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Madras HC restricts entry of non-Hindus into Temples: Argument over burqa-clad visitors, and how TN govt tried to force ‘secularism’ in Temples 

Madras High Court restricted entry of non-Hindus in temples in its order on 30th January.

Ayodhya: How a critically injured Devi Deen Pandey single-handedly killed 700 soldiers of Mir Baqi’s Mughal army to save Ram Janmabhoomi

Devideen Pandey killed 700 Mughal soldiers before sacrificing his life for the cause of Ram Janmbhoomi in Ayodhya.

‘Dragged on the road, and shot at chest, head’: Heart-rending tale of Kothari brothers who laid down their lives for Ram Mandir, sister carrying...

In a tribute to the ultimate sacrifice by her brothers, Purnima Kothari is presently serving devotees flocking Ayodhya to visit the newly built Ram Mandir.

Ayodhya: How Hindus were massacred on the call of jihad by Maulvi Amir Ali after King Devi Bakhsh Singh built Ram Chabootra on Janmabhoomi

Hindu kings sacrificed their lives for Ram Janmbhoomi. They fought bravely against violent jihad to protect the holy site.

Mortar mixed with blood of Hindu warriors used in making the first wall of Babri Masjid: Story of Raja Mahtab Singh, who sacrificed his...

Shyamanand, the then-priest of the Ram temple, provided shelter for two Mughal fakirs Kazal Abbas Musa and Jalal Shah. These fakirs pretended to be influenced by Hinduism and began living in temple premises. They informed Babur about the temple's wealth and the immense faith Hindus had in Lord Ram.

Even if shots had been fired, the disputed structure at Ram Janmabhoomi was bound to be demolished that day: An eyewitness account of December...

A karsevak and witness to the demolition of the disputed structure recounted the event which transpired on the fateful day.

‘Ram ordered, I just followed’: Arun Yogiraj says he cannot replicate the idol he carved as Bhagwan’s face changed after Alankar decorations were done

"Mere lalla ne mujhe aadesh diya, maine follow kiya (Lord Ram gave me the order, and I just followed it)," Yogiraj said adding that “I had to ensure that the idol adheres to the Shilpa Shashtra, representing a five-year-old form of Lord Ram, capturing the innocence of a child.”

Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: Ram Lalla idol carved out of 2.5 billion years old black granite stone from Karnataka

“The stone is 2.5 billion years old. The rock is highly durable and resistant to climatic variation and will sustain thousands of years in this subtropical zone with minimum maintenance,” Dr Venkatesh said.

Janaki Temple in Janakpur Dham, Nepal is getting ready for Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, to celebrate by lighting 1 Lakh 25,000 Diyas

Janakpur Dham houses Nepal’s biggest temple, the Janaki temple, built for its Princess Sita who married Lord Ram at this very town.

Sea of celebration and devotion: A devotee shares his experience from Ayodhya ahead of Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha

The bhakti will continue; that isn’t going anywhere I feel. We are witnessing a miracle, a revival, a reawakening. We are witnessing a momentous history being made.

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