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Exclusive: Read how Newsclick man who handed over Chinese money to Sharjeel Imam, was in Delhi Riots planning group, is connected to Congress, Soros

In the Newsclick-China funding chargesheet, Special Cell mentions that it was a man called Anand Mangnale who handed Chinese money to Sharjeel Imam for Delhi Riots. Further, that Mangnale was a part of the DPSG group along with Sharjeel Imam at the behest of NewsClick. OpIndia had reported in 2020 that Mangnale is connected to Congress and was actively fundraising for them while being a part of DPSG and working for NewwsClick

On the 5th of December 2019, a conspiracy to burn Delhi began to be hatched, leading eventually to the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. The conspiracy aimed to pull down the central government, target Hindus, create communal fear in the country and attack its sovereignty. The conspiracy led to waves of violence in Delhi and across the country. First, violence erupted in December 2019 and after low-level violence for almost 3 months, the rioters learnt their lessons from the 2019 violence, fine-tuned their plan, and executed the anti-Hindu riots of February 2020. As the conspiracy of the 2020 riots was being hatched, another conspiracy was afoot almost simultaneously. Leftists like Prabir Pukayashta of NewsClick along with several others, were being funded by China to create disaffection in India, end democracy and attack India’s sovereignty and independence.

It is only now, in May 2024, that are beginning to understand how these two seemingly independent conspiracies were deeply intertwined, with the participation of the Congress party evident in both these cases.

The Newsclick-China funding case, the conspiracy and what we know so far

On the 3rd of October 2023, the Delhi Special Cell arrested Prabir Pukayastha, the founder and editor of NewsClick along with the HR head Amit Chakravarty. An FIR in the matter was registered on the 17th of August 2023 under Sections 13, 16, 17, 18, and 22 of the UAPA and Sections 153A and 120B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the news portal. On 3rd October 2023, the NewsClick office was raided and sealed by Delhi Police in connection to the case regarding foreign funding from China to propagate anti-India activities. Apart from locations linked to NewsClick, the residences of 40 journalists were also raided by Delhi Police across the country as they were connected to the news portal. Teesta Setalvad, Abhisar Sharma, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yetchury, Sanjay Rajoura, and others were among those who faced action by the Delhi Police.

The investigation into NewsClick, however, started much earlier. It was in 2021 that ED made startling revelations about the portal and its funding. On February 9, 2021, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) raided the home of News Click founder and Editor-in-Chief Prabir Purkayastha. According to the ED investigation, NewsClick had received ₹10 crores under Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from an American company.

In July 2021, the ED informed that the investigation into the money laundering case against ‘NewsClick’ had revealed that the promoters of the media outlet received nearly ₹38 crores from entities, which might be associated with the Communist Party of China.

An officer probing the money laundering case revealed that NewsClick had financial dealings with a Chinese agent, who is a Sri Lankan-Cuban-based businessman named Neville Roy Singham, who allegedly funnelled Rs 38 crore to PPK Newsclick Studio Pvt Ltd between 2018 and 2021 from abroad.

The officials, who had traced the money flow of the media outlet, said that Singham is associated with the propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Thereafter, the New York Times published an investigation revealing that NewsClick received crores from the Chinese Communist Party through Neville Roy Singham.

“What is less known, and is hidden amid a tangle of nonprofit groups and shell companies, is that Mr. Singham works closely with the Chinese government media machine and is financing its propaganda worldwide,” the article stated.

The New York Times pointed out that Singham has been successful in disseminating Chinese government talking points under the pretext of ‘progressive advocacy’ in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and the United States.

Since the investigation has progressed, the Special Cell filed an 8000-page chargesheet in the case. Shocking revelations from the chargesheet reveal that NewsClick had links with LeT, was in touch with Sharjeel Imam, and Naxals, got crores to spread disinformation during COVID, spread the distorted map of India, spread propaganda against democracy in India to replicate the Chinese-style government here and more.

In fact, it was since 2021 itself that NewsClick and Prabir Purkayastha’s links to Urban Naxal Gautam Navlakha had emerged as well. Navlakha also finds prominent mention in the NewsClick Chargesheet by the Special Cell.

At SSPL, Gautam Navlakha was also a Director with Prabir Purkayastha. Gautam Navlakha is one of the ‘Urban Naxals’ arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case and allegedly has links with Pakistan’s ISI. Following his arrest, it was reported that Gautam Navlakha was in touch with Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists as well.

Even more shockingly, Gautam Navlakha was an “Independent Partner” of PP NEWSCLICK STUDIO LLP where he was appointed to the position on the 17th of April, 2017. It is pertinent to note here that PPK NEWSCLICK Studio Private Limited, the current owner of Newsclick, was incorporated on the 11th of January, 2018, 10 days after the Bhima Koregaon violence.

China-funded NewsClick and its links to Delhi anti-Hindu Riots of 2020

The link between the Newsclick-China funding case and the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots conspiracy is revealed in the 8000-page chargesheet filed by the Special Cell. The Chargesheet says that there was a ‘deep-rooted common conspiracy’ to create a false narrative against CAA, which propagated that the law intended to strip Indian Muslims of their citizenship, which led eventually to the Delhi Riots 2020.

“The end result of this deliberate misinformation campaign was seen from the beginning of from Dec, 2019 and ranup to Feb, 2020 in the physical manifestation of the deadly Delhi Riots”, the chargesheet says.

In fact, the connection is not just limited to the conspiracy to spread misinformation but also monetary as it manifests in NewsClick employee, who is also connected to Congress and Soros, handed over money directly from NewsClick to Sharjeel Imam, the chargesheet reveals.

The involvement of NewsClick, Prabir Purkayastha and others in the Delhi Riots conspiracy since December 2019

The first trace of the China-funded NewsClick conspiring to create violence and spread misinformation against the CAA surfaced on the 17th of December 2019. On the 17th, an email marked ‘Share Notes on CAA docs’ was sent by Rajamanikam P, AIPSN (All India Peoples Science Network). AIPSN was founded by Prabir Pukayastha. This email was sent to several other organisations requesting for all organisations to share their anti-CAA programs. The email also wanted to reach a consensus on a joint statement against the law. The email content spread disinformation and fearmongered against CAA and NRC. It said that NRC was bound to persecute Muslims. It is to be kept in mind that there was not even a draft for the implementation of the national NRC by this time. In fact, there is still no draft to that effect.

On the 17th, there was another email was sent by Citizen for Justice and Peace (CJP), which is run by Teesta Setalvad. The email was addressed to Prabir Pukayastha spreading misinformation about CAA.

Further, on the 3rd of January 2020, Harsh Mandar also sent an email to Prabir Purkayastha, Githa Hariharan and others. In the email, Harsh Mandar suggested making a common pool of resources for the “resistance” against CAA. To this email, Githa responded by saying, “Yes, Harsh it makes sense for all of us to have a common bank of material that each of us uses as individual as well as for common purposes. Varda and Ishita copied in will be the connectors for ICF (Indian Cultural Forum, an NGO run by Githa Hariharan) and NewsClick. Varda has already prepared a Q&A explainer with the help of Mohsin and Prabir”.

On the 2nd of January, Harsh Mandar sent another email requesting a collective working group for all ‘explainers’. In this, he had mentioned Prabir and Gautam Navlakha to work on this. A campaign called ‘main bhi dilli’ was immediately started after this email exchange.

In the email exchanges, there was also date planned. On the 16th of January, Harsh Mandar had planned a ‘People’s Tribunal’ and had invited NewsClick, Prabir and several other left organisations to stand in solidarity with anti-CAA protests.

The People’s Tribunal and the details mentioned therein are rather telling of the strategy being employed in the anti-CAA protests, which were similar to those employed by Naxals in areas like Bastar, the investigators say. The investigators say that by holding such parallel public briefings and investigations, the Maoists try to undermine the authority of the police and the state, which is what China-funded NewsClick and the collaborators were attempting to do.

Dangerously, one of the central themes of these emails and discussions was that the state had embedded non-uniformed police officials who were the ones to instigate the violence and the stone-pelting. This was specifically done to instigate further violence.

On the 2nd of February, there was an email discussing the meeting of different Leftist organisations meeting at the NewsClick office in Delhi to discuss the protest.

In fact, in an email dated 22nd February 2022, a day before the Delhi anti-Hindu riots erupted, there was an email that there was a feverish rush to organise money for the protestors as well. As investigations show, a large amount of cash, received from Neville as well as raised through such ‘Hum Dekhenge’ contributions had ended up fanning the communal flares.

It is pertinent to note that while these emails may seem like just a ‘discussion’ between various people, it goes to show the close coordination and links between these individuals. When seen in the perspective of NewsClick getting money from China to create a specific pro-China, anti-India perspective, create anarchy and end democracy, create violence and also, the fact that NewsClick employee gave money directly to the anti-CAA rioters including Sharjeel Imam, the emails act as important evidence to understand the intent of the people involved. These emails are not the entire case in themselves, but one of the links that tie together other evidence like money trail, communication, being part of planning groups connected to Delhi Riots, giving money to protestors, witness statements etc.

Witness statements incriminating NewsClick and Prabir Pukayastha in Delhi anti-Hindu Riots and funding to Sharjeel Imam

The Delhi police included the testimonies of several protected witnesses, named ‘Gama’, ‘Gama2’ and ‘Gama3’ in its charge sheet. 

It quoted ‘Gama’ as saying, “During the CAA protest, Purkayastha used to send the employees to take part and incite the Muslim community to do violent acts and rioting. He also used to give cash to employees to distribute among rioters…Prabir, Chakraborty and other members had extreme Marxist and Maoist ideologies… I came to know that these people were being funded by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Another witness ‘Gama2’ said that the NewsClick founder sent a man to Shaheen Bagh to give money to Islamic extremist Sharjeel Imam, currently behind bars for his role in anti-Hindu Delhi riots. “From this money, they should purchase weapons and other equipment to incite violence and rioting,” he added. ‘Gama2’ also testified that money was later routed to Naxals in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to spark violence.

“Articles and videos which showed the vaccine developed by India in a poor light and Chinese vaccines to be better,” he further added. One witness, ‘Gama3’ informed, “Funds (received by NewsClick) were used in funding CAA/NRC protest, farmers’ agitation, supporting Kashmiri separatists against abrogation of Article 370 and Maoists groups”.”

The clinching evidence against Prabir Purkayastha in Delhi anti-Hindu riots and the connection to Congress

The investigation reveals links between NewsClick, Congress and the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots which have hitherto remained unknown. The investigation reveals that NewsClick and people associated with it were not just spreading misinformation and ferrying money to terror accused like Sharjeel Imam and other Islamists, but were also actively a part of the WhatsApp groups which were made for the planning and execution of violence – like DPSG – Delhi Protest Solidarity Group.

The investigation reveals that Prabir Purkayastha was a part of the DPSG group through his employee Anand Mangnale, who was in parallel connected with Harsh Mandar.

the DPSG group is one of the groups which remains at the centre of the Delhi Riots investigation. It was a group created by Rahul Roy. The violence was primarily planned in groups like DPSG, MSJ Group, JCC Groups and others.

It was on the 26th of December 2019 that the DPSG group was formed. According to the Delhi Riots chargesheet No 59/2020 (the main conspiracy chargesheet), a meeting was held at ISI, Lodhi Colony attended by Harsh Mandar, Yogender Yadav, Umar Khalid, Nadeem Khan, Khalid Saifi, Sahil, Rahul Roy, Saba Dewan, Amrita Johri and others. Detailed discussion was held on the following points.

  1. Formation of DPSG Group
  2. Creation of different protest sites in Delhi.
  3. Protest sites should be women-centric to avoid police clashes.
  4. Protest sites to be set up in Muslim Majority Areas.
  5. Collecting funds for sustenance of Protest sites.
  6. Legal team for detainees.
  7. Sending speakers/artists of diverse fields to different protest sites.
  8. Regular meetings to take stock of the progress on the above points.

Who is Anand Mangnale, part of the DPSG group on behalf of NewsClick, and what is his connection to Congress: How he has been on OpIndia’s radar for a while

Anand Mangnale, who was a part of the DPSG group on behalf of NewsClick has been on OpIndia’s radar since 2019. To understand who he is and how he ties to Congress, George Soros and the entire nexus, we must go back to December 2019 when violence had erupted in JNU, as the first phase of Delhi’s anti-Hindu Riots. The violence in JNU was not exactly related to CAA, however, it was a part of the violent upheaval planned by the very same groups.

In 2019, the Left students of JNU were unhappy with a marginal hike in fees and had started protesting against the same in October. Though the decision was partially rolled back, the protests had not stopped and the Left students had refused to let classes function. The students opposing the fee hike had in December forcibly evicted the technical staff, made servers dysfunctional and indulged in rampant violence. They had also forcibly stopped other students from enrolling to the winter session.

At that time, messages from the WhatsApp group ‘Unity Against Left’ had been posted on social media. The message by one of the participants asked for action against those who support JNU. In reality, the WhatsApp group was of the Left students, who were using the name “Unity Against Left” to implicate ABVP students.

One of the chats posted by Barkha Dutt had Anand Mangnale posting a message for action against those who support JNU. OpIndia realised that it was Anand Mangale after which Barkha Dutt inadvertently shared the number from which the message came on the WhatsApp group on Twitter. A Google search of the same number revealed it was the same number Congress had used for a crowdfunding campaign.

Anand Mangnale has previously worked with JD(U)’s Prashant Kishore, who had earlier worked as a strategist for ex-Congress President Rahul Gandhi in 2016 ahead of Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections. OpIndia could not independently verify whether Mangnale was part of the team for Rahul Gandhi’s image makeover.

Throughout the conversations in this group, Anand pretended to be someone who belonged to ABVP – essentially – someone who was ‘against the Left’. However, he was someone who was connected to the Congress party and as we now know, NewsClick.

He had tried to mount a senseless defence at the time and also claimed that he had ‘infiltrated the group’ to ‘get info’ on what ABVP was doing to fan violence. However, it was revealed that Anand was actually added by the admin and therefore, it stands to reason that the group was not made by ABVP at all, but Left students pretending to be ‘anti-Left’ in order to blame ABVP for the violence created by them.

Congress at that time that the number belonged to a private vendor they had hired for Lok Sabha elections and it had discontinued. “The number belonged to a vendor and has nothing to do with INC,” Congress tweeted. However, Congress had used Anand’s number for ‘LetsVenture for Wish Kids’ crowdfunding and not really for an election campaign. Anand was, in fact, still very much part of crowdfunding for Congress and Congress leaders. He had tweeted seeking funding for Gourav Vallabh, Congress’ national spokesperson, in November 2019.

In fact, before his Congress connection had been reported, he had posted about being inside the JNU campus at the “T-point”.

Only a day before, Sharjeel Imam had also posted about the T-point as well. Sharjeel Imam, one of the main conspirators of the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots had posted only a night before to say that around 8 PM, he and his associates donned helmets and started roaming near the hostel to ‘locate goondas’. He says that the police had control near the main gate. His statement of the police asking students to go back to hostels corroborates with what Imam writes in his post. So, Imam and Mangnale were at the Sabarmati Hostel t-point at around the same time.

The full story from December 2019 can be read here.

Anand Mangnale had tweeted on the 5th of January. Sharjeel Imam had posted on the 4th of January. According to the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots chargesheets, it was on the 5th of January 2020 that a protest site had developed at Fruit Market, Seelampur, Delhi

The next appearance Anand Mangnale makes on OpIndia is in August 2023. OpIndia was investigating the hitjobs against Adani and had delved into an organisation called the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). In August 2023, OpIndia had reported that OCCRP could be planning another shakedown of the Adani Industries. Founded in 2006, OCCRP claims to have a network of journalists across 6 continents who specialise in reporting on organised crime and corruption. While it might seem like an independent, non-partisan organisation, OCCRP is funded by the likes of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF), the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

During our research, Opindia found that the South Asian (Regional) Editor of OCCRP was Anand Mangnale. We had also found that he was a partnerships and strategy consultant at the contentious left-propaganda outlet NewsClick

As per the information posted on the website of OCCRP, he has been working with the organisation since 2021. “Anand has worked on several investigations exposing corporate and government corruption, abuse of power, and government misinformation and fake news campaigns,” the profile bio read.

“Anand was a partnerships and strategy consultant with online news platform, focusing on exposing corporate fraud and corruption.” it further added.

Articles written by Anand Manglale for NewsClick

We also found that Anand Mangnale wrote 15 articles for NewsClick between August 2017 and March 2020.

The full story of OpIndia about OCCRP can be read here.

The revelation in the NewsClick-China funding chargesheet now confirms the stories of OpIndia right from December 2019 to August 2023. Anand Mangnale was connected with the Congress and was running crowdfunding campaigns for the party. He then started working with NewsClick. Thereafter, he joined the DPSG group, which was created on the 26th of December 2019. The DPSG group was one of the groups where the conspiracy to create violence was being hatched. All the main conspirators of the violence were present in the DPSG group – from Sharjeel Imam to Umar Khalid, Harsh Mandar and others. Mangnale joined the DPSG group while working with NewsClick and as we now know, at the behest of NewsClick (who was funding Sharjeel Imam from its Chinese money). Days after the DPSG group was created, in which Anand was present along with other conspirators of the Delhi Riots, in January 2020 violence erupted in JNU in which Mangnale was present inside the campus, despite NOT being a student of JNU. He had spoken exactly what Sharjeel Imam had about the JNU violence hours apart. According to OpIndia’s August 2023 report, Mangnale now works for a Soros-funded organisation called OCCRP which did hitjobs against Adani – something that was picked up by Rahul Gandhi to tarnish the image of India. Soros is the same man who had vowed to pull down Narendra Modi and had floated a 1 billion dollar fund for it.

Anand Mangnale, despite the evidence against him and being mentioned in the chargesheet, has denied the charges.

Ishrat Jahan – Another Congress leader involved in the Delhi Riots

Former Congress Councillor Ishrat Jahan was also deeply involved in the Delhi Riots – she was arrested on the 26th of February 2020 and was later given bail on humanitarian grounds by the court.

Following is how Ishrat Jahan was involved in the Delhi anti-Hindu Riots:

  1. Ishrat Jahan attended a meeting organised by AAP leader Amanatullah Khan and at Alia Madrasa at Khureji in connection with the initiation of the protest. She along with Khalid Saifi was instrumental in the organisation of the 24/7 protest site at Khureji. On the 26th of February 2020, she said that the “revolution has reached the 2nd stage”. 
  2. On the 26th of February, Ishrat Jahan along with Khalid Saifi instigated people to attack police personnel and it was in this connection that FIR 44/20 was registered. 
  3. She was a part of the conspiracy hatched by JCC and other groups to instigate violence. 
  4. She delivered provocative speeches to instigate people against “other community” (Hindus) as well as the government of India. 
  5. As the main organiser of the protest site, she called other speakers to site like Sharjeel Imam, Shifa-Ur-Rehman, Meeran Haider, Nadeem Khan etc to monitor the site and deliver speeches. 
  6. She was involved in raising funds from unaccounted and illegal means to be used in the protest. 
  7. She forced documents to hide her tracks. 
  8. Illegitimate funds were used to acquire weapons for the riots. 
  9. Her purpose was to create an Islamic state. 
  10. She was aware of the purpose, objective and process of the conspiracy. 
  11. At the Khureji protest site, women and children were used as a human shield and this was a part of the larger conspiracy hatched at DPSG. 
  12. She is connected to all other accused in the case like Amanatullah Khan, Khalid Saifi, Tasleem Ahmad, Natasha Narwal, Safoora Zargar and others. 
  13. There were 1097 calls and messages between Ishrat Jahan and Amanatullah Khan between 1st December 2019 and 26th February 2020. 
  14. There was a deposit of Rs 4 lakh found in her account from one Mahadev Vijay Kaste. Kaste said that, on the instruction of his boss Samir Abdul Sai where he was working as a driver and took a loan against gold worth Rs 4,31,700. The gold itself was given to him by his employer and he was asked by his employer to transfer Rs 4 lakh to Ishrat Jahan. 
  15. When interrogated, Samir Abdul Sai said that Imran Siddiqui was his business partner, who was a relative of Ishrat Jahan and also wanted to hide the track of the money because it was to be used for the protests. 
  16. Siddiqui confirmed the transfer of the money to Ishrat Jahan. 
  17. To hide the transfer of money, a fake agreement was drawn up between Siddiqui and Sai, however, the agreement does not have the signature of Siddiqui. 
  18. The date of the agreement is shown as 26th November 2019 but the entry by the Notary is made on 13th April 2020. 
  19. The partnership deed was prepared after Siddiqui was asked to join the investigation 
  20. Apart from this, cash of Rs 1,41,000 was deposited in Ishrat Jahan’s account and the same could not be explained by Jahan. 
  21. One witness, Peter, said that Ishrat Jahan had got illegal funds to organise the protest and acquire arms through Abdul Khalid. One country-made weapon was also recovered from JCL and arrested under FIR 44/20.

Rahul Gandhi, Congress and the mysterious, monetary relationship with China

Rahul Gandhi, Congress and China have a deep-rooted relationship that dates back several years, in fact, decades. On the 7th of August, 2008, an agreement was signed between the Sonia Gandhi-led Congress party and the Communist Party of China (CPC).

During UPA1 in 2008, the Congress Party and the Communist Party of China (CPC) signed a deal in Beijing for exchanging high-level information and co-operation between them. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) also provided the two parties with the “opportunity to consult each other on important bilateral, regional and international developments”.

Interestingly, the MoU was signed by the then Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi and on the Chinese side, it was signed by none other than Xi Jinping himself, who was then the Chinese vice-president and standing committee member of the CPC’s politburo. The MoU was signed in the presence of his mother and party president Sonia Gandhi. 

Before the signing of the MoU, the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi had held a long meeting with Xi and other senior leaders of the Communist Party of China to discuss issues of mutual interest.

In 2008, Sonia Gandhi visited Beijing along with Rahul, daughter Priyanka, son-in-law Robert Vadra and their two children to attend the opening of the Olympic Games. A year before, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had also led a delegation of the Congress party to China.

The 2008 MoU between CCP and Congress came at a time when the Left parties in India had expressed a lack of trust in the UPA-1 government led by Congress. The India Today report suggests that even as China was aware of the political landscape in India, Xi Jinping went ahead and signed the pact with Congress as the CCP wanted deeper ties with Congress, especially with the Gandhi family.

Not just the MoUs, but the close relationship between the Chinese leadership and the Congress party, especially Rahul Gandhi had also been highlighted just a few years ago during the Doklam stand-off when Rahul Gandhi was caught secretly meeting Chinese officials.

The Gandhi-scion, not once but twice, was caught meeting Chinese officials, raising suspicion among the policymakers regarding the intent of his secretive meeting with the Chinese.

The first meeting took place in 2017, when Rahul Gandhi had a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui, especially at a time when India and China were in the middle of a stand-off at Doklam. At first, the Congress party had denied such meetings and had termed news reports suggesting that the Gandhi-scion had indeed met Chinese officials as ‘fake news’.

However, the Congress party had to face massive embarrassment after the Chinese embassy had confirmed the meeting between the then Congress vice president and the Chinese envoy.

This meeting was especially suspicious, because the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi, at that time were vehemently attacking the Indian government over their stand in the ongoing military standoff with China.

In 2018, Rahul Gandhi revealed details of the secret meeting with a couple of Chinese ministers during his trip to Kailash Mansarovar in September 2018. The meeting was kept secret initially but later Rahul Gandhi revealed the details of the meeting accidentally leading people to speculate even more as to why both the Congress party and China were trying to hide the meeting.

That is not all. Back in 2020, details about the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation’s (RGF) monetary operations emerged. OpIndia had previously published detailed pieces about the Chinese government’s financial contributions of more than Rs 1 crore to RGF between 2006 and afterwards. 

Apart from his relationship with China, it is also true that Rahul Gandhi has time and again aligned his interests with those of George Soros and the entities funded by him. On 31 October 2022, a person named Salil Shetty joined Rahul Gandhi in his Bharat Jodo Yatra in Harthikote in Karnataka. Salil Shetty is the global vice president of Open Society Foundations founded by George Soros. Before becoming VP of Open Society Foundation, Shetty was secretary general of Amnesty International, another left-wing organisation known for its anti-India activities. In 2020, Salil Shetty was actively involved in the anti-CAA protests in various places across the country, including Bengaluru and Delhi. 

In fact, there is also a convergence between OCCRP, Rahul Gandhi and Anand Mangnale, given that Anand works for OCCRP which did a hitjob against Adani and Rahul Gandhi has been beating the dead horse ever since.

Pertinently, George Soros in a statement had also mentioned that PM Modi will have to “answer for” the so-called revelations against Adani. “This will significantly weaken Modi’s stranglehold on India’s federal government and open the door to push for much-needed institutional reforms. I may be naive, but I expect a democratic revival in India,” George Soros said reading from a prepared statement in the video – a statement that aligns perfectly with Rahul Gandhi’s agenda.

There are several other links between Rahul Gandhi and George Soros which can be read here and here.

The questions that arise – Delhi Riots, NewsClick, China Funding, Rahul Gandhi and Congress

The revelations made in the NewsClick open up a pandora’s box as far as the Delhi anti-Hindu Riot is concerned and the role of the Congress party. While so far, the Congress party’s involvement in fanning violence was limited to Sonia Gandhi’s ‘aar ya paar’ speech before the violence erupted, Rahul Gandhi’s fear-mongering and Ishrat Jahan, with the mentioning of Anand Mangnale in the investigation, there are several other questions that arise.

  1. Anand Mangnale was inside the JNU premises when violence broke out in January 2020. At that time, his number was used for Congress fundraising. At the same time, he was also speaking the language of Sharjeel Imam. Was Congress aware of Anand Mangnale’s involvement?
  2. While Mangnale was working for NewsClick, he was also fundraising for Congress. What is Congress’ role in the NewsClick Chinese funding saga, if any?
  3. Anand Mangnale joined the DPSG group in December 2019 at the behest of NewsClick- a group which was central in planning Delhi violence. At the same time, he was also fundraising for Congress. Was Congress aware of DPSG and the planning of Delhi violence?
  4. Did Congress have other representatives in the DPSG group?
  5. Chinese money was directly funnelled to Sharjeel Imam and other protestors through Neville Roy Singham and NewsClick. The money was given to Sharjeel Imam by Anand Mangnale. Anand Mangnale and Sharjeel Imam were in the same DPSG group. Was Congress aware of this?

While the NewsClick investigation confirms OpIndia’s suspicions, Congress has a lot to answer for about its role in fomenting violence targeted at Hindus during the Delhi anti-Hindu riots 202.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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