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Imran ‘Taliban’ Khan bats for terrorists in Afghanistan, calls them ‘normal civilians’

On the allegations of Pakistan's direct support to the Taliban in the ongoing terror and thousands of Pakistanis travelling to Afghanistan to assist the Taliban, Imran Khan claimed that they were not terrorists, but normal civilians, who are returning to their country.

Nine-member Taliban delegation visits China to meet Foreign Minister, signals growing China-Taliban ties after US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Naeen tweeted that a nine-member Taliban delegation visited China on an official invitation

Uyghur separatist group East Turkestan Islamic Movement now active in Afghanistan: UNSC Report

China had earlier this month expressed concerned about Afghanistan being used as breeding ground for East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

Afghanistan: Taliban releases video of Kandahari comedian being slapped prior to his execution

Khasha who had served as a local police was dragged by the Taliban out of his home who then tied him to a tree before slitting his throat.

The roots of Afghan civil war and its transformation into a safe-haven for world’s deadliest terror network: How did it all begin?

At first, Afghans backed the Taliban by giving them a chance. For Afghans, who had witnessed a long war, the Taliban promised two things. First, security to Afghans and secondly, a truce among mujahideen groups that continued to fight to control Afghan lands.

World Sikh Organisation wants CAA-like law in Canada for Sikhs and Hindus escaping from Islamic countries

WSO President was quoted saying that it is time to act; otherwise, Hindus and Sikhs remaining in Afghanistan would be targeted and killed.

‘Security situation in Afghanistan dangerous’: Indian embassy issues security advisory for its nationals

The Indian embassy, Afghanistan has issued a security advisory due to the chaos in the country amidst the Taliban offensive.

Thousands of Afghans who worked for US troops now face Taliban’s death trap, US govt announces Operation Allies Refuge

Over 18,000 Afghans who had worked for the US troops have reportedly applied for the Special Immigration Visa, fearing Taliban's revenge.

Afghanistan: Taliban killed over 100 civilians after the fall of Spin Boldak, US forces carry out strikes in Kandahar

As per the government of Afghanistan, the Talibani terrorists presided over the massacre at the direction of their Pakistani masters.

Ex Pakistan diplomat’s daughter beheaded in Islamabad: Details

The 27-year-old Noor Mukadam, daughter of former Pakistani diplomat to South Korea and Kazakhstan, Shaukat Ali Mukadam was shot then stabbed and mercilessly beheaded with a sharp instrument.

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