“Do a bigger agitation where at least 20 people are killed in police firing”, TMC leader Subrata Mukherjee mocks BJP’s protests

Subrata Mukherjee of the TMC mocks protests mounted by BJP in the state asking them to organise protests that kill 20 people
Subrata Mukherjee (Source: The Indian Express)

In a bizarrely sardonic comment against the BJP, TMC leader Subrata Mukherjee suggested that Bengal unit of the BJP shun organising small agitations in the state and do something big wherein police is forced to open fire and kill 20 people. Mukherjee’s statement trivializing the death of protestors in a movement was in the context of BJP’s state-wide agitation.

Since the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has been organising campaigns across West Bengal to increase their presence and make people aware of TMC’s false promises and maladministration. The party made deep inroads in the state by winning an unprecedented 18 out of 42 Lok Sabha seats.

Mukherjee himself lost Lok Sabha elections from Bankura to a BJP candidate. Perhaps he is still nursing from the poll drubbing, which is why he tried to mock the sustained campaigns carried out by the BJP in the state, particularly in the cut money issue.

“Low-intensity protests can’t take you too far. Instead, try something big. In small agitations, police will only stop, there will be anarchy and lawlessness, some photos will be clicked and that’s it. The end result is not very inspiring. Do something such that police opens fire and 20 people die,” Mukherjee said.

Citing the food protest that shook the state nearly five decades ago, Mukherjee claimed that particular event had led to the change in the government. However, Mamata Banerjee’s ascension to power was a result of the uproar and tumult following an incident during the Nandigram movement when police fired on protestors leading to the deaths of many farmers.

In many parts of the state, police have been up in arms against the BJP workers who have organised a state-wide protest regarding giving back the cut money taken for government work, and law and order situation in the state. Mukherjee’s comments come at a time when the TMC government in the state has been accused of sponsoring deaths of their political adversaries by allegedly employing state machinery.

Recently, in the violence-stricken Bengal, 3 BJP workers, including a 14-year-old boy were shot for chanting Jai Shri Ram. Last month, in a clash between BJP-TMC workers, 2 people were killed and 3 injured. In the post-poll violence, a BJP leader was shot at and his office was vandalised and cars set ablaze.

Violence has perhaps, become a leitmotif in the state of West Bengal because leaders like Mukherjee insensitively trivialise deaths of political workers.

16th century tomb of Sri Vyasaraja near Hampi in Karnataka desecrated and vandalised by unidentified miscreants

15th century Brindavan (tomb) of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha vandalised in Hampi
Brindavan (tomb) of Sri Vyasaraja Tirtha vandalised in Hampi, Karnataka. Image Credit: Twitter

The 16th-century Brindavan (tomb) of Saint Vyasaraja Swamy, Rajaguru of Vijayanagara Emperor Krishnadevaraya was desecrated and vandalised in Anegundi near Hampi on Thursday. It was one among the nine Brindavans (of the nine saints of the tradition) at the Nava Brindavan Gadde (island) premises on the bank of River Tungabhadra in Karnataka.

The incident came to light when some followers visited the site for performing rituals on Thursday morning, a day after the lunar eclipse.

Taking into account the manner in which the site was dug up, the police suspected it to be an act of searching for hidden treasure buried in the ground. The incident was doubted to have occurred during the lunar eclipse early on Wednesday.

Renuka K. Sukumar, Superintendent of Police, Koppal, told The Hindu, “As we received the information, our teams rushed to the spot. We prima facie feel that this is the act of treasure-hunters. We found some puja material on the spot. It is evident that some kind of puja was offered to the seat of the saint. Our scientific investigation team, including the forensic experts, are already at the spot, collecting the samples for further investigation. The dog squad is also there. I have constituted a special team headed by Circle Inspector of Police attached to Gagavathi Rural circle to crack the case. I am confident that we will lay our hands shortly on the guilty.”

This incident comes as a big jolt to the Madhwa community as this tomb belonged to one of the most celebrated saints of the Madhwa tradition. As the news of desecration spread, seers of different maths and followers of the tradition started rushing towards Nava Brindavan.

Many Twitter users have condemned the act and called it a deliberate attempt to provoke and humiliate Hindus.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Prahlad Joshi, condemning the incident instructed Koppal SP to immediately arrest the miscreants and provide security to the holy place.

The Nava Brindavan, located on an island in the Tungabhadra River comprises Brundaavanas of nine Hindu Madhva saints who belong to the Uttaradi Mutt, Sri Raghavendra mutt, Sri Vyasaraja mutt and the Sri Sri Padaraja mutt. These mutts amongst other prominent Madhwa mutts are located in an open space without any security. This place is considered to be the holiest spots for Madhwas. These premise witnesses religious activities only when followers visit them during Aradhana.

Saint Vyasaraja Tirtha, whose tomb has been vandalised, was the spiritual guru for Sri Krishnadevaraya, the mightiest emperor of the Vijayanagar Empire. He entered the Brindavan in 1539. He was the 12th Yati in the Madhwacharya lineage. His Aradhana (death anniversary) is celebrated by the Sosale Vyasaraja Mutt.

According to social media posts, by evening devotees have started reconstruction of the site.

In a similar incident, a UNESCO world heritage site in Hampi was vandalised in February 2019. In a video that went viral on social media, three men were seen wrecking the pillars of 14th century Vishnu temple and the subsequent exultation by the trio after the pillars were broken down.

Later, the four accused reportedly admitted their guilt and were subsequently released after they remitted ₹2.8 lakhs fine and assured to re-erect the pillars in the presence of Archaeological Survey of India officials, the Hampi police inspector, and other officials.

Telangana home minister’s kin poses on DGP’s vehicle while threatening the police in Tik Tok video

Telangana’s Home Minister Mahmood Ali might be heading into choppy waters as his grandson’s Tik Tok video has gone viral on social media.

In the video, his grandson Furqan Ahmed, along with his friend, is seen daring the police as they perch themselves on a car belonging to none other than the Director-General of Police (DGP) himself.

Ahmed has identified himself as an engineering student and also the managing director of a TV channel on social media.

Despite being the grandson of state Home Minister, Ahmed, in the video, is seen disrespectfully sitting on the car (TS09PA 9999), belonging to the Police Transport Organisation, while his friend is seen jumping down and daring the Inspector General of Police (IGP). Furqan Ahmed also has posted several photos of him with this vehicle on his spcial media accounts.

He is seen lip-syncing the dialogue, “Apun ke dost se tameez se aur zaban sambhal ke baat karne ka nahi toh kaat ke rakh denge,” which roughly translated as “better behave and talk properly with my friend, otherwise I’ll chop you into pieces”.

While reciting the dialogue, he is seen enacting the same by sliding his hand across his neck, indicating that he will slice his throat.

Ironically, Ahmed’s grandfather and Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali is very much a part of the government that recently transferred some employees for doing the same.

On July 17, employees of the Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC), who recorded fun Tik Tok videos in their office premises and uploaded them on social media were disciplined by the Telangana government. Taking serious note of this, the state government had cracked a whip by transferring the employees and reducing their wages.

It would be interesting to how Telangana Home Minister reacts to the discourteous behaviour exhibited by his own grandson.

UAE troops to take part in training exercise at the Indian Military Academy

Representational Image, Courtesy: Youtube

As part of the defence cooperation in the Middle East, the Indian Military Academy is set to train the soldiers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A 20 member contingent of the UAE has already reached the Indian Military Academy as part of the programme on Wednesday, as informed by Lt Col Dagar.

The training will continue for seven weeks starting from July 18 and ending on August 31. As per Lt Col Dagar, the training will involve various drills which are considered as the bedrock of the discipline in the armed forces. He said that this interaction among the soldiers of both countries would go a long way in enhancing the relations between the two countries.

The army has been facilitating this kind of training engagements with a large number of militaries. But this is the first time that the UAE troopers will receive training at the IMA. However, the UAE had participated in the Republic Day parade in 2017 as a leading contingent.

The Indian Armed Forces have been participating in similar defence cooperation programmes with other countries also. Last year in the month of December, the tenth edition of INDRA NAVY maritime exercise between India and Russia was concluded in the Bay of Bengal near Visakhapatanam coast, Andhra Pradesh. It was a joint bi-annual military exercise organised between December 9 to 16. The exercise aimed at increasing interoperability and developing common understanding and procedures for maritime security operations between the navies of India and Russia.

Dosa king to murder convict: All you need to know about the Saravana Bhavan owner who died today days after his surrender

Dosa king P Rajagopal dies of heart attack days after his surrender over murder case
P Rajagopal, Source: indiatoday.in

P Rajagopal, the owner of the popular restaurant chain Saravana Bhavan, passed away at a private hospital in Chennai in the morning today. He was shifted to a private hospital from a government hospital on the order of Madras High Court order on Tuesday. He had suffered a heart attack and was put on a ventilator on Saturday.

He had surrendered a few days ago after the Supreme Court had dismissed his plea seeking more time to surrender owing to health reasons. Rajagopal was convicted and awarded 10 years imprisonment by the trial court in 2004 in a 2001 murder case. Rajagopal had appealed against the decision in the Madras High Court. The High Court had upheld his conviction and enhanced the punishment to life imprisonment in 2009. However, he was granted bail soon.

He then appealed to the Supreme Court against the High Court judgment but the Supreme Court upheld the order of the High Court and ordered him to surrender on July 7.

The 2001 Murder Case

Rajagopal, known as the dosa king, was convicted for the murder of an employee of Saravana Bhavan in 2001. The employee named Shantakumar was married to Jeevajyothi, the daughter of an Assistant Manager at the Chennai Branch of Saravana Bhavan. Rajagopal had wanted to marry Jeevajyothi who rejected his offer as he already had two wives at that time. She got married to Shantakumar in 1999.

Rajagopal had allegedly threatened Jeevajyothi and Shantakumar to call off their wedding. The couple had filed a complaint with the police alleging that they were receiving threats from Rajagopal and his aides. A few days after the couple filed the complaint, Shantakumar was abducted and killed. His body was found at Perumalmalai in the Kodaikanal forests.

Rajagopal was convicted under section 304 of the IPC and was awarded 10-years imprisonment by the trial court. This was changed by the High Court which enhanced his imprisonment to life term under section 302 of the IPC.

The Sarvana Bhavan is a popular eatery chain that has outlets in 20 countries, including the US, UK, Australia and France. The company runs 25 restaurants in India.

Rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra seeks permission to examine PAC members to expose Arvind Kejriwal’s lies and corruption

Kapil Mishra (Source: firstpost)

Responding to the disqualification petition filed by the AAP MLA from Greater Kailash, Saurabh Bhardwaj, the rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra today sought speaker’s permission in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha assembly to cross-examine Saurabh and other PAC members. In addition to this, Mishra also sought the speaker’s approval to get witnesses in the assembly and examine them to prove that Saurabh Bhardwaj was lying in his petition and the documents furnished by him were doctored.

Saurabh Bhardwaj had earlier filed a petition demanding disqualifications of rebel AAP MLAs Sandeep Kumar and Kapil Mishra. On 2 July the Delhi Assembly asked both the rebel AAP legislators to reply by 9 July to disqualification petitions filed against them by Bhardwaj for their alleged association with the BSP and the BJP.

Bhardwaj had shown videos of Sandeep Kumar allegedly showing his association with the BSP. Kumar filed a petition on Tuesday contending that the videos showed by Bhardwaj had “no authenticity”.

Mishra, on the other hand, alleged that the evidence and documents compiled by AAP against him were hazy. Mishra complained that the petition he received had missing pages and advised AAP to get proper evidence if they want to remove him from MLA position. He challenged that he should be allowed to bring in ‘witnesses’ to prove his assertions that the evidence against him was fabricated.

Today, Mishra has formally sought permission from the speaker to allow to bring Anna Hazare, Kumar Vishwas, Yogendra Yadav and others to the Delhi Assembly as witnesses. Mishra has also asked cross-examination of the applicant Saurabh Bhardwaj and the PAC members that include- Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas, Gopal Rai, Atishi Marena and Sanjay Singh.

Revisiting Sainbari, a blot on Indian Democracy: When Communists made a mother eat rice with her dead sons’ blood

Bijay Kumar Sain, the youngest son of the Sain family, at Sainbari. (Source: Express photo by Subham Dutta)

The extent of political violence that is currently underway in West Bengal has left many across the country shell-shocked. However, political violence in the state has a long history. It is the home of the Naxal movement, of course.

Through the years, numerous atrocities have been committed that capture the lowest of the lows that humans can stoop to. But none, perhaps, could ever transcend the monstrosity of the Sainbari Murders.

In 1970, the Sain Parivar was a prominent family in Bardhaman which supported the Congress party. The family had refused to join the Communists despite the numerous threats that were issued and for their conviction, they suffered ruin.

In a twisted sense of irony, the fateful day was not supposed to end that way. The day should have been one of joy and mirth for the members of the family. The naming ceremony of a new born baby of one of the daughter-in-laws was to occur on the 17th of March that year. But fate had other plans.

A mob of CPI(M) workers, allegedly led by a man who went on to become a Minister in the state no less, barged into the house, set it on fire and committed one of the most horrendous crimes in the history of Indian politics. Two brothers of the family, Pranab Kumar Sain and Malay Kumar Sain, were hacked to death in front of the family members.

A private tutor, Jitendranath Rai, who had come to teach the kids in the family was hacked to death as well. Later, the mother of the slain brothers was forced to eat rice smeared with the blood of her dead sons. Words cannot ever capture the horror that transpired in Sainbari that day.

One of the daughter-in-laws of the family, Rekha Rani, now around 75 years old, recounted the horrors of the incident in an interview with Indian Express. She said, “My brothers-in-laws Pranab Kumar Sain and Malay Kumar Sain and Jitendranath Rai, a private tutor who had come to teach the kids, were hacked in front of my eyes. I was 26. It all began at 7.30 am… people stared pelting stones on our house. Later, they set it on fire.”

“My mother-in-law, Mrignayana Devi, tried to stop the attackers but she was hit on her head. Two attackers mixed Pranab and Malay’s blood with rice and forced it into her mouth… She was taken to the hospital… she survived,” she added.

Not many people are aware of the Sainbari incident. Even those who are only remember the horror of a mother who was forced to eat rice smeared with the blood of her dead sons. The atrocity in itself was so huge that it eclipsed other acts of monstrosity that occurred on the 17th of March, 1970.

How many people are aware of the fact that the husband of Rekha Rani had his eyes gouged out by the monsters who descended upon the family? Acid was poured into his eyes. How many people are aware that the son of Rekha Rani’s sister-in-law was snatched away from the lap of his mother and thrown into a raging fire before he was saved by relatives?

The events of the 17th of March, 1970 triggered a series of murders later. Rekha Rani’s husband was murdered a year later. The Communists clearly believed that gouging his eyes and pouring acid on them was not enough punishment for being a bourgeoisie. Gunamoni Roy, an NSUI activist who was a witness to the massacre, was murdered when he had gone to depose before the Tarapada Roy Commission constituted to probe the incident.

It is perhaps a sign of our times that while the monsters prospered, the survivors were relegated to a life of misery and desperation. Decades have passed, Nirupam Sen, the alleged perpetrator is dead, the Communists no longer rule and yet, the family continues to suffer in ignominy.

Political parties have tried to use the misery of the family for their own gain. Rekha Rani said told the Indian Express in 2016, “On special occasions, like July 21 Martyrs’ Day event in Kolkata, I had been displayed on the stage as a showpiece with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee handing over an envelope containing Rs 10,000… No one wants to find out how we are living in impunity, running from pillar to post… trying to gather funds for my treatment.”

Bijay Kumar Sain, the youngest son of the family, said, “The ruling party (TMC) wanted me to name people I don’t remember being present at the time of the attack. If I followed the diktat, I would probably have got a government job. On the other hand, those allegedly involved in the murders want me to say they were not there at the time of the attack…”

He added, “Many of my relatives have accepted jobs and monetary help from the ruling party… It is not possible to forget… but I would not want to cash in on the occasion.” He recounted ruefully, “I am often invited to functions to mark the day of the massacre but I avoid the same. I garland the dome when everyone has left. I say my silent prayer.”

The saddest part about the entire series of events is the fact that the party for which the Sain family suffered so greatly forgot them entirely due to political opportunism. During the UPA era, the Congress party ruled with active support from the CPI(M). Again, ahead of the 2016 Assembly elections in the state, the Congress was overeager to form an alliance with the Communist party.

The fate of the Sain Parivar and the events that have followed since then is a gross indictment of our democracy. People are prone to exalting democracy as the best system of governance there is but in reality, it has all the vices of the other forms of governance and extremely few of its virtues.

Nirupam Sen did not suffer any consequences precisely because he had political power. The party he was a member of and which even made him a Minister later on still remains an important political player in the country. Democracy as a system is defined by its utter lack of accountability and the Sainbari incident is testament to that fact.

It is also an indictment of the moral bankruptcy of the Nehru-Gandhi Parivar that they abandoned one of their staunch supporters for political gains. It’s not surprising considering the fact that Democracy makes the elites of a nation completely unaccountable to the people they rule over. While the masses fight among each other, the ruling class of different political parties wine and dine with each other without feeling the weight of the burden that leadership is supposed to entail.

Worst of all, political violence in the state continues to this day. Mothers are being robbed of their sons, wives of their husbands, sisters of their brothers under Mamata Banerjee’s rule as well. Women are being raped because their husbands political affiliation does not align with the ruling establishment. Doctors are attacked by a mob and the Police doesn’t act because the perpetrators belong to a community that is the ruling party’s vote-bank. How is any of this any different from a malevolent dictatorship?

It’s an indictment of Feminists and liberals as well who clamour for women empowerment. They have crowned Mamata Banerjee a Queen for her opposition towards Narendra Modi and the BJP. The protests by doctors of the state have opened the eyes of some of them and yet, in the run up to the elections, when families were still being destroyed while the ruling establishment made no effort to stop them as it helped them politically, the Feminists and the liberals hailed Mamata Banerjee as a ‘street-fighter’.

The Sainbari murder should have been a lesson to everyone about the excesses of democracy. And yet, everyone, including the citizens of the state and the country, was more than willing to ignore the misery of the family. Then, it was the Sain family. Now, it is the family of Saraswati Das, Sushil Mondal, Sishu Pal Shashish, Trilochan Mahato and others. The obvious lessons have still not been learnt.

Government asks TikTok, Helo to answer queries on anti-national messages on the apps or face ban

The government has issued notices to popular apps TikTok and Helo over allegations that the platforms were being used for anti-national activities. The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) has asked the companies to answer a set of 21 questions regarding this or face a ban otherwise.

The action was taken after Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM), an affiliate of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, had complained to the Prime Minister about the apps. They had raised serious allegations that both apps were being used for anti-national activities. The companies have been given time until 22nd July 2019 to respond to the allegations.

Besides this MeitY has also sought an assurance that the data of Indian users were not being transferred and will not be transferred in future also to any other foreign government or any third party or private entity

The ministry has also asked about the steps taken by both companies to keep a check on fake news as per the Indian laws. They have also sought an explanation from Helo on allegations that it has paid a huge sum to other media platforms for putting 11,000 morphed political ads on social media sites.

Both companies have issued a joint statement. A spokesperson said, “India is one of our strongest markets and we are happy to be part of the mainframe of Digital India in 15 Indian languages. In line with our commitment to India, we are investing $1 billion dollars in India over the next three years, with a strategic focus on developing technology infrastructure, establishing local partnerships and supporting initiatives such as the Skill India Program which we are proud to be assisting with already”.

The companies have also promised to cooperate with the government. The spokesperson further said, “our continued success in India will not be possible without the support of our local community. We take our responsibilities to this community seriously and welcome this opportunity to fully collaborate with the Government to meet and exceed our obligations”.

In February, a Tamil Nadu minister had sought a ban on the TikTok ban, claiming that it damages Indian culture. In April, the Madras HC had ordered an interim ban on the app for after it was found the app hosted pornographic content. Following this, the government had ordered Google and Apple to remove the app from the stores. However, the ban was lifted later as India didn’t have legislation to take care of matters related to children’s cybersecurity.

Recently, the Mumbai Police cyber cell has registered a complaint against a group of TikTok ‘influencers’ who had propagated revenge over Tabrez Ansari’s death. After threatening to unleash violence against Hindus, abusive actor Ajaz Khan later resorted to taunting Mumbai Police after they filed an FIR against TikTok ‘influencers’. Today he was arrested to by police for his video.

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that lets users make short videos and share them on the app which is available on smartphone platforms. Most people use it to make and share lip-sync, comedy and talent videos, but recently some people have started to post political messages on the app. Helo is a social app which lets users to share videos, images, quotes etc.

As Karnataka assembly descends into turmoil, CM’s brother HD Revanna naps peacefully inside the house

Oblivious to Karnataka assembly drama, HD Revanna naps peacefully
Representational Image, courtesly: Financial Express

The coalition government of Janta Dal (Secular) and Congress is facing a second trust vote today. Amidst the high voltage drama, chaos and political mud-slinging, JD(S) MLA and former PM HD Deve Gowda’s son HD Revanna was caught on camera sleeping inside the Vidhan Soudha during the live telecast of Karnataka Assembly proceedings.

Amusingly, this is not the first time the Karnataka public works minister has been caught taking a nap in such assembly sessions or public gatherings. HD Revanna has been found taking a nap multiple times in the past.

In January 2019, he was spotted sleeping during HD Deve Gowda’ speech at Hasan.

Last year, when the assembly met to conduct a floor test post-2018 elections, HD Revanna was again caught on camera sleeping inside the assembly while the then CM BS Yeddyurappa gave his last speech ahead of the scheduled floor test.

The Supreme Court had then ordered a floor test in the Karnataka Assembly after slashing the 15-day window given by Governor Vajubhai Vala to BJP Chief Minister Yeddyurappa to prove his majority. However, Yeddyurappa had then submitted his resignation making the floor test redundant.

Karnataka is once again going through a high octane political drama with MLAs of the Congress- JDs coalition government resigning then the Speaker refusing to accept resignations. MLAs were herded into hotels and resorts amidst the allegations of horse-trading. Today, the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) coalition government taking a floor test to decide if the nearly 14-month-old government will survive.

In the latest, 21 MLAs including 15 rebel MLAs are currently missing from the House, meanwhile, BJP has demanded an immediate floor test. The House is adjourned till 3 pm.

You can visit or live blog: https://www.opindia.com/2019/07/live-updates-live-blog-2019-karnataka-floor-test/ for latest updates on the Karnataka Trust Vote.

Jason Roy included in squad for the one off test against Ireland

Roy has been awarded a place in test squad for his World Cup performance ©ICC

England Cricket Board and selectors have announced the English squad for the one-off test against Ireland and included the star batsman of their World Cup campaign, Jason Roy in the squad. James Anderson, the old speedster is also back in the Test squad despite some niggle.

Jason Roy has been one of the best openers of World Cup 2019, made 443 runs as an opener but he is not a regular red ball opener and test cricket will be his real test of patience.

Fast bowlers Mark Wood and Jofra Archer were not considered for selection because both players have left side strains. Wood is expected to be out of action for four to six weeks after injuring himself in Sunday’s World Cup final. Archer has been allowed to go to Barbados to have a holiday before the tests against Australia.

Most of the players from World Cup squad have been rested for the Test at Lord’s to get some break before the biggest rivalry in tests, the Ashes.

It will be England’s first red-ball match of the home summer, before the Ashes series against Australia begins on 1 August. England and Ireland have never faced each other in a Test.

England squad v Ireland: Joe Root, Moeen Ali , Jimmy Anderson, Jonny Bairstow, Stuart Broad, Rory Burns, Sam Curran (Surrey), Joe Denly (Kent), Lewis Gregory (Somerset), Jack Leach (Somerset), Jason Roy (Surrey), Olly Stone (Warwickshire), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire)

England squad for pre-Ashes camp: Joe Root (c), Moeen Ali, Jimmy Anderson, Jonny Bairstow (wk), Stuart Broad, Rory Burns, Jos Buttler (wk), Sam Curran, Joe Denly, Lewis Gregory, Jack Leach, Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, Olly Stone, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood.

Abusive actor Ajaz Khan arrested by Mumbai Police for instigating violence through social media

Abusive Actor Ajaz Khan has been arrested by Mumbai Police Crime Branch for controversial videos he had posted on social media. He had posted many videos on various social media sites provoking violence and mob lynching of Hindus by Muslims, and mocking police for not being able to catch Muslims who indulge in communal violence.

Recently Ajaz Khan had posted a video on TikTok mocking the Mumbai police for filing FIRs against the TikTok celebrities. Mumbai Police had filed FIRs against several TikTok celebrities in the last couple of weeks for posting videos on the video-sharing site threatening violence as revenge for Tabrej Ansari’s death.

On July 9, the Mumbai Police cyber cell had registered a complaint filed by Shiv Sena activist Solanki against the group of TikTok ‘influencers’– – Faisal Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch, Adnan Shaikh and Sadhan Faroqui, for propagating revenge over Tabrez Ansari’s death.

In a video uploaded in Tik Tok, the group had propagated revenge against people over 22-year-old Jharkhand man Tabrez Ansari’s death. “You may have killed that innocent Tabrez Ansari, but tomorrow if his son takes revenge, do not say that all Muslims are terrorists,” the video claimed.

Hardcore Islamist Ajaz Khan is known for making hatemongering controversial statements. Recently he had menacingly threatened actor Payal Rohatgi that one day, the entire world will become Muslim. In a misogynist attack against Payal, Ajaz Khan had referred Payal Rohatgi as a C grade actor. In a hate speech video on Facebook, Ajaz Khan was seen blatantly inciting communal violence. He was found urging the Muslim community to come out on roads. Khan said they should be ashamed of themselves for not coming out on streets after the alleged killing of Tabrez Ansari. He had threatened that if 40 crore Muslims of the country, including legal and illegal residents, came out on the streets the whole country would be shut down.

Earlier Ajaz Khan was arrested by Anti-Narcotics Cell of Navi Mumbai for possessing drugs. He later got out on bail. He was arrested in 2016 too for sending lewd and vulgar messages to a hairstylist. In the past too, Ajaz Khan has indulged in promoting hate speech through his Facebook account which could disturb the communal harmony in the country.

Blood and carcasses of illegally slaughtered animals flowing through river Varuna into Ganga in Varanasi: NGT

NGT confirms presence of blood of animals through illegal slaughterhouses present in Varuna river
Varuna River (Source: governancenow.com)

A panel of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has confirmed that the blood of illegally slaughtered animals which is drained in the Varuna river is turning the stream of the river at some places into differing shades of a blood-red colour. Earlier this year, in January, the NGT instituted Eastern UP Rivers and Water Reservoirs Monitoring Committee (EUP-RWRMC), during their examination found the red colour of the water.

In a report submitted to the NGT, the EUP-RWRMC has mentioned that the pollution of the city’s Varuna and Assi rivers is due to the major and minor sewers from Ardali Bazar carry “slaughter-house untreated effluent” and domestic excrement into the Varuna which carries it eventually into the Ganga. Headed by retired Justice D.P. Singh, the EUP-RWRMC has suggested the NGT to levy an environmental penalty of more than Rs 27 lakh on the Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) for failing to act in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has recognised Varuna’s expanse from Rameshwar Ghat to Adikeshwar Ghat as befouled. As per some reports, scientists have claimed that the Varuna’s water quality is “extremely poor” and the oxygen levels carried by the river water are “below detectable limits”.  gave Reports by various scientists have also confirmed that the Varuna’s water quality is “poor” and oxygen levels of the river downstream are “below detectable limits”. The water of the two rivers have been found to be unfit for bathing, drinking, fish culture and is being instructed to use only for irrigation. industrial cooling and controlled waste disposal.

According to panel secretary Rajendra Singh, the oxygen levels of the dissolved oxygen in upstream of Shashtri Ghat was found 2.5 mg/L before the waste from sewages drained in the river. In downstream, after the excrement from Ardali Bazaar mixed in the river water, the dissolved oxygen levels were found to be below detectable limits. Singh said, “These results indicate how dangerous untreated effluents from these slaughterhouses are and how they render the water of the river unpotable and hazardous for consumption.”

The panel has pinned the blame on the state government, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Central Board, CPCB, VMC, district authorities and the Jal Nigam for the rampant pollution in the river. The panel has prescribed that Varanasi administration and VMC must put an end to the flow of animal carcasses, blood and flesh from illegal drains on the banks of the two rivers within two months. The panel has also asked the relevant authorities to declare an advisory to people to not bathe in the Varuna and Assi as they are highly contaminated.

Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew arrested from Mumbai airport by crime branch

Dawood Ibrahim's nephew Rizwan Kaskar arrested in extortion case
Dawood Ibrahim (left) and Rizwan Kaskar

Mumbai crime branch’s Anti Extortion Cell (AEC) has arrested Dawood Ibrahim’s, nephew Rizwan Kaskar, from Mumbai airport on Wednesday night, as he was attempting to flee from the country.

Rizwan was wanted in connection with an extortion case. He is currently in police custody, an official confirmed on Thursday.

Rizwan Kaskar is the son of Dawood Ibrahim‘s brother Iqbal Kaskar, who is currently in jail, under the stringent act of Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) for running an extortion racket.

Rizwan’s name appeared during the interrogation of Dawood’s hawala operator Ahmed Raza Wadharia who was deported from Dubai two days ago. On the basis of the information given by Raza, a trap was laid and he was detained at the Mumbai International airport.

In a major breakthrough, the Mumbai police with the help of the Indian government had recently, managed to deport D-Company’s main hawala operator Ahmad Raza alias Afroz Vadaria to India. Raza, a close aide of Chhota Shakeel and Faheem Machmach was reportedly entrusted with expanding Dawood’s business in Surat, Mumbai and Thane.

The Mumbai Police team had been tracking Raza from the past year and had also issued a lookout circular (LOC) against him. Raza was detained in Dubai last month after which Indian agencies started the process to get him deported to India.

The Indian government has also been auctioning off the properties of Dawood in India.

Assamese Muslim body claims unregulated Madrasas are promoting fundamentalism

An Assamese Muslim body has spoken against the mushrooming of unregulated Madrasas in the state
Representational image

An Assamese Muslim organization, Goriya Moriya Desi Jatiya Parishad, has raised concerns about the state of Madrasas in the state with illegal immigrants demanding that these unregistered Madrasas be regulated as well, FirstPost has reported.

“Madrasas, which claim to provide Islamic education to the poor immigrant Muslim population, have mushroomed in big numbers in Assam’s river islands. Many of these madrasas are not even registered with the government and hardly anything is known about the quality and kind of education. The government of Assam should step in to monitor the course being taught there,” said Goriya Moriya Desi Jatiya Parishad working president Nurul Haque as per the report.

Haque asserted that fundamentalism doesn’t necessarily mean terrorist activities but is dangerous just the same. He said, “Religious education is meant to create brotherhood. If fundamentalist groups are getting to control these institutes, then it can cause division in society.” When Haque says ‘immigrant Muslim population’, he is referring to the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Bangladeshi immigrant Muslims in the state’s numerous river islands often share a straining relationship with the local indigenous tribes. Locals often accuse the illegal immigrants of land grabbing and other unlawful activities.

Haque further stated that he had met then Home Minister Rajnath Singh earlier and requested him to monitor the activities of the unregulated Madrasas. In 2018, the BJP government in the state passed The Assam Madrasa Education (Provincialisation of Services of Employees and Re-Organisation of Madrasa Educational Institutions) Bill towards achieving that objective. However, Haque claims that it has been ineffective in arresting the growth of unregulated Madrasas in the state.

SP leader Azam Khan faces threat of arrest as 13 FIRs registered against him in land grabbing cases

SP leader Azam Khan, Courtesy: freepressjournal.in

Powerful Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s trouble seems to be mounting, as after Uttar Pradesh government contemplating to declare him as a “land mafia”, now he may be arrested in land grabbing cases.

As many as 13 cases have been registered against him, on the allegation that he illegally grabbed lands from farmers using forged documents for construction of the Mohammed Ali Jauhar University in Rampur. The multi-million private university is run by Azam Khan’s trust.

Criminal cases against Khan have been lodged at the Azim Nagar police station in Rampur on the complaints of 26 farmers. The farmers have alleged that Azam Khan had illegally detained them and pressured them to sign forged sale deeds to acquire several thousand hectares of land from them. But when they didn’t do so, the land was forcefully grabbed. The then Rampur circle officer Alay Hassan Khan was an accomplice in the crime, who has also been named in the case. It is alleged that Alay had adducted the farmers who had refused to sell land to Azam Khan, and registered their land in the name of the university without any payment.

Rampur police said that criminal case against Azam Khan and Alay Khan was registered after verifying all the facts. The 13 FIRs have been filed under sections 342 (wrongful confinement), 384 (extortion), 447 (criminal trespass) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.

Mohammad Ali Jauhar University was established in 2006, during the term of SP government led by Mulayam Singh Yadav, when Azam Khan was a powerful minister of UP.

Congress leader Faisal Khan Lala termed Azam Khan a land mafia, saying he calls himself a saviour of Muslims, but in fact he grabbed land of poor Muslim farmers. Lala alleged that Azam Khan demolished the houses of farmers to grab their land for his trust. He said that not only land of farmers, Azam Khan also grabbed the ring road.

Last week Muslim farmers in Rampur organised a protest against Azam Khan. Faisal Khan Lala handed over a petition to the authorities on behalf of the farmers at the occasion, asking for action against the SP leader. He said that people in that area were living there for a long time, as they were allotted the plots by the Nawabs. But when Azam Khan was a minister, he illegally cancelled those allotments, demolished their homes using bulldozers, and occupied the land. He also said that Azam Khan has recently built a house there and hanged a board of a school, which is illegal. He also said that if the land is not returned to the original owners, people will take it back by doing Kar Seva.

It may be noted that in March this year the UP government had demolished the Urdu Gate built by Azam Khan in the Jauhar Ali University road in Rampur. No permission was taken to build the gate, and it had caused diversion of traffic.

In the meanwhile, Samajwadi Party had decided to support the Rampur MP in the case, saying that the charges are false. Party president Akhilesh Yadav has formed a 21 member committee to probe the ‘fake charges’ against Azam Khan, led by the leader of opposition in the Legislative Council Ahmad Hasan. The committee will visit Rampur to gather facts of the matter, and will submit their report to Akhilesh Yadav. Copies of the report will be given to Assembly speaker and Legislative Council chairperson also.


I-T dept attaches benami plot in Noida worth Rs 400 crores belonging to BSP supremo Mayawati’s brother and wife

Enforcement Directorate attaches property worth Rs 400 crores belonging to Mayawati and her brother
Mayawati(Hindustan Times)

Tightening its noose around benami properties, the Income Tax department has attached a ‘benami’ plot worth Rs 400 crores belonging to the brother of BSP supremo Mayawati Anand Kumar and his wife Vichiter Lata. The plot is reportedly seven-acre in size and is located in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida. It was “beneficially owned” by Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar and his wife Vichiter Lata.

According to the provisional order, attachment of the land was issued on July 16 by Delhi-based Benami Prohibition Unit of the Income Tax department. The order was issued under section 24(3) of the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988. It stated that the benami property owned by the couple measured 28,328.07 square meters or about 7 acres.

Last month, the BSP supremo Mayawati had announced Anand Kumar as the vice president of the party. Mayawati took the decision at National Convention of the BSP at party headquarters in Lucknow. This is not the first time Mayawati had appointed her brother as the party vice-president. She had in past also appointed Anand as the party vice-president. However, after opposition parties accused her of promoting dynasty politics, she decided to remove him.

Anand Kumar has once worked as a clerk in the Noida authority. Kumar has been accused of operating fake companies. After Mayawati became UP chief minister in 2007, Kumar opened as many as 49 fake companies and his assets skyrocketed to a whopping Rs 1316 crore towards the end of 2014. He is also accused of taking loans of several crore rupees under the name of his fake companies.

The ED and the Income Tax department, both have been investigating cases of money laundering against Mayawati’s brother. Both Incomes Tax department, as well as the Enforcement Directorate, have been probing cases of money laundering against Mayawati’s brother. During demonetisation, the Enforcement Directorate detected Rs 1.43 crore deposited in Anand Kumar’s bank account.

In 2017, the IT department probe revealed that Mayawati’s brother Anand Kumar may have acquired benami assets worth Rs 3000 crores. The investigation which led to the arrest of SK Jain, alleged for facilitating Kumar to acquire benami properties had provided accommodation entries to him to allegedly procure benami assets.

Earlier this year, the Income Tax raids at the BSP supremo’s former secretary yielded 20 immovable properties worth Rs 225 crores, luxury cars valued at Rs 1 crore, cash od Rs 2.03 crores and jewellery worth Rs 17.79 lakhs in his possession.

Tiger dies after eating a Sambar Deer, Tamil Media reports how it died after consuming ‘Sambhar Rice’

Tamil media on dead tiger
The dead Tiger found in Nilgiri district Source: Deccan Chronicle

On Sunday evening, a tiger was found dead soon after it had eaten a sambar deer. The carcass was found in the Parsons Valley reservoir in the Nilgiris district. A section of the Tamil media has reported that the tiger had died after it had consumed “sambhar rice”.

According to a report, by a Tamil website, the tiger was hungry for a long time and was forced to go towards the nearby village in search of food. The tiger had searched for food in a garbage dump. According to the report, it had consumed “sambhar rice” along with a few pieces of plastic. Several reports claim that this was found after a post mortem.

Here are some of the websites that had a similar headline.

However, the tiger had died after eating a sambar deer and not “sambhar rice”. One of the Tamil websites, Dinamani, has already removed its report from the website.

As reported by Indian Express, the carcass of the six-year-old tiger was found 100 metres away from the backwater of the Parsons Valley Reservoir by anti-poaching watchers. The tiger had vomited after quenching its thirst, after which it had died. Initially, it was suspected that the tiger could have been poisoned.

However, post mortem revealed that the stomach was full of tapeworms along with undigested sambar deer meat. It also had a broken piece of shaving blade along with internal bleeding in the stomach.

Officials say that either the tapeworm infestation could have choked the passage of food inside the alimentary canal leading to its death. It is also possible that the blade could have made the digestion complicated.

Although the Nilgiris district is plastic-free, it’s common for deers and bisons to rummage through garbage dumps in the Ooty town. The blade is suspected to have entered the tiger after the dear had consumed it.

The Media and the questions it never asked Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, Courtesy: newsnation.in

Since our newspapers don’t ask a few simple questions to Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, could we the readers pose a few and then judge if the two could be acting in concert? Accomplices hiding in plain sight?

In a gushing article, Indian Express wrote how effusive are 1000 pilgrims in praise of their CM for “sponsoring” a trip to Amritsar under the Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojana (Chief Minister’s Pilgrimage Plan); the second one is planned for Delhi-Vaishno Devi-Jammu route on July 20-24. The massive lead story on “The City” page also has a three-column photo, bettered only by a four-column image in The Hindu. These newspapers, of course, haven’t written a single line in a fortnight on the silence of Arvind Kejriwal since a 100-year-old Durga Temple was vandalized in the very Capital which mandated for his party. Couldn’t they see this man is protecting Muslim votebank on one hand and pandering to Hindu votes with the other?

In the wake of 2019 Lok Sabha disaster where AAP won only one seat, a panicky Arvind Kejriwal mooted free rides to Delhi women on metro and buses. Our newspapers, page after page, had full-page advertisements on one side and screaming reports and interviews on the other, lauding the move. The bubble was first pricked by Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs (Hardeep Puri) and then by everyone’s metro man (E. Sreedharan). Arvind Kejriwal had apparently announced the scheme even without submitting the proposal to its partner, the Union government!

Without as much as batting an eyelid, Arvind Kejriwal’s revised pitch restricted itself to free ride for women in only Delhi buses before it too was deflated: But sir, what’s to your promise of CCTVs in buses to help women’s security? This litany of lies was exposed by government ministers/officials but elicited not a single comment from our newspapers.

AAP is gung-ho about what it has done to improve schools and education in the Capital. No newspaper has questioned: But sir what’s happened to your election manifesto of hundreds of schools in the Capital? How many have been built?

Have the newspapers questioned: Kejriwal sir, it’s alright you were making new friends with Lallu Yadav, Chandrababu Naidu; Akhilesh Yadav and Mamata Banerjee to save “freedom” and “democracy” but what do we make out of your tattered credentials as a credible friend when Prashant Bhushan, Yogendra Yadav, Ashutosh, Ashish Khaitan, Shazia Ilmi, CD Gopinath, Kumar Vishwas, Medha Patkar etc parted ways? We are not even talking of Anna Hazare.

Are you the same Kejriwal who once dumped his government because the people didn’t want an association with Congress and, now, was seen begging for an alliance for the 2019 Polls? The same man whose crusade against the “corrupt” ended in apologies to Gadkari’s and Jaitley’s? The same man who didn’t want the perks of VVIPs and is now deep into it?

Have our newspapers questioned: When your friends are distrustful of you what makes you think the nation would trust you? Isn’t it evident in results of assembly elections in Punjab, Haryana, Goa where a majority of your candidates lost deposits? Shouldn’t you be sent to a desolate island for such wholesome betrayal of people who gave Delhi on a plate to your AAP within two years of its formation?

But no, our newspapers are gushing. Readers can’t see the “deep state” which nurtures both but the telltale evidence of Kejriwal’s “dole” to newspapers in the form of government advertisements—around Rs 1000 crores on publicity in five years—is in plain sight. It has fallen foul of CAG but our newspapers are deaf to the uproar.

AAP had taken hold of everyone’s imagination because it catered to primarily urban voters who were disenchanted with the chicanery of political parties. It was seen as creating a parallel political paradigm. Parallel democracy, if you may. We now know better that it was a ruse to fuel the personal ambition of one man. But read our newspapers and you would get no sniff of such betrayal of masses.

Nanny state? Arvind Kejriwal led AAP govt finalises draft policy to limit number of guests at marriage functions in Delhi

Kejriwal at AAP MLA's wedding (pic for representation only)

The Delhi’ Urban Development Minister, Satyendar Jain, Wednesday confirmed that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi has finalised the draft policy that would limit the number of guests at social functions and wedding ceremonies in the National Capital, reports Hindustan Times.

The draft policy has already been approved by the Supreme Court-appointed monitoring committee.

The minister, however, said that the guidelines will not cover all banquet halls and wedding venues across the city. The policy was being choked out to limit traffic congestion long the borders of the National Capital, clarified Jain.

“The final draft has been prepared and the rules will be implemented only in farmhouses, motels and Low-Density Residential Areas (LDRAs) located primarily in Outer Delhi. The most important aspect of the policy is that the maximum number of guests at weddings will depend on the parking space available at the venue. We are hoping this will help in reducing traffic bottlenecks that are created due to unauthorised parking at social functions as roadside parking will be banned,” said Jain.

The draft policy was finalised after the chief minister and AAP supremo, Arvind Kejriwal took a review meeting of the same on Tuesday.

The minister, asserting that the draft policy does not aim at putting limitations on elaborate processions, as such restrictions will be “practically impossible”, confirmed that once it’s implemented, it would become imperative for organisers to follow the guidelines mentioned in the policy.

Few guidelines mentioned in the draft policy:

  • Firstly, it would be compulsory to have a mini-sewage treatment plant at the venue, This would ensure wastewater is used for non-potable means.
  • Also, the event organisers will have to take and submit no-objection certificates from the fire department. This rule would be applicable to temporary structures like tents that are built on open spaces as well.
  • In addition to this, all such events would require a formal power connection from the concerned distribution company. The use of diesel generator sets will be permitted only in case of a power failure.
  • A provision to punish those organisers and owners who would use private parking spaces for such social gatherings has been added in the policy finalised by the Delhi government. “If a parking lot cited as per the building plan is found to be occupied by tents and other temporary structures, then a penalty of up to ₹15 lakh will be imposed for unauthorised use of the space which could also lead to cancellation of licence,” an official said.
  • According to the policy, the number of invitees at these functions would be calculated by dividing the gross area of the venue (in sqm) by 1.5 or multiplying the total number of car parking available at the venue, by four, whichever is less.
  • No venue will be allowed to host events for more than 120 days in a year.
  • Relevant NGOs are kept in the loop so that excess food could be distributed. The responsibility has been given to the commissioner of food safety. He has to ensure that the caterers, owners and the management of the venues get in touch with these NGOs in order to manage surplus or leftover food. This could be done by distributing the same among unprivileged people after the “completion of the duration of the function”, read the policy.

The AAP government had in December last year, told the Supreme Court that it is in the process of formulating a policy which limits the ‘vulgar display of food’ at weddings lavish weddings in the national capital.

The submission had come in response to the 6th December Court’s order which questioned water storage capacity in farmhouses. These farmhouses reportedly have the water storage capacity of one lakh litres while other parts of the city struggle to find drinking water. The Court had also wondered that if the state favoured the rich and the mighty.

Fearing exposure of ISI’s links with Dawood Ibrahim, Pakistan trying its best to prevent his aide’s extradition to USA

Jabir Siddiq is believed to be Dawood Ibrahim's top aide
Jabir Siddiq, aka Motiwala (left), Dawood Ibrahim (right)

The Indian authorities are trying to put in all possible efforts to get the UK’ approval for interviewing Jabir Siddiq, aka Motiwala considered one of Dawood Ibrahim’s closest aides. In the latest, India has been working with the US enforcement agencies to get its hands on Siddiq. He is currently in Wandsworth jail in south-west London.

Siddiq has been awaiting his extradition to the US. Siddiq was charged with drug smuggling, extortion, blackmail and money laundering by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in operations running back to 2011-12. His case is due for hearing on July 22, 2019.

Indian Authorities believe that if granted permission, it would act as a breakthrough in getting some insights into the entire nexus between Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld network (being operated from Karachi) and his connection with the Pakistani ISI agency. It will also help in getting proofs of the fugitive’s presence in Pakistan.

The Pakistani authorities have been trying to thwart India’s efforts in doing so. It had on July 2, during the extradition plea hearing at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court made all-out efforts to prevent the extradition of D-Company’s top member, Jabir Motiwala to the United States.

Despite the counsel representing the US prosecution team (through UK’s Crown Prosecution Service) asserting in the UK court that Siddiq was a close aide of the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Siddiq’s defence lawyer produced a letter from the Pakistan High Commission in the court.

The letter asserted that Siddiq was a “well-known and respectable businessman” (a stock-broker) with a Pakistani passport. His lawyers also opposed his extradition to the US saying that their client has been suffering from acute depression since 2008 and is unfit to be flown down to the US.

Pakistan’s reasons behind attempts to stop Jabir Siddiq’s interrogation is the likely disclosure of Ibrahim’s presence in Karachi. Moreover, if India succeeds in its endeavour, the details of Dawood’s activities and, most importantly, his strong links with the Pakistani spy agency ISI would also be exposed. These reasons have probably prompted the Pakistan High Commission in London’s to directly intervene in the case on the first day of the hearing itself.

Islamabad has repeatedly denied that it has knowledge of Ibrahim’s location.

however, proving Siddiq’s innocence might be difficult for the Pakistani authorities since even the drug deal for which Siddiq was arrested had been done on behalf of Dawood Ibrahim. Moreover, the FBI had strong evidence of at least $1.2 million being laundered.

According to reports, the US authorities had told the UK court last year that Siddiq was the mastermind behind the sale of 4kg Class A drugs in the US last year.

The Scotland Yard had on the directions of the US enforcement agencies, arrested Siddiq on August 17, 2018.

According to counter-terror operatives based in New Delhi and Washington, Siddiq was looking after the financial investments of the D-company in Pakistan, West Asia and countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. He reportedly shared a very close relationship with Dawood and his family.

In fact, he owns properties adjacent to Dawood’s palatial bungalow in D-block of Defence Housing Authority in Clifton, Karachi.

According to Indian security agencies, to evade arrest, Siddiq was trying to acquire the citizenship of countries like Antigua, Dominican Republic, St Kitts, Nevis, and even a permanent residency in Hungary for his family.

During the court proceedings, the prosecution argued that Siddiq was a senior member of the D-company with links to terrorism, engaging in arms and narcotics trafficking and money laundering.

His defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald countered that if Saddiq was extradited he would be subjected to “special administrative measures” (SAMs) in a correctional centre in New York, which means a risk to his human rights under Article 3 of the Human Rights Act of the UK. (Courts in the UK are bound to refuse extradition if there is a risk of human rights being violated).

He has also claimed that Motiwala suffers from depression and has suicidal tendencies while arguing against his extradition.

Meanwhile, the court will give its ruling in August whether to seek a sovereign assurance from the US that Motiwala’s human rights will not be violated in jail there.

Hafiz Saeed was living freely in Pakistan, so hold your applause: US Committee gives Donald Trump a reality check

Donald Trump took to Twitter to praise Pakistan for Hafiz Saeed' arrest
US President Donald Trump. Courtesy: the gaurdian.com

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee today refuted US President Donald Trumps claim on the 26/11 terror attack mastermind and terror organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed’s arrest in Pakistan on July 17, 2019.

Pakistan had yesterday announced that the US-designated terrorist and 26/11 terror attack mastermind, Hafiz Saeed has been arrested by the Punjab CTD in Lahore, Pakistan.

The US President soon took to Twitter to hail the arrest. He claimed that the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks was arrested after a 10-year search and hinted that it was the USA’s ‘great pressure’ that has made it possible for Pakistan to ‘find’ him.

The legislative committee in a counter Tweet slammed Trump by highlighting that Pakistan was not searching for the US proscribed terrorist for the last 10 years as claimed by the President and specified that Hafiz has been living freely in the country and was arrested multiple times and released again.

In fact, in its Tweet, the Committee pointed out as to how many times in past Pakistan has resorted to a similar sham of arresting the terrorist due to International pressure but re-releasing him every time thereafter.

The US Committee asked its President to hold his ‘applause’ until Saeed was actually convicted by Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed was arrested on Wednesday in Lahore by the Punjab Counter-Terrorism Department in Lahore while he was on his way to an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Gujranwala to seek bail.

It is notable here that Hafiz Saeed’s party Milli Muslim League had even contested the elections in Pakistan last year. The Islamabad High Court had overruled the election commission’s decision to disallow the terrorist’s party from contesting elections.

Saeed has been living as a public figure in Pakistan. He has been running madrassas, holding meetings and giving sermons for the whole world to see, but exactly what made the US president think that Hafiz Saeed needed any searching and finding is still unclear.

In fact, just three days back, a Lahore anti-terrorism court had granted him anticipatory bail on a Rs 50,000 bail bond.

It would be pertinent to note here that last year Pakistan had put in all possible efforts to ensure that Hafiz Saeed’s Jamat-ul-Dawa and Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) are no longer in the list of banned outfits in Pakistan.

In fact, Pakistan has always given refuge to terrorists like Osama bin Laden who was killed by the American forces in Pakistan’s Abbottabad in operation Neptune Spear. The mastermind of the Mumbai serial bomb blasts in 1993, Dawood Ibrahim, is also reported to be staying in Pakistan.

Now, whether Saeed’s arrest is an eyewash or an attempt to save it’s Prime Minister’ face or whether it was the FATF pressure of being blacklisted, only time will tell, but the US President has certainly got a reality check by his own people.

ISRO announces new launch date for Chandrayaan 2, to be launched on 22nd July 2019

Chandrayaan-2 mission cheaper than Hollywood blockbusters, Bandra Worli Sea Link
Chandrayaan-2 (Source: Hindustan Times)

The Chandrayaan 2 space mission, which was called off on the 15th of July due to a technical slag, has been rescheduled to launch at 2.43 p.m. IST on July 22, 2019.

An hour before the historic Chandrayaan 2 launch, a technical snag was observed in the launch vehicle system. Following that, as a measure of ‘abundant precaution,’ the launch was called off.

Chandrayaan 2 is India’s second lunar spacecraft which was to be launched on the 15th of July from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. It was to be launched at 2:51 am. However, at 3:09 am, ISRO tweeted that the launch has been called off.

If the mission turns out to be successful India would be the fourth country to land on the moon. Previously the US, the former Soviet Union and China were the ones to have successfully accomplished the moon landing.

In a major feat, the Chandrayaan 2 mission is actually cheaper than Hollywood blockbusters like Avengers Infinity Wars and Bandra Worli Sea link.

Live updates Karnataka Trust Vote: Congress-JDS MLAs shout ‘Operation Kamala Dhikkara Dhikkara’, storm well of the House

Karnataka assembly trust vote 2019

The coalition government of Janta Dal (Secular) and Congress is facing a second trust vote in little over one year after elections were held in May 2018. Various MLAs from the ruling coalition have rebelled and that’s why the trust vote was needed.

This page will bring you the latest update from the Karnataka floor test. You don’t need to refresh the page to get the latest news. The live blog will load below:

Mangalore: Mohammad Ansari rapes a cow by tying its limbs, villagers catch him in the act, arrested

Image Source: Mangalore Mirror

In yet another repulsive act of bestiality, a calf has been reportedly raped by one Mohammad Ansari, in Kunjathbail of Manguluru, reports Mangalore Mirror.

As per reports, the local villagers and activists caught hold of Ansari while raping a calf in a field. The villagers said that Ansari had tied the limbs of the calf with a rope and then raped the calf.

A video has gone viral on social media, where the rape accused has been caught by the activists.

In the video, it can be clearly seen that Ansari confessed to his crime of having unnatural sex with the cow. The activists got hold of a bottle of oil from Ansari’s shirt pocket to prove that he is using it for the act.

“We worship cow like our mother and you are having sex with it,” said one of the activists after catching Ansari. In the video, it can be seen that Ansari’s shirt has traces of cow dung stuck on it.

Ansari admitted that he originally hails from Jharkhand. The men then roughen up Ansari, who begins to cry. The activist also asked Ansari how many times he committed such acts in the past to which Ansari said that it was for the first time. “Do you do the same with your sisters?” the activist asked Ansari again.

The villagers also made Ansari touch cow’s feet and ask for forgiveness. However, when Ansari approached the calf, the animal got scared and ran away. The angry activist said, “It is running as its scared of you. Look what have you done, the poor animal is running. It thinks you are coming again for the same thing.”

Police confirms report

The Kaavor police officials confirmed that the villagers reached the spot where Ansari was indulging in the act and caught him. The Manguluru police have registered a complaint against him.

The crimes of bestiality have gone up recently as a large number of such barbaric crimes is being reported. Last year, a cow was reportedly raped by an elderly man named Chotu Khan, in Suthaliya town, Madhya Pradesh.

We had reported a similar incident when a pregnant goat was gang-raped by eight men in Marodha village of Haryana’s Mewat. The goat had died a few days later.

Triple Talaq petitioner Ishrat Jahan gets death threats, driven out of her home for participating in Hanuman Chalisa recital

Ishrat Jahan gets death threats from her community members for participating in Hanuman Chalisa event
Ishrat Jahan at the Dobson Road Hanuman Chalisa event, image courtesy: DNA India

Ishrat Jahan, the woman who was the petitioner in the historic case that eventually resulted in the Triple Talaq bill, has faced the wrath of her community members again. This time it is because she chose to attend a mass Hanuman Chalisa recital event.

As per reports, Ishrat Jahan had participated in the mass Hanuman Chalisa recital event at the Sankatmochan Hanuman temple in Dobson Road in Howrah. Following the event, Ishrat was allegedly threatened with her life and was asked by her landlord Manazir Hussain to vacate her house.

As per Ishrat’s complaint filed at the Golabadi station, on Wednesday, when she was returning home from her child’s school, she was stopped at the Nand Ghosh road by one Mustafa Ansari and her landlord Manazir Hussain along with over a hundred people.

Ishrat has alleged that the mob, led by Ansari and her landlord Hussain, pointed fingers at her and threatened her for participating in the Hanuman Chalisa event. They even asked him to vacate her house and leave the locality.

As per reports, Ishrat and her child were forced out of their home after the landlord’s threats. She has reportedly taken shelter in another person’s house at Rosemary Lane. She has stated that she lives alone with her child and is fearing for her safety after the Muslim community members have issued her threats.

Ishrat has said in her complaint that she is a citizen of a secular country and she has the full freedom to practice any religion and go anywhere. She has added that she has been receiving such death threats since she became the petitioner in the triple talaq case. She had stated that the has worn a Hijab to the event and the mob that threatened her had objected to that too.

It is notable here that the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha and local Hindu organisations have been organising mass Hanuman Chalisa recital events every Tuesday to protest against the blocking of roads during Friday Namaz. Ishrat Jahan, who had joined the BJP last year, had also distributed Hanuman Chalisa books among the public at the event.

This Tuesday, the Kolkata police had tried to disrupt the Hanuman Chalisa event at the Dobson Road. After the police action, BJYM workers had staged protests.

Hard Kaur supports pro-Khalistan ‘Referendum 2020’, extends support to banned terror outfit Sikhs For Justice

Rapper Hard Kaur (image: IndianExpress)

Taran Kaur Dhillon, popularly known as Hard Kaur, has landed herself in a new controversy. Kaur has taken to social media to extend her support to Khalistan. Khalistan is a movement which calls for a separate country carved out from India for Sikhs.

Hard Kaur urging people to vote for Khalistan

In a post from four days back, Hard Kaur can be seen wearing a t-shirt which speaks of Referendum 2020. The caption reads that she is saluting ‘The Hero Sant Shaheed Bhindranwale”

Another post where Hard Kaur is urging people to vote for Khalistan

In another post, Kaur is again wearing the same t-shirt, she is again seen rooting for Khalistan. Kaur is also seen abusing Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh while urging the Sikhs to vote for Khalistan. She has also shared songs sung by Sikh singer Tarsem Singh Moranwali in praises of Bhindranwale.

Hard Kaur supporting TikTok ‘celebrities’ who propagated revenge for Tabrez Ansari’s death

In an Instagram post from last week, Kaur is seen supporting the TikTok ‘celebrities’ who were found propagating hatred and revenge over Tabrez Ansari’s death. Following social media outrage, the Mumbai Police had booked the offenders.

Not the first time

Recently, Kaur had come under fire for going mental on social media and blaming the RSS for Pulwama attack as well as 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, both of which were actually carried out by terror organisations supported by Pakistan. In her obnoxious posts, she was spouting Pakistani propaganda. She showered choicest of hate over RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Apart from Bhagwat and Yogi, Kaur has also spread malicious lies about the origin of the word Hindu and hurt a lot of Hindu sentiments.

Eventually, an FIR was lodged against her over her abuses. The FIR was lodged under IPC sections 124A – attempt to excite disaffection or hatred, 153A – promoting enmity between different groups on ground of religion, 500 – defamation and 505 – intent to incite and section 66 of IT Act – sending offensive messages.

Sikhs For Justice

Sikhs for Justice is a UK based separatist group that is allegedly supported by the ISI, the Pakistani intelligence agency. Early this month, India has finally banned the pro-Khalistan outfit for its separatist agenda. The SFJ has been pushing for the Sikh Referendum in 2020.

Inzamam-ul-Haq to step down as the Chief Selector of Pakistani cricket team after his term ends on July 30

Inzamam-ul-Haq, Courtesy: newsnation.in

Former Pakistani cricketer Inzamam-ul-Haq has announced his resignation from the post of Chief Selector of Pakistan’s cricket team. He announced his decision during a press conference today. However, he will complete his tenure that ends on July 30. “I think it is time to step down, I will complete my team that ends on July 30. After more than three years as chair of the Pakistan men’s selection committee, I have decided not to seek renewal of my contract”, he said.

He also spoke about Pakistani cricket team’s poor performance in the Cricket World Cup 2019. “Cricket is my passion but I do not want to be part of the selection process. Unfortunately, we lost the opening match and it became difficult to make up the run rate in later matches”, said Inzamam.

According to reports, Pakistan’s miserable performance in the World Cup 2019 is the reason behind Inzamam-ul-Haq’s decision. He had faced criticism for being uncertain about some selection decisions and poor planning ahead of the World Cup 2019. He admitted that the Pakistani cricket team could have performed better in the World Cup 2019. “The team could have performed better during my time than the results reflect and I may have inadvertently overlooked some potentially deserving players, but I have always had the best interests of Pakistan cricket foremost in my heart. I hope the passionate Pakistan cricket fans will understand and can see this in my decisions”, he admitted.

“With the ICC World Test Championship due to get underway in September, the ICC T20 World Cup in 2020 and the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, I believe it is the right time for the Pakistan Cricket Board to appoint a new Chief Selector who can bring new ideas and fresh thinking”, he said. Former Pakistani Test opener Mohsin Hasan Khan’s name has reportedly been recommended as the new Chief Selector. Khan has earlier held the position the of Chief Selector and has yielded good results. He has also served as the interim head coach of the Pakistani cricket team.

Inzamam-ul-Haq’s nephew Imam-ul-Haq however, came out in defense of his uncle during a press conference in Lahore. He said that the Chief Selector only could not be held responsible for the team’s poor performance and that there were other members also on the selection committee.

After ICJ rules in India’s favour in Kulbhushan Jadhav case, Pakistan claims victory, sticks to its position: Read full statement 

After the International Court of Justice gave its verdict in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, granting consular access to him and asking Pakistan to review the conviction of sentence of Jadhav, Pakistan has issued its first reaction to the judgement.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pakistan government stressed on the fact that the ICJ did not order the acquittal or release of Jadhav, thus the court did not accept India’s application. They said that now Pakistan will proceed as per law.

Pakistan’s statement on the ICJ judgement in Kulbhushan Jadhav case

Pakistan has reiterated that Kulbhushan Jadhav entered Pakistan without a valid visa on a fake identity. They claim that Jadhav “is responsible for acts of sabotage, espionage and multiple terrorist incidents”. They also claimed that Kulbhushan Jadhav has confessed all these acts during his trial in a Pakistani court in front of a Judicial Magistrate. The statement by the ministry ended with saying “This is a clear case of Indian state terrorism.”

It may be noted that both India and Pakistan are claiming victory over the ICJ judgement. India is celebrating the fact that the court had ruled that Pakistan had violated the norms of Vienna Convention, and consular access to Jadhav and a review of the case has been ordered by the international court. India also won when ICJ rejected Pakistan’s claim that India’s plea was not admissible, and ICJ didn’t have jurisdiction on the case.

On the other hand, Pakistan has chosen to highlight the fact that the ICJ didn’t acquit Jadhav or didn’t ask him to be released. The death sentence of Jadhav was also not turned down, it has been only kept suspended till a Pakistani court reviews the case.

It may be noted that although ICJ has ordered the review and reconsideration of conviction and sentence of Jadhav, it has allowed Pakistan to chose how to do it. Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case was heard by a military court, but ICJ didn’t say that the retrial will have to be done in a civil court. This means, theoretically, Pakistan can still conduct the retrial in a military court, or any other court they choose, and that court can still arrive at the same judgement. It is also noteworthy that Jadhav will remain in a Pakistani jail, but he will not be executed until the review of his case is conducted. Although he will have consular access, and proper legal representation in the court.

Talking to media after the ICJ judgement, advocate Harish Salve expressed hope that the Pakistan will conduct a fair trial. Talking about what if the retrial arrives at same decision, he said that with court rullings one can always go back to the court with an appeal. He also added that if Pakistan conducts retrial in a military court with that same rules as earlier, it will violate the ICJ judgement as it will not be a fair retrial. They will have to change military court rules if they want the review to be done by a military court, he added.

Salve said that if Pakistan conducts a fair trial with proper legal assistance, we will secure Jadhav’s release, and if the trial is not fair, we can go back and knock at the doors of ICJ again. When asked if he will continue to fight the case in Pakistan’s courts, Harish Salve said that he does not think he has the right to argue in a Pakistani court, but said he is sure that there are fantastic lawyers in Pakistan who will take up this case.

AMU cleric arrested on accusation of sexually harassing a 9-year-old girl whom he used to teach Quran

Accused cleric Source: hindi.news18.com

A Muslim cleric named Mohammad Ahmed (Mohammad Afzal as per some reports) has been arrested for molesting a 9-year-old girl. According to reports, the accused used to teach Quran and Urdu language to the victim at her home. He was appointed at the post of Muajjin at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and used to read namaz inside a mosque in the University.

The accused had allegedly threatened the victim and raped her. When the minor girl’s mother came to know about it she filed a complaint against the accused on the Tehsil day. A Tehsil day is a sort of grievance redressal day that is organised in Uttar Pradesh on the first and the third Tuesdays every month to solve the problems of the local people from 10 am to 2 pm. This is presided by the District Magistrate while other officials from various departments are also present.

According to reports, the cleric has admitted to committing the crime while talking to media. He said that he used to go to teach her, when some harassment happened by him. He admitted that he molested the girl four-five times.

Ahmed said that he gives the call for Azaan from the Mosque inside the University campus, and also reads the Namaaz when the Imam is not present.

AMU officials informed that the cleric has been removed from his post after the incident. They also said that he was not a permanent employee of the university, and he was appointed on a temporary basis as the Imam of the mosque was on leave. The cleric used to go outside the campus for tuition where the crime took place, they said.

The police have registered a case against the accused under sections 376 and 506 of the IPC and under the provisions of the POCSO Act. An investigation has been initiated in the matter. SSP Akash Kulhari confirmed the matter and said, “A woman filed a complaint that her daughter was sexually harassed by the cleric. He has been arrested”.

Last month, an incident of rape of a 16-year-old girl by a Maulvi in a Madarsa in Kanpur was also reported. The victim was a student at the Madarsa where the accused Maulvi used to teach.

Abandoned baby girl no more even as Sakshi Joshi and Abhishek Upadhyay file FIRs against each other

Journalist Abhishek Upadhyay (left), Vinod Kapri and his wife Sakshi Joshi (right)

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri and his wife Sakshi Joshi have filed an FIR against the journalist Abhishek Upadhyay who had accused the couple of using tragedy of a new born child to promote himself and his movie.

In the FIR filed on 13th July, Sakshi has accused Abhishek of writing a Facebook post alleging that he has indulged in her character assassination.

In his post, without naming anyone, Abhishek had written a story about a lady who marries an old divorced man through manipulation. In her FIR, Sakshi has claimed that the above story refers to her.

As per the FIR, she deduced that the post was about her when someone commented on the Facebook post with her and her husband filmmaker Vinod Kapri’s name and Upadhyay ‘liked’ that comment. She even alleges in her FIR that Upadhyay not only wrote the above post to defame her and Kapri and asked people to share the above post via WhatsApp but also asked people to walk up to the couple and spit on them.

She even accuses Upadhyay of getting his friend to threaten through a comment that the couple should be beaten up and killed. She has alleged that Upadhyay and his friends are conspiring to get Kapri killed. Sakshi has alleged that owing to the Facebook post, there is a threat to their lives.

Following the above FIR, OpIndia reached out to Abhishek Upadhyay who rubbished the claims. Upadhyay laughed at the allegations of trying to get Vinod Kapri killed and said, “Now I know why he makes flop films. Because he doesn’t even know how to write stories.” He said that his Facebook post was a literary one and had nothing to do with Kapri or his wife.

On 16th July, Abhishek, too, filed a counter FIR against Sakshi Joshi and her husband Vinod Kapri accusing them of CARA rules and Juvenile Justice Act violations.

In his FIR, Upadhyay has asked accused Joshi and Kapri of violating the CARA rules. CARA had informed Sakshi on 16th June 2019 itself that posting the pictures of the newborn baby was in violation of the Juvenile Justice Act. However, despite the warning, the couple continued to post the pictures.

In his FIR, Upadhyay has mentioned a company named “Bhagirathi Films Private Limited” and has alleged that the company could be a front for money laundering.

Bhagirathi Films Private Limited documents via MCA website

Casting aspersions that Kapri may have a dubious source of income, Upadhyay has said that he would also write to the Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Officials and urge them to investigate the company where the couple are directors.

A few weeks back, an emotional story of a journalist couple ‘adopting’ a baby rescued from a garbage dump in Nagaur, Rajasthan made rounds on social media evoking strong sentiment amongst the social media users. A journalist couple, Vinod Kapri and Sakshi Joshi, had warmed everyone’s hearts after they had announced that they would be adopting a baby girl found abandoned near a garbage mound in Rajasthan’s Nagaur area.

However, shocking tweets by journalist Abhishek Upadhyay suggests that controversial journalist Vinod Kapri used the tragedy of a newborn to promote himself and his movie ‘Pihu’ which was supposedly set to release on Netflix in the following days.

In a series of tweets, Upadhyay claimed that Kapri had planted stories in Indian as well as international media houses that he had already adopted the newborn child.

While the mudslinging continues, the little child in whose name it all started, has unfortunately passed away.

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