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The Philippines, Brazil, and Egypt show interest in the Akash air defence missile system after Armenia’s order

The Akash missile is a DRDO-developed system and has been in service for over a decade now with multiple advanced versions of the missile under development by the Akash Team.

Germany: The City Council of Cologne succumbs to the pressure of Turkish Muslim migrants, removes the Memorial of the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide, a series of systemic killing of Christians during the Ottoman rule in the region of Armenia is one of the most horrific state-sponsored genocidal events of the 20th century.

Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict: India considers sending second batch of weapons to Armenia in the face of rising tensions

India is considering the supply of a new batch of military equipment to Armenia amid dispute with Azerbaijan.

Almost all Armenians comprising 80% of the population leave Nagorno-Karabakh after Azerbaijan reclaimed the territory, UN to send mission

United Nations will send a mission to Nagorno-Karabakh this weekend, amid reports that about 80 per cent of the population have been displaced.

Thousands of ethnic Armenians flee Azerbaijan fearing persecution: Everything about the Nagarno-Karabakh conflict and West’s silence over the issue

Mass exodus has been reported from Muslim majority Azerbaijan where ethnic Armenians are fleeing the region fearing persecution at the hands of Azeris

India inks major defence deal with Armenia, to export indigenous Pinaka rocket launchers and other weapons amid conflict with Azerbaijan

India has signed a $250 million deal to export Pinaka rocket launchers and other ammunitions to Armenia

How Sadanand Dhume passed off a Turkish ethno-supremacist as just another international figure

Ozil is not your average “international figure” as Dhume and some others would like us to believe. This is a man infamous for being a supporter of Erdogan. The same Erdogan who is on warpath against India over Kashmir.

Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict: Mother of Armenian soldier receives his tortured and beheaded body after six months

Gagik, a soldier from Armenia, was brutally tortured and was beheaded after he was taken as prisoner of war during conflict with Azerbaijan

India and Armenia share a common threat and the two countries should collaborate

India and Armenia have those common geopolitical and military adversaries - Turkey, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and the two countries must come together to preserve their interests.

India should increase cooperation with Armenia in response to Turkey’s dalliance with Pakistan, experts argue

During the Nagorno-Karabakh war, Azerbaijan received support from Turkey and Pakistani fighters fought against Armenia as well.

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