Friday, October 7, 2022


No separate charge or GST on using washrooms of Executive Lounges at railway stations: IRCTC issues clarification after misleading media reports

IRCTC clarifies that Rs 200 plus 12% GST is standard charge for Executive Lounges at railways stations, and no separate charge for urinals

Did the Pfizer vaccine cause miscarriage in 44% of pregnant women during trial? How a viral blog post made flawed calculations

While the vaccine may have some adverse effects, as all Covid vaccines were granted emergency usage permits, and we are still waiting for detailed reports on long-term clinical trials, the claim made by Naomi Wolf's blog post, that 44% of pregnant women lost their babies after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, is wrong.

DIPR dismisses media reports claiming J&k likely to get around 25 lakh additional non-local voters, says ‘vested interest’ trying to misrepresent facts

The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Saturday refuted media claims that the UT will be getting around 25 lakh additional voters including outsiders or non-locals

Rahul Gandhi targets Modi govt over price rise: Here is how data proves his claims are wrong aimed to create inflation hysteria

Rahul Gandhi claimed that prices of pulses have increased by 20% in last 15 days, which is completely false

PIB busts fake claims made by NDTV and Saket Gokhale, confirms no GST on rent of properties rented for personal use

Saket Gokhale tweeted, "Modi government will now be charging GST to tenants on their house rent."

Fact-check: Did Amul print the Tiranga on the packets of its products as alleged by netizens

Netizens outrage against Amul for printing 'National Flag' on its milk packets which is actually not the national flag

Varun Gandhi apes the IQ of his cousin Rahul, gets confused between ‘loan waiver’ and ‘loan writeoff’, Kejriwal follows suit

Periodic reminder that loan waiver and loan write off is not the same as insinuated by certain politicians in India.

Fact-check: Has Gujarat Govt introduced GST on playing Garba this Navaratri as being claimed by Congress and AAP? Here’s the truth

Congress and AAP have been peddling false information that the Gujarat state government has introduced 'fresh' GST on Garba entry passes

The Hindu wilfully misrepresents what Kishan Reddy said about #HarGharTiranga program to insert China, KTR furthers the propaganda

On August 1st, 2022, The Hindu published a report with a headline – “Kishan Reddy defends flag import”.

Fact-check: Did Shah Rukh Khan ‘donate’ Rs 23 lakh for an RO plant at Vadodara railway station? Here is the truth

On Sunday evening social media was abuzz with reports that Shah Rukh Khan has 'donated' Rs 23 lakh for an RO plant at Vadodara railway station.

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