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Tragedy of Hindu women of Bengal: Why police ‘probe team’ got no complaints of rape by the Sandeshkhali women and the tragic conclusion that...

Sandeshkhali women have come on record explaining how they were being sexually exploited by Sheikh Shahjahan and his men.

Even as Sandeshkhali women narrate tales of TMC’s terror, Sagarika Ghose defends decision to join Mamata Banerjee with punch words like ‘democracy’ and ‘constitution’

On the 11th of February, TMC announced that it had nominated veteran propagandist Sagarika Ghose, wife of another veteran propagandist Rajdeep Sardesai, to the Rajya Sabha.

Decoding how PM Modi hacks EVMs, Part 2: Why Sonia Gandhi had a problem with MNREGA reforms and how Modi revolutionised employment, labour sector

The labour or employment reforms don’t stop at just the MNREGA - the Modi government has taken several other crucial steps

The usual lies, victim playing begins: After Muslim mob went on a rampage in Haldwani, the online mob, including TheWire, starts shielding on-ground Jihadis

On February 8th, Haldwani, Uttarakhand, erupted in unbridled violence as Muslim mobs went on a murderous rampage.

Infrastructure revolution: From the 2nd largest road network in the world to soaring civil aviation, how 9 years of Modi govt has transformed India

For the world’s largest democracy, its ‘New Deal’ moment has probably arrived now. India, with its labyrinth of rural and urban roads, ports, and airports, has had a steady development of its infrastructure since independence.

Congress wants to connect with lakhs of Agniveer aspirants, promising a ‘review’ of the scheme: Why this campaign is dangerous and harmful for India

To enhance national security and development, the Government of India has introduced an extensive scheme of Agniveer for recruitment into the Indian defence forces.

Rajdeep Sardesai says ‘States being penalised for better demographic, economic performance’: How he is wrong and made a fool of himself again

After receiving a lashing over his hypocrisy (yet again) yesterday, Rajdeep Sardesai woke up to a fresh day wanting to receive the same kind of lashing again.

Decoding how PM Modi hacks EVMs, Part 1: Expanding focus on small-scale industries from MSME to other ministries – from Vishwakarmas to fishermen

I don’t know about you but I am now a very firm believer that Prime Minister Narendra Modi hacks the EVMs (hereinafter, referred to as “The Project”). This first part explains how he uses MSMEs for it.

‘Biden govt tried to stop us, illegally surveilled, leaked chats’: Tucker Carlson in Moscow for Putin interview, exposes US hypocrisy on media freedom

The Western media, for the last several years, and especially since February 2022, has painted Vladimir Putin as an evil, cruel dictator running a terrorist regime. The vilification has been so unidirectional, biased, and relentless that any scope of understanding and mutual dialogue has been stamped out.

Liberal narrative, police statement and convenience to select sides: How attacks on Hindus is ignored under the garb of ‘no communal angle’

Secondly, police have to operate in conditions where tensions and animosity escalate very quickly among the communities. There have been times when they deny communal angle even when it is present only to prevent further unrest in the region where the incident occurred.

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