age. 

So efforts are now on in two directions – try to sow FUD among NDA allies. And try to create enough conditions of anarchy, chaos, and violence to ensure the government collapses. 

As part of the former action item, so-called “journalists” are openly expressing disappointment that Modi’s allies are “weak” or declaring they “surrendered to BJP”. 

Coming to the other action item – anarchy and chaos – this is where Rahul Gandhi comes in handy. And this is also where other dynasts are not of that much use to the ecosystem. As I pointed out earlier, many of these dynasts, including Akhilesh Yadav, are not ambitious outside of their states. They are quite content to live the good life as long as their local franchises are in their control. They know that they cannot get even a seat or two outside of their strongholds, all talk of pan-Dravidian ideology or nominal contests in other states, etc., notwithstanding. Even Kejri has been reduced to a one-state wonder. Their best chance was a Congress with about 60 seats but LS majority as a group and 30-40 seats for a few of them. Then the bigger ones can demand the PM seat or threaten to move to NDA. That is not gonna happen, perhaps not even in 2029.

But there is a far bigger, far more important reason for the leftist ecosystem, in India and in the West to continue to lay all their bets on Rahul Gandhi. One that overrides all else even if they are willing to invest time and money, launch another dynast to national success with the same arsenal they deployed to launch Rahul Gandhi. 

That is ideological commitment

With Rahul Gandhi, 90% of their work is already done without lifting a finger. NONE of the other dynasts – particularly Akhilesh, Tejaswi, even M K Stalin or Uddhav Thackeray, and non-dynasts like Mamata Banerjee – are reliably woke or leftist. They are simply regional warlords with remarkable ideological fluidity if at all you can accuse them of having any ideology in the first place. More importantly, they don’t exhibit the sort of hate for Hinduism that Rahul betrays in body language and in words despite all denials to the contrary. 

You may argue that DMK is vehemently anti-Hindu, more direct than even Rahul but this too is a farce and a drama more than anything else like much else in TN politics. Frankly, DMK doesn’t care as long as they are in power. Unlike in the past when applying “vibhuti” – ashes on the forehead – can invite dismissal today many DMK activists and leaders openly display it. And in any case, their influence doesn’t cross the TN border. Left knows this. Moreover, DMK is not just pro-business – it runs several large businesses through the first family. As such it’s a poor substitute. You may have noticed Rahul plowing a lonely furrow on the Adani Ambani topic. A few even openly disassociated from that line of attack.

For the left, this level of commitment to the “cause” from Rahul Gandhi is a HUGE benefit. As I mentioned earlier, their work is almost done. As I have written often, complete destruction of Sanatan Dharma is a precondition to imposing leftists’ murderous, rapist savage ideologies of Stalin and Mao on India. If also an important part of Beijing’s plan for “South Asia”. Hinduism is by DNA democratic and hence anti-commie. They simply cannot compromise on this goal and waste time on a Princeling that doesn’t share this passion. Global wokes may not share this enthusiasm for anti-Hindu pogrom on their own, but they have so many other reasons to go along that they don’t care too. They obviously understand and sympathize because they are waging a similar war on Christianity in their own fiefdoms. 

This is why you will see the leftist ecosystem singing praise of Rahul Gandhi, trying to turn him into an all-conquering superhero even at the cost of antagonizing or ignoring the other dynasts who are part of the INDI alliance. He is too important. 

And the goal is that much nearer after June 4th. One leftist propagandist even declared he “almost won” inviting mirth and laughter.

One factor that may assist BJP & PM Modi in a serendipitous way is Biden’s increasingly obvious dementia, which could no longer be covered up in lies. And the first-rate crisis it has spawned. Right now, the entire woke ecosystem is focused on making sure US voters don’t turn against the Democratic party, just Biden. NYT and others have already thrown him under the bus as if he was perfectly sane until that fine Thursday evening debate. The entire cabal will now work with 100% focus to ensure Trump doesn’t return. That takes a lot of money and bandwidth. Getting rid of Modi and installing a dimwit dynast can wait. 

But anything goes after that. Especially if MH elections are along the lines of GE. 

Watch the space but always remember the big picture. It helps.

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Ganesh R
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