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Akhilesh Yadav

‘Send Congress and SP on five-year leave so that they can read Fatiha at the graves of mafias in those years’: UP CM Yogi...

The Chief Minister's reference to offering Fatiha was sparked by SP chief Akhilesh Yadav's recent visit to the home of the late mafia-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari to offer condolences to his family.

Exclusive Ground Report: Police station in Balrampur grabbed by former SP MLA Arif Hashmi during Akhilesh Yadav’s rule to build illegal mazar instead of...

Urs (an Islamic gathering) was being held in the police station where the illegal mazar was built and maulvis and pilgrims were being entertained here

‘Akhilesh Yadav’s Muslim vote bank has left him’: Maulana Mufti Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi of All India Muslim Jamaat says SP may get ‘zero’

Speaking about the Samajwadi Party’s Yadav vote bank, the Maulana said, “To a large extent even the Yadavs have drifted towards other parties. In the political regard, Akhilesh Yadav is moving towards a ‘zero’ point in Uttar Pradesh. He wants to ride on the shoulders of Congress and move ahead, however, but there is no visible success in it.”

Illegal Mining Case: Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav to skip CBI summons, party says he has no other plans except a PDA meeting

SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav has been issued the summon under Section 160 of the Code of Criminal Procedure on 28th February.

I.N.D.I. Alliance propagandist Pragya Mishra calls Brahmins and Thakurs as ‘gaddaar’ because of the SP MLAs who voted for BJP in RS election

Pragya Mishra claimed that the loss in Rajya Sabha election would benefit Samajwadi Party in the 2024 Lok Sabha poll, because the 'traitor' MLAs have been filtered out.

Hectic parlays for Uttar Pradesh seats amid Rajya Sabha elections, SP Chief Whip resigns, 8 MLAs cross-vote for BJP: Here is what we know...

As per reports, around 5 SP MLAs also met UP CM Yogi Adityanath after casting votes in the Rajya Sabha elections

Samajwadi Party faces another blow ahead of general elections, senior leader Saleem Sherwani resigns from general secretary post

Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the Samajwadi Party (SP) in Uttar Pradesh faced another setback as seasoned politician Saleem Sherwani resigned from the post of general secretary

Ditched by alliance partners in Bengal and Punjab, relief for Congress in UP: SP agrees to give 11 seats to Congress to contest in...

Uttar Pradesh unit of the Congress party has not accepted the deal, adding that it is not the Congress’ decision but rather taken by Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav. 

Statue of Mulayam Singh Yadav eating dates will be installed at Ayodhya’s Dhannipur Mosque, will be cleansed using water from Dargahs: Rashtriya Hindu Dal

Varanasi's Rashtriya Hindu Dal has announced that they will install a statue of Mulayam Singh Yadav in the mosque which will be constructed in Dhannipur, Ayodhya

‘Don’t know those who came to invite’: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav rejects Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha invitation

While thousands of dignitaries and people from all sections of society are gearing up to attend the auspicious Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the Bhavya Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has reportedly turned down the invitation

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