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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler joins Trinamool Congress in Meghalaya, gives the party a big boost

Adolf Hitler is not the only oddly named politician in Meghalaya politics. Back in 2013, Hitler fought assembly elections against two similarly strange names in Franken

Hitler Ki Maut Marega: Veteran Congress leader Subodh Kant Sahay uses derogatory language for PM Narendra Modi

Shehzad Poonawalla condemned the Congress for not reprimanding its leaders for making abusive and derogatory remarks against PM Modi.

Operation Paperclip: How the USA helped Nazi criminals from WWII evade justice to advance its own military ambitions

After defeating the Nazis in Germany, the USA went to great lengths to bring some of the most prominent Nazis home and spent a considerable amount of money and efforts to rehabilitate them, because they wanted the Nazis' weapons and their expertise.

New York State Assembly bills remove references calling Hindu religious symbol Swastika ‘anti-semitic’ and ‘fascist’: Here is what we know so far

New York Senate and State Assembly dropped the reference to Hindu Swastika as an 'anti-Semitic' and 'fascist symbol' in their bills

‘Comedian’ Munawar Faruqui trivialises The Holocaust, had earlier mocked Godhra carnage victims

Faruqui also dragged in the Hindu holy symbol of Swastika to mock Hitler while trivialising The Holocaust

The case of missing context: How British journalist tried to shame Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with reference to Hitler

PM Modi announced that a grand statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose will be installed at India Gate on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary

Taliban rule: When Hindus in Afghanistan were forced to carry yellow badges like Jews in Nazi Germany

In a bid to undo years of suffering and persecution, the Indian government had issued long-term visas to 700 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan in July last year.

CNN fires Pakistan-based contributor Adeel Raja after anti-Semitic tweets generate backlash

Amidst ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, Adeel Raja had recently posted a tweet in which he said the world needs a another Hitler.

Pakistan based CNN contributor Adeel Raja says world needs another Hitler amidst Israel-Palestine conflict, has history of anti-Semitic tweets

Adeel Raja, freelance contributor at CNN, has said that the world needs a Hitler today amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Islamists praise Hitler while cursing Israel, but did you know that Hitler wished he were a Muslim too?

"The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?" Hitler is quoted as saying,

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