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Kejriwal gets cracking, but what about his team?

While Kejriwal has his eyes firmly on administration, his colleagues are making stray remarks

Mission Possible: How can Modi win Bihar?

Some suggestions for Narendra Modi for winning two crucial elections in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

How will Delhi vote? Some findings of our Contest

An analysis of all the entries we received for our Delhi Poll Predictor contest.

Jitan Ram Manjhi teaches lectures of puppet-politics to Nitish Kumar, and many others

Once a favourite of Nitish Kumar, Jitan Ram Manjhi is giving a very tough time to Nitish Kumar after becoming the CM

Obama attacks Modi on Religious Intolerance? Really?

Once again spin doctors try to twist a statement by Obama to make it anti-Modi

How Elections are fought in the times of Social Media

Political Parties are fast adapting themselves to new age media

Kejriwal’s opinion on Opinion Polls makes a U-Turn

Arvind Kejriwal's love-hate relationship with Opinion Polls

Doubts emerge over credibility of Aaj Tak – Cicero Delhi Opinion Polls

CICERO , an agency which conducts Opinion Polls for Aaj Tak, has AAP as its client and a Congress member as its Director.

An opinion on Opinion Polls

We have seen almost 20 opinion polls for the Delhi Assembly elections. We try to make sense of all these polls.

AAP candidate Naresh Balyan named owner of 8000 liquor bottles. Will Vishal Dadlani answer?

After many twists, Delhi cops finally reveal that the liquor indeed belonged to Naresh Balyan. Will Vishal Dadlani apologise for his mis-statements?

15 Lakh Cameras: Why Arvind Kejriwal’s Foolish Plan Will Bankrupt Delhi #AAPUnplanned

Arvind Kejriwal very enthusiastically promised to fit Delhi with 15 lakh CCTV cameras. But has this IIT-ian Income Tax officer got his Math woefully wrong?

Meet the biggest fan of the Congress party currently living on on earth

In the millions of "Bhakts" of BJP, we find that one lone warrior who has been with the Congress through the ups and downs of Politics: @Gsurya

The recent blunders of Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi has managed to commit quite a few blunder in the short time she has been with the BJP officially.

Congress – the Dictatorship, says Jayanthi Natarajan

In a explosive letter, former Union Minister Jayanthi Natarajan blows the lid off the Dictatorship called the Congress.

3 key takeaways from Obama’s tour to India

Modi must be credited for taking Indo-US relationship beyond customary "India and Pakistan need to resolve Kashmir issue bilaterally."

Did Ravish Kumar “expose” Kiran Bedi on the car-towing incident?

Did Kiran Bedi ever tow Indira Gandhi's car? Did Ravish Kumar manage to make Kiran Bedi spill the beans?
Sunanda Tharoor and Shashi Tharoor

Update: Did Tharoor really blame Congress leaders for Sunanda murder?

Shashi Tharoor has accepted Subramanian Swamy’s theory that someone in the Congress party knows the truth of Sunanda murder case?

Obama’s anti-religious-discrimination statement becomes anti-Hindutva sermon

Barack Obama mentioned that "India will succeed as long as it's not splintered along religious lines", but some neutral Journalists spun this to make it a anti-Hindutva, anti-Modi statement.

CONTEST: Delhi Poll Predictor

Predict which party will win how many seats in Delhi assembly elections 2015, and win prizes!

8 people who have been disillusioned with Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal may say he has the support of all, but he has seen many friends who have turned foes in the recent past

Kiran Bedi: Master-stroke or Misstep?

Amit Shah's gambit to pitch Kiran Bedi as BJP's face against Kejriwal may seem to be a master-stroke from the tactical genius, but are there undercurrents which may affect BJP adversely?

With leaders like Ashutosh, who needs Opposition

Ashutosh and his faux pas on Twitter

10 Things you should know about Leela Samson

A sordid past of CBFC chairperson Leela Samson who is trying to create a scene by resigning over a non-issue

10 Tweets Kiran Bedi should have deleted before “U-Turning” into BJP

Ten tweets which might embarrass BJP's newest member Kiran Bedi.

Competitive Copulation: All Religions want more kids

For every Sakshi Maharaj "have 4 kids" statement, you will find similar statements from other religious leaders, but sadly, no one gives them the spotlight they deserve.

What kind of Modi fan are you?

To Left-Liberals, Modi fans are all BJPTards or ModiTards, but we realise that there are quite a few different species of Modi fans. Which one are you?

Is Congress the B-Team of BJP In Delhi?

Sheila Dikshit extending support to AAP, may seems like a deal between AAP and Congress, but is there more to it that what meets the eye?

This man thinks he’s enemy number 1 of RSS and BJP

Are RSS and BJP be stalking this young youth? He certainly thinks so, and even produces some "proof"!

Minimum Government – Are we getting there?

How far has the Modi Government been able to deliver on the promise of "Minimum Government, Maximum Governance"?

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