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Delhi government announces salary hike for Islamic clergies in all mosques in and around Delhi.
As citizens, we would be no less responsible for our indifference.
Congress bigwigs have maintained strategic silence over the violent antics of the Karni Sena
The narrative of him being a communal figure is flawed to say the least
Its time people appeal to NewsLaundry to "keep news real"
The High Court has dealt a blow to the Mamata government
Only two organizers have requested for procession for Muharram which coincides during the Pujo.
In the coming days, whether Hindus in Bengal are able to stand up for their rights remains to be seen.
This decision would most likely be enacted after a cabinet proposal
Factors that led to the elevation of Yogi Adityanath and the challenges that lie ahead.
Trying to understand why Uttar Pradesh voted the way it did
Figures show that UP government spent twice on Muslim graveyards than it did on Hindu crematoriums in 5 years.
In what appears to be a divide & rule policy, govt has come up with this scheme when drivers are protesting against cab aggregating companies.
Twitter users came up with funny suggestions for the West Bengal government that has found ‘Ram’ communal.
This comes days after the BJP govt in Assam denies Madarsas a special weekly off on Fridays.
The chances of the CPM Boss daring to talk against the Chinese fasting ban look as remote as him turning up for Yoga Day

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