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As BJP-led NDA names tribal leader Draupadi Murmu their Presidential candidate, the Indian Left belittles her identity and credentials

The Indian Left could not hide its contempt for tribal leader Draupadi Murmu, casting aspersions on her integrity

Finding Manaf: The Kaushik Basu syndrome that is plaguing the country like a storm

But at least we got one learning. That when it comes to saving the dignity of women, chaiwallahs are the ones who are rising to occasion.

Terrorists join ‘toolkit’ gang after AltNews’ Mohammad Zubair triggers Islamists globally over Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad

What Nupur Sharma said was not said for the first time in history, but the kind of reaction it has been getting does raise suspicions that there is definitely more to it than what meets the eye.

National Herald and the crooked history of Congress leadership

The moment Gustaakh-e-Rasool (Insult to the Prophet) armies were removed from the streets, Gustaakh-e-Rahul (Insult to Rahul) fanatics hit the roads.

As US condemns the statements by Nupur Sharma, here is what a Pakistani Maulana said about its hand in the global outcry

Maulana Engineer Mohammad Ali Mirza of Pakistan slammed the United States for grabbing the opportunity to criticize India over the Prophet Muhammad Row.

The Nupur Sharma fiasco and the Liberals: 9 ways how the Islamo-fascists and their ideological comrades have shot themselves in the foot

By over-reacting to the Nupur Sharma affair, Liberals have made life much more difficult for themselves for years

As an NRI Hindu, here is why the Nupur Sharma incident hurts me

The suspension, the death threats and the protests against BJP leader Nupur Sharma from the party augmented a nationwide debate

‘Islamophobia’ does not exist: It’s time to push for this ‘politically incorrect’ reality

Islamists took to streets against Nupur Sharma and any condemnation of the threats given to her was branded as "Islamophobia"

What was the need for Nupur Sharma to even say it? Just because she said something you didn’t like you’d call for her beheading...

Just because Hindus don't take to street power and don't run riots or give calls for beheading those who mock our faith, it is they who must be mindful of not hurting others' religious feelings.

Rangeela Rasool, 295A, partition: History threatens to repeat as demands for a special law to punish ‘gustakh-e-rasool’ grows

Nupur Sharma, the former BJP spokesperson, has been caught in a dangerous storm after she made certain innocuous comments during a TimesNow debate

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