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'One question that always used to bother me was will we ever held the media accountable for the chokehold they helped maintain on Indian Democracy?'
Srinagar District Magistrate Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against Republic TV chief, Arnab Goswami in a defamation case filed by PDP MLA Naeem Akhtar.
In what is very unfair treatment of brave journalism, it is Rahul Kanwal's voice and not Pallavi Ghosh's or Sagarika Ghose's that announces RaGa's rise to great power in India's politics.
The court has said that police investigation is required to find out how the Republic TV got access to the documents related to Sunanda death case
Republic TV's Arnab Goswami has said that he is ready to go to jail
Congress party Rajya Sabha MP issued a threat to investigative agencies that the government will change and then they will 'decide' on officials.
Amit Shah spoke at the Republic summit and made statements on the recent Assembly election loss, 2019 general elections, Sabarimala and Ram Mandit in Ayodhya
Farooq Abdullah said that there was a need for women representation in the legislatures and demanded 50 per cent reservation for women in elected bodies.
Arnab Goswami has been attracting threats from Congress leaders and those associated with them, especially, Shashi Tharoor
There were others who criticised Arnab's appointment, though none of them matched Sanjay Jha in terms of Bollywood dialogue content.
There have been reports of Kerala state police resorting to violence as well
Republic TV journalist Shivani Gupta was allegedly harassed by a mob at Jignesh Mevani rally earlier this year
Today, I remember my 14-year-old self, and somehow, the fear I felt then, grips me again today.
The Fake News was also spread by the Malayali newspaper, Mathrubhumi.
Two men have released a video claiming responsibility of the attack on Khalid
The scariest fact about them is that they undertake the duty of moral policing in our society
The story is still developing and we will update it with developments. 
Just because Arnab could do it, does not mean just anybody can.
He even thanked Purohit for coming to his show to watch his own sting.
Arnab and Republic TV seem to have touched a raw nerve of the Leftists. Here is how they are 'getting back' at him
The details have been uncovered in a sting operation by the Republic TV
Shashi Tharoor had filed a defamation case against Arnab and Republic TV on 26th May
Total viewership of Republic stood at about 51.9%, more than double of Times Now's 24.5%
Times has filed a case claiming Tharoor and Lalu tapes as their intellectual ‘property’ that were stolen by Arnab.

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