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Love gone wrong: Deep spent 1 crore to become female after falling in love with Vaibhav, sets car on fire in Kanpur after boyfriend...

A man who became female to marry boyfriend burnt his car in Kanpur after he refused to marry even after she spent Rs 1 crore for sex change

Read the grand history of Lord Krishna’s Dwarka where PM Modi performed underwater pooja, the divine city is older than the Indus Valley Civilization

The holy city of Dwarka drowned just as Lord Krishna was stuck with an arrow of a hunter while he was resting in a forest.

Unattended goods train runs for over 70 km at 100 Kmph after driver left with the locomotive running, halted in Punjab

A major train mishap was averted on Sunday (25th February) after an unattended driverless goods train travelled at 100kmph for more than 70 km, causing a scare in Punjab

Vedic Fire Temple in Azerbaijan: Civilisational heritage and the unceasing continuity of Vedic culture even outside Bharat

The existence of a fire temple called Aateshgah at Surakhani, Azerbaijan, speaks significantly of the civilisational heritage and unceasing continuity of Vedic culture of fire worship even outside Bharat.

Hyderabad: 28-year-old groom-to-be dies during surgery to ‘enhance smile’, dental clinic booked for negligence

According to his family, Narayan was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. As per allegations, he died of an anesthesia overdose at the dental clinic in Hyderabad. 

PM Modi to attend Pran Pratishtha ceremony of a temple where Lord Krishna himself installed the Shiva idol: The miraculous tale of Mehsana’s Valinath...

According to popular folklore, Lord Krishna himself installed the statue of Lord Shiva at the Valinath temple in Mehsana.

Energiser dummy: 73-year-old Australian man shoves batteries in his penis for ‘sexual gratification,’ doctors forced to use forceps to remove them

The elderly man acknowledged that he frequently inserted foreign objects without them getting stuck.

Telangana: 20 stray dogs found shot dead in Mahbubnagar district, 5 more wounded, case registered

An eyewitness alleged that one person came in a vehicle and shot the dogs with a gun. Police are probing the matter.

Fed up over wife’s Instagram reels ‘addiction’, Karnataka man dies by suicide

According to the police, Kumar, a daily wage worker, was annoyed with his wife, constantly glued to social media platforms where she often made and uploaded reels.

PM Modi to inaugurate the first traditional Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi: His efforts fulfill the decades long dream, here is the backstory

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Prime Minister Modi welcomed sadhus of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha during PM Modi’s visit to the UAE in 2018

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