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Liberals want Bharat ke tukde so that they can feed the pieces to Bangladeshi illegals

You have come from outside … All you Aryans have come from outside…

This is not a troll on Twitter pouring out garbage on social media. These are words of Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of the Congress Legislative Party in the Lok Sabha speaking on the floor of Parliament. Speaking on the occasion of Constitution Day in the Lok Sabha.

And who are these comments directed at? Who is being called an outsider? Well, it is none other than Rajnath Singh, India’s Home Minister.


Yeah, that is the official view of the Congress Legislative Party leader presented formally on the floor of the Lok Sabha. That India’s Home Minister is an “outsider.”

That is the real face of the party which claims to be doing politics of loving and hugging.

Let me pose this question directly to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Party and the entire liberal ecosystem: do you consider Home Minister Rajnath Singh to be an “outsider”? Yes or No?

Even if you use the discredited, false and malafide Aryan invasion theory, the Aryans have been living in India for 3500 years at the very least. Tell me Rahul ji, tell me Sonia ji, for how many thousand years should Home Minister Rajnath Singh prove his lineage in India before you will allow him to shed the tag of “outsider”?

This is the same Left-Congress ecosystem that is also asking: what will happen to Bangladeshis who have been living here (illegally) for maybe one or two generations?

Why this double standard? The answer is obvious and so is the agenda. Because Rajnath Singh is a Hindu and an Indian. Dividing Hindus is the topmost priority of the Congress ecosystem right now. The only time they remember universal brotherhood of people is when somebody talks of getting Bangladeshi illegals to leave the country. 

Take Maharashtra. The entire Congress-Left ecosystem is getting Marathas riled up against Chief Minister Fadnavis, who happens to be a Brahmin. Don’t tell me this is about the reservation. In 54 years, there have been 11 Chief Ministers in Maharashtra from the politically dominant Maratha community, but the reservation pot just happens to boil over when a Brahmin CM is in office.

What happened to universal human solidarity now? A Bangladeshi illegal is an integral part of India but a Brahmin from Nagpur should have no rights in Maharashtra?

Then, there is Haryana. The Congress ecosystem in Haryana wants the Jats to revolt because Chief Minister Khattar is a Punjabi Khatri. That means his ancestors have roots not in Haryana but in the adjacent state of Punjab. Oh dear! That makes CM Khattar an infiltrator in the eyes of liberals and seculars.

But don’t you dare call a Bangladeshi illegal an infiltrator. Haven’t you heard that the world is one big family?

Of course, there is Gujarat. When Hardik Patel was going around to young people distributing “I am Patidar” caps, liberals were clapping so much that they nearly fell out of their chairs. Apparently, liberals will build a developed new India by getting the youth to walk around wearing caps with their caste displayed prominently on them.

This is happening all across the country. The Congress ecosystem is going around looking for reasons to tear us apart. In Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, there is Pathalgarhi, a movement most beloved of leftists and Maoists. A simple tribal cultural event was seized upon and made into a political movement where tribals are encouraged to put up signs refusing entry to all “outsiders.” Here, “outsiders” would mean any Indian who is not a tribal from that exact area. The tag of “outsiders” would also apply to any symbols of the Indian state, including government schools.

The same liberal ecosystem that calls for all non-tribals to be expelled from Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh also calls for Bangladeshi illegals to be tolerated in Assam.

So Rajnath Singh is an outsider, Fadnavis is an outsider, Khattar is an outsider, any non-tribal born in Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh is an outsider. Apparently, the only insiders are Bangladeshi infiltrators who jumped the border illegally. Suddenly, when it comes to Bangladeshis, the world is one. But non-tribals born in Jharkhand must be expelled immediately.

The agenda is crystal clear. Liberals want to divide Indians between Jat, Maratha, Patidar, Lingayat, Tribal, Dalit, etc, etc. There the slogan is Bharat ke tukde. And what will happen to these tukde? Well, the idea is to break up India, chop it up into tiny bite-sized pieces and feed it to infiltrators from across the border.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a columnist and author.  

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