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Nehruvian model of capital intensive growth had a similar effect on the rural populace of India as Mao’s Great_Leap_Forward had on China’s rural inhabitants
Agricultural sector regained its focus post-2014 when the Modi government came into power as it realized the need to revive India’s agricultural sector.
Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana was a scheme initiated by Shivraj Chouhan's government whereby the government pays farmers the difference between official Minimum Support Price and the rate at which they sell their crops or Model Price whichever is higher.
Radha Mohan Singh elaborated on the achievements of the NDA government and the steps taken to improve the affairs of the agricultural sector.
Suresh Prabhu also said that the government is looking to establish free trade agreements with countries from Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
'Farm loan waiver' strikes a dissent cord amongst bankers and economists
Congress had announced a similar farmer loan waiver in 2008 which led it to a victory in the 2009 elections
The only way to get rid of the notorious 'congress grass' is to remove the plant with the roots before they flower and set seeds.
The Fadnavis Years focuses greatly on Fadnavis' policy reforms and how he has strengthened BJP's position in the state and has navigated through a highly complicated political scene to only emerge stronger than before.
The aid will be given to the talukas which received a low rainfall.
Cloaking data to subtly further a motivated agenda is not only unethical but also extremely dangerous
The World Bank predicts 7.3% growth in 2018-19 fiscal year
With this, the government seems to have entered into the election mode
The Prime Minister addressed farmers across the nation through NaMo App
The estimates are based on figures released by the Agricultural ministry
By strengthening the sector over time, this government is yet again trying to deliver on its slogan of Sab Ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas
A team from Israel is expected to visit Bundelkhand soon
The partnership is bearing fruits for Indian farmers
The step was disruptive and having far reaching impact. 8 months too short a period to pronounce judgments.
Media hype and twisting of facts lead to a sensationalised story.
Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) is one of those departments where the government needs to invest more with the latest technologies and equipments.
The unfortunate death of a person in AAP’s rally needs to be thoroughly investigated by the police.
Modi is continually making efforts to integrate the North-East into mainland India.

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