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True Indology vs Devendra Fadnavis – The two ‘Hindutvas’ and why they clash

“True Indology” had, a year ago, tweeted about Savitribai Phule, recognized as the ‘first female teacher’ of India.

Madras HC denies request to install portrait of Dr. BR Ambedkar, rules that only Gandhi and Thiruvalluvar portraits/statues allowed in courts in Tamil Nadu

Madras High Court again rejected various representations that requested to install the portrait of Dr. BR Ambedkar on the court premises

Ambedkarite professor from Haryana University gets upset over Honda Car India’s wishes to two different individuals on a new car, forcefits caste angle

There is a pattern one has noticed, especially on social media, where these 'activists' create an issue where none exists owing to their preconceived assumption of caste-based discrimination.

Neither ‘Dara Hua’ nor ‘Jai Bheem’: As Muslim side declares Ambedkar’s views on Hijab ‘offensive’ in SC, it’s time for a reality check

Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging Karnataka HC order banning Hijab in educational institutes

How Ambedkar, Communists, Periyar, and Muslim League opposed the Quit India movement and Gandhi

Periyar and Dr BR Ambedkar, whose ideology aligned with the Congress, were deeply critical of Gandhi.

The Quint publishes report saying Ambedkar would have been in tears over hijab order: Here is why he would be smiling, demanding a stricter...

The Quint report quoted Muslim students as saying that had Dr Ambedkar been alive, he would have been crying over hijab verdict.

Did Lata Mangeshkar refuse to sing Ambedkarite songs? Here is what we know

A strong nationalist, believer, and supporter of Hindu culture and identity, Lata Mangeshkar had always been a personality that usually stayed away from any controversy.

‘Gandhi’s politics is hollow and noisy, full of treachery and deceit’: Read what Dr Ambedkar said about the ‘Mahatma’

"The politics of Gandhi is hollow and noisy. It is the most dishonest politics in the history of Indian polity. Gandhi was the man responsible for eliminating morality from politics and instead introduced commercialism in Indian politics. Politics has been denuded of its virtue", wrote Dr BR Ambedkar

On the 65th anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar’s conversion to Buddhism, read what he thought of Islam and the Muslims in India

Ambedkar opined that it is an improbable prospect to expect Muslims to accept the authority of a government ruled by a Hindu majority because for them Hindus are Kaffirs and therefore, unworthy of respect and undeserving of ruling them.

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