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India sends special charter flight with relief supplies as part of $1 million aid to Papua New Guinea hit by volcanic eruption

India sends special charter flight for Papua New Guinea with relief supplies as part of USD 1 million aid

Thousands of Gazans plunder UN aid centre and steal supplies, UNRWA says it is “Sign that civil order is starting to break down in...

Thousands of people plundered warehouses and distribution centres of the UN aid centres in Gaza to grab flour and other basic survival items

Israel-Hamas war: First convoy of trucks carrying aid materials enter Gaza as Rafah Crossing with Egypt opens, foreigners expected to leave soon

20 trucks carrying aid materials entered Gaza from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing after the border crossing was opened

‘They landed on Moon, don’t give them money’: British media whines over ‘aid’ to India after Chandrayaan-3 success, this is the reality of UK’s...

Following Chandrayaan-3 successful landing on the Moon, Brits whine over imaginary aid UK sends to India.

UN to pay USD 6 million to Taliban for security, food while its agency says it has no money to feed poor in war-torn...

World Food Programme, a UN agency said that it is cutting down food aid in war torn Yemen due to lack of funds, despite knowing it will push more people towards starvation.

Watch: Taliban chants ‘Allahu Akbar’ while ripping off Pakistan flag on truck carrying humanitarian aid

Speaking to Pakistani media, the chairman of Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum had said that they would support Afghanistan at all levels as it is a Muslim neighbouring country.

China pledges 31 million USD aid for Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Taliban had called China its ‘most important partner’

In the first batch of aid, China will be sending across 3 million vaccine doses and has also pledged to provide more medical supplies.

World Bank suspends aid to Afghanistan due to Taliban takeover, over two dozen development projects likely to be halted

World Bank stopped aid to Afghanistan as Taliban took over the country. IMF and US had earlier announced seizing reserves and financial support.

Irked over changing the name of its embassy in Taiwan, China threatens to stop medical supplies to the Netherlands: Here are the details

Chhina warned that the name change concerns the country's "core interests" andasked the Netherlands to follow its "One China principle.'

Pakistan spreading coronavirus deliberately to get more international aid: Activists in Pok

The Kashmiri activists in the Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) have alleged that Pakistan is deliberately spreading the Chinese Coronavirus to claim the international aid.

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