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According to the police, he introduced himself as an Indian passenger when he headed for his immigration clearance after arriving at the airport.
Earlier, Rajasthan Congress leader had allegedly printed and distributed fake NYAY forms in Kota, Rajasthan, another Congress-ruled state
Misinformation being spread about the newly introduced charges for e-KYC authentication, which is payable by institutions, not end-consumers
There have been numerous tussles in the past between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Election Commission
India had offered to collaborate with Malaysia on the programmes India developed expertise
Supreme Court has upheld the Aadhaar Act with some modifications
The arrested Chinese National has been operating in India for last five years and is married to an Indian girl
The constant hate which was directed at Chandra eventually got the Editor of, who edited the article, to respond
Perhaps the hysteria could have been avoided with some research
It is apparent that The Wire's editorial standards are near absent.
R.S Sharma came out to strongly condemn the comment which was wrongly attributed to him by The Print
TRAI chairman challenged anti-Aadhar propagandists to give proof how his provided Aadhar number can be misused
They had reportedly come from Myanmar in 2013 and worked as daily wage workers
This is not the first time such 'lost' Aadhaar cards have been found.
Yogi Adityanath revealed that UP govt has already constituted a team under Siddarth Nath Singh in this regard
There is a good reason to believe that mainstream English newspapers in India keep masses uneducated. Most of it stems from bias. A lot has also to do because journos themselves are uneducated. They can’t speak or write on any subject coherently. At best they are quote-renters. At worse, remotely controlled by compromised bosses, politically aligned. The whiff of money and power also keeps them drugged. Look at the data issue currently clouding our mornings. Aadhaar, of course, is unpalatable to these journos. In the name of a data breach, for months at end, the mainstream media is trying to...
Congress launched Aadhaar without a legal framework and its policies led to large NPA
The move to seed Aadhar to voter IDs has been stalled by an ongoing case in Supreme Court
In the past fake mid-may meal recipients were caught via Aadhaar linkages
The details and merits of the case are being missed due to outrage over 'attack on press'
The intention is to prevent and identify benami or fraudulent transactions
Moody's elaborates on why it has changed its rating for India
Even though UIDAI has slapped a notice on Airtel, the problem persists
Rural India is transforming at a dizzying speed
Apex court slams Mamata Banerjee on Aadhaar, says file plea as individual, not government.

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