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Social media accounts of Sweden based professor Ashok Swain hacked, alleged leaked direct messages indicate affair with young woman working under him

Leaked direct messages of Ashok Swain with female research assistant under him indicate an affair, and a fight with his son over it

Ashok Swain’s OCI is cancelled for anti-India activities: Indian government tells the Delhi High Court

Centre said though the report on Ashok Swain was classified as "Secret", it can be submitted in the court in a sealed cover.

Action against fake news peddlers: Sweden-based troll Ashok Swain’s Twitter handle withheld in India

The serial fake news peddler Swain teaches at Upsala University and has been caught multiple times peddling fake news to malign India and present a false narrative of Muslim victimhood in the country.

Sweden-based troll Ashok Swain, who challenged Modi govt to host G20 summit in Kashmir, cries hoarse after it actually happened

Ashok Swain, who was until six months ago challenging the Modi government to host the G20 meeting in Kashmir took to Twitter to cry hoarse when it actually happened

Rajasthan: Fake news peddlers, ‘Muslim journalist’ and The Wire columnist share fake news report to claim how ‘Hindus’ raped half-cremated body, police debunk lies

Fake news peddlers claimed five men raped half-cremated dead body in Rajasthan - a news that was debunked by the police

Fact check: Muslim man in Khandwa threatens a girl to marry him, propagandists attack Hindu men who came out in her defence

HindutvaWatch, Ashok Swain were among propagandists who vilified Hindus for standing up for the honour of a girl.

Is Ashok Swain banned from entering India after Modi govt cancelled his OCI card? Here is what he is claiming, the case in HC...

In February 2022, Indian govt cancelled the OCI card issued to Ashok Swain for hate speech and anti-India activities

Ashok Swain, Sweden-based troll who teaches at Uppsala university, spreads disinformation about lynching of Muslims

Ashok Swain shared a viral video of a mob thrashing a man insinuating that Muslims are lynched in India.

IIT Delhi slammed for inviting habitual fake news peddler Ashok Swain to speak on politics, postpones event citing Covid

The IIT Delhi event was heavily criticised on social media for inviting habitual fake news peddlers and Left propagandists to speak at their event.

Photo of NASA intern with Hindu Gods and Goddesses on her table sparks Hinduphobic meltdown: How Roy was attacked for her Hindu faith

NASA intern Pratima Roy became a victim of Hinduphobic attacks after the space research agency shared her photo with her Gods.

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