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As Hamas calls on Muslims across the world to commit Jihad, Congress leader tries to instigate Muslim countries against India

Congress leader gas lighted Arab countries against India days at the time when Hamas has called for Global Jihad

Palestinian ambassador calls for emergency meeting of the Arab League after Israel retaliates to the terrorist attack by Hamas

Besides Palestine, Morocco has also requested for an emergency meeting of the Arab League.

Read why Israel, which geographically belongs to the Asian continent, is not allowed in Asian Games and instead takes part in European Championships

Israel, which geographically belongs to the Asian continent, does not compete in the Asian Games but has continued to do so in the European Championships since 1990

The Economist draws ire for calling women in Arab countries fatter

Many Muslim Twitter users including Islamists from India too attacked The Economist for stating that women in Arab countries, where they do not have as much freedom and privilege as men, are fatter.

Tunisia’s new draft constitution proposes to abandon Islam as State religion, President Saied set to approve

Saied had dissolved the Tunisian parliament last year and assumed complete authority in July 2021.

Islamists, including WaPo columnist Rana Ayyub’s brother, urge Arab countries to halt oil supply to India over Nupur Sharma’s remarks on prophet

Islamists have now resorted to their age-old tactic of knocking on the doors of Arab nations to vindicate their vicious campaign against Hindus

Israeli PM Netanyahu flies to Saudi Arabia to meet crown prince MBS and US Secretary of State Pompeo, Israeli sources claim

Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly flew in a private jet to meet with Saudi crown prince MBS and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

As Islamic Nations rally against France, India shows spine: Stands with President Emmanuel Macron, condemns beheading of teacher

The Ministry of External Affairs, also condemned "the brutal terrorist attack that took the life of a French teacher in a gruesome manner that has shocked the world".

Shashi Tharoor dons ‘Thawb’ and turns Arabic to wish Eid

Shashi Tharoor 'Arabized' himself by posting an image of himself wearing 'Thawb'. He posted the image on the micro-blogging site Twitter on the occasion of Eid.

Aligarh: Hindu students in AMU being hounded, threatened with death by Islamists over social media posts

“Hindu students have been targeted at the AMU in the past as well. Earlier they were ragged and tortured, now the Hinduphobes have gone a step ahead to threaten the Hindu students with death", said an AMU alumnus.

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