Thursday, September 29, 2022
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British publication publishes blatant lies on Hindus, inadvertently ends up calling the Gandhis ‘useless’, withdraws article, blames ‘bigoted Hindus’

Sunny Hundal of The Independent, who has been closely associated with George Soros funded openDemocracy, wrote long thread on 'threats' received by some random woman named Smriti Singh in UK for an article with calls the Gandhis useless and blames it on 'Hindus'.

Rana Ayyub’s tweet on Ganesh Chaturthi shows how ‘Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb’ is nothing but a farce and slap on the face of Hindus

If you are so inclusive and welcoming of other person's faith, the way you pretend, why not 'allow' Hindus to celebrate the festival in a vacant ground? Is it because idol worship is the biggest sin in Islam?

NDTV cries foul after Adani Group decides to exercise its right to convert loan into equity, know what a hostile takeover is

An explainer on what exactly happened with Adani Group and its hostile takeover bid for NDTV.

‘Dhyan Chand can wait’: Netizens agree as Kejriwal says Sisodia be given Bharat Ratna, had earlier announced Padma Vibhushan for Satyendar Jain

Both his ministers, Manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain are accused in financial frauds and scams and are under inquiry.

Hey, Rana Ayyub, say it, say that ‘Gustakh-e-Rasool’ should not be punishable with ‘sar tan se juda’

Prominent Muslim celebrity journalists have also not said it in as many words that 'blasphemy' of divine figures of Islam should not be punished by death.

‘Liberals’ and ‘intellectuals’ find #HarGharTiranga problematic, say 50-year-celebrations were ‘simple’: Here is why it was simple and subdued

'Intellectuals' want simpler times because with Modi out of picture, they can go back to peddle lies to ordinary men and women without being questioned while influencing ministerial berths in free time.

Rana Ayyub ‘corrects her mistake’ after fellow Muslims slam her for supporting Salman Rushdie, deletes tweet where she wished him recovery

Islamists have moved on from choosing ummah over country to choosing ummah over basic human decency.

Har Ghar Tiranga: How on one call of PM Modi people of India have come together to keep the Tricolour flying high

Har Ghar Tiranga campaign shows that 75 years after India had a tryst with destiny, we will now wake up to a new dawn.

Arvind Kejriwal’s ‘free money’ to women in Gujarat is a flawed concept deeply rooted in patriarchy

Where will the free money Arvind Kejriwal is promising come from? Will he grow it at a place where sun doesn't shine?

Punishing a ‘collective art’ like a movie for one artist’s politics – why this seemingly unfair practice gets support

We all live with the choices we make and hence so should the artists, with displaced sense of entitlement and importance that they are 'prominent citizens' singlehandedly responsible to uphold the value of democracy by playing their religion card while offending other religions.

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