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English Premier League season kicks off with “kick rapists off the pitch” banner as Thomas Partey starts for Arsenal

Ex-girlfriend of Partey also shared that she was paid off to keep quiet about the whole incident. However, the crowd didn't keep quiet about it

English Premier League footballer due to represent his country in World Cup later this year arrested in North London over suspicion of rape

The footballer is reported to be 29 years old which set off a round of speculation over all the 29 years old players playing for North London clubs.

‘Fans do not deserve this’: Rwanda President Paul Kagame trashes Arsenal management after defeat against Brentford

Rwanda President Paul Kagame let out his frustration at the continuous disappointing performance by Arsenal.

Rahul Gandhi in contention to replace Mikel Arteta as manager of Arsenal, fans sign Yogendra Yadav to help organise protest

Rahul Gandhi is in contention to replace Mikel Arteta as the manager of Arsenal Football Club after disastrous run of games.

Mesut Ozil, suffering horrible form at Arsenal, rakes up controversy with comments on China and ‘East Turkestan’

The message fro Mesut Ozil was written in a background of blue with a white crescent moon, the colours of Uyghur Separatists who call the region 'East Turkestan'.

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