Thursday, September 23, 2021



Pakistani journalist accuses Pakistani company of selling US military vests left in Afghanistan, the company says it makes them in Pakistan

Specter Defense denied the claims that it is selling items left by Americans in Afghanistan, saying they are making all the military gear in Pakistan

Taliban beheaded an Afghan soldier and then celebrated with the decapitated head: Report

Taliban celebrated the beheading of an Afghan soldier, and raised slogans in the name of their leader with the decapitated head.

A week after Amrullah Saleh issued a video message, the Taliban capture the library in Panjshir where the video was shot

Photo a Talib brandishing a rifle in front of a bookshelf has appeared, the same bookshelf seen behind Amrullah Saleh a week ago in a video

‘Shoot in my head’: Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed had told her fiancé to kill her if she was captured by the Taliban before...

Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed recounts her harrowing escape from Kabul after Taliban captured the city

US defence analyst Sarah Chayes explains how Pakistan’s ISI ran a sophisticated campaign for reinstalling the Taliban in power

A top US Defence expert believes Pakistan's ISI was complicit in the Taliban's resurgence to power in Afghanistan

From killing civilians to allying with militias accused of raping women and young boys: How USA committed untold atrocities in Afghanistan

US forces were involved in the killing of Afghan men and inflicting war crimes during the 20 year war with Afghanistan.

US killed aid worker working for US in drone strike, claimed that he was an ISKP terrorist: Here is what we know so far

NYT reported that the US drone strike not only killed 43-year-old Zemari Ahmadi but also his 3 children, namely, Farzad (10), Faisal (16) and Zamir (20).

A woman cant be Minister: Taliban spokesperson goes on misogynistic tirade on live TV

Under the previous Taliban regime (1996-2001), women were prevented from pursuing education, and getting a job.

Kapil Sibal Says Modi govt will ‘use’ the Afghan situation to take advantage in UP elections

Kapil Sibal alleged that India's policy towards Taliban regime will be guided by how this regime can use it to it’s advantage in UP election

Taliban kills Rohullah Saleh, brother of resistance leader Amrullah Saleh: Reports

The Taliban has killed Rohullah Saleh, brother of Afghan resistance leader Amrullah Saleh. There was speculation earlier.

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