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aryan invasion theory

‘Harappan civilisation is 7000 to 8000 years old’: Scientists studying DNA samples from Rakhigarhi site find

The ASI and Deccan College Pune have worked together over the past two years to complete the third phase of excavations at Rakhigarhi, led by ASI joint director Sanjay Kumar Manjul and Deccan College Pune assistant professor Prabhodh Shirwalkar.

Aryan Invasion Theory: Let us revive the debate again

Until the millennium year 2000, there had been many voices doubting or plainly rejecting the Aryan Invasion Theory, and contributing many little arguments from linguistics or archaeology, all indirect evidence, but a clear alternative was lacking.

The New Indian Express uses the term ‘racial purity’ to make false claims about research on genetic ancestry, Rahul Gandhi furthers the propaganda

Experts in the field of Genetics and History have heavily criticised the TNIE report as a classic case of deliberate misinformation.

Standing up for Hindus: In Conversation with author-journalist Francois Gautier

Indian born French journalist Francois Gautier talks on a range of issues concerning India, Hinduism and the society

Indologist Shrikant Talageri, who has comprehensively debunked the Aryan Invasion Theory, awarded honorary D.Lit degree by Indus University, Ahmedabad

Shrikant Talageri is one of those scholars who have come forward to question the Aryan Invasion Theory

No ‘Aryan Gene’ in Rakhigarhi skeletons, Indus Valley population largest source of ancestry for South Asians: Study

The study involved the inspection of DNA samples of the skeletons found in Rakhigarhi, an Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC) site in Haryana.

Liberals want Bharat ke tukde so that they can feed the pieces to Bangladeshi illegals

But don’t you dare call a Bangladeshi illegal an infiltrator. Haven’t you heard that the world is one big family?

Dr Ambedkar rejected Aryan Invasion Theory with facts and logic

BR Ambedkar didn't buy the Aryan Invasion Theory

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