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Orchid International files a complaint against the parent who complained about teacher forcing Hindu student to pray to Allah

The Bengaluru school- Orchid International has filed a police complaint against Vikram Simha, the father of the student

Bengaluru school student alleges teacher forced class to pray to ‘better god’ Allah as punishment, school says it was eye exercise

A student of Orchid International School in Bengaluru alleges Hindu students were forced to pray to Allah by their math teacher

Rajasthan: Man arrested for killing his father says he had killed his mother also to send them to Jannat on the instructions of Allah

After Kutubuddin was arrested for killing his father, he revealed that he had killed his mother too, as Allah had invited them to Jannat

No, Harsh Mandar, ‘Allah’ does not appear in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji over 1000 times, ‘Hari’, ‘Prabhu’ and ‘Ram’ do

Harsh Mander made an overzealous remark and claimed that the word ‘Allah’ appears over 1,000 times in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Tamil Nadu: Hindu temples atop a hill in Tirunelveli desecrated, ‘Allah’, ‘786’ written on sacred rocks

The rocks surrounding the Hindu temples on Aththri hills were desecrated allegedly by Muslims, who painted Islamic symbols on them

Congress leader Ali Mehdi wishes the destruction of Israel hours after terror outfit Hamas launches massive air strikes against Jewish nation

Delhi Congress VP's tweet wishing destruction of Israel comes at a time after the Jewish nation came under attack by the Palestinian terror organisation Hamas

Scam convict Lalu Yadav’s daughter Rohini to keep Roza during Ramzan for her father’s health, will pray to Allah too

On being called out for playing religious politics, Rohini Acharya said, "I am unaffected by hateful ideologies borne out of venomous society. Happy Chaitra Navratri "

“I was going against Islam… I’m handing myself over to Allah”: Saqib Khan of Roadies fame quits the glamour industry

The now former model Saqib Khan wrote about going astray from the tenets of Islam and his lack of "Sukoon" because of it

Kerala: Madarsa teacher Shahida slits her 6-year-old son’s throat to please ‘Allah’

The police said that the murder was pre-planned and that a decision on a psychological evaluation of the accused will be taken only after the completion of the arrest procedures.

‘Sant’ Rampal’s devotees have been flooding social media to tell Muslims how they don’t know Islam. Read bizarre details

Born in 1951 as Rampal Singh Jatin in Punjab, the 69-year-old self-styled godman is currently lodged in Hisar central jail for murder charges.

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