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Richard Dawkins interview by Piers Morgan: Watch how a globally acclaimed atheist thinker chooses silence over criticising Islamic terrorism

People termed Dawkins' silence as an example of how Islamic terrorism operates because it manages to threaten even the wisest minds to shut up to ensure one's own safety.

‘Atheist’ Naresh arrested by Telangana Police for derogatory comments against Lord Ayyappa and other Hindu deities

Bairi Naresh made derogatory statements against Lord Ayyappa Swamy in a public gathering conducted last week in the Kodangal Constituency.

‘You can block Donald Trump but not users posting objectionable content on Hindu Gods’: Delhi HC asks Twitter to explain its policy on account...

The Delhi HC said had the content been related to any other religion, Twitter would have been prompt in blocking the user

‘He has a right to voice opinions’: Ex-Muslim Aneesh gets bail, was arrested in Tamil Nadu for ‘insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad’

Aneesh Jasy, a popular ‘rationalist’ among atheist groups in Tamil Nadu was arrested on December 29 by Tamil Nadu police for posting alleged 'anti-Islamic posts' on Facebook.

Ex-Muslim Aneesh Jasy arrested by Tamil Nadu cops over alleged anti-Islam Facebook posts

Aneesh's friend has raised serious questions over the intent and sequence of his arrest stating he was taken to the Police station under false pretense.

Trump derangement syndrome patient Sam Harris admits he is embarrassed over enthusiastic welcome for ‘adults in the room’ involved in botched Afghan withdrawal

Atheist Sam Harris has been one of the most vocal unhinged critics of former US President Donald Trump.

Google Trends show declining interest in atheism over time: Here’s where India stands

India saw significant spike in the number of Google searches involving atheism in early 2000s but the trend is on the ebb.

Who would have thunk: Capitol Hill riot shows how Alex Jones is far more reasonable than Sam Harris

Alex Jones tells the crowd at the Capitol Hill, "We're not Antifa, We're not BLM. Let's march around to the other side."

‘Rational atheist’ Sam Harris defends his crazy Osama bin Laden comment, claims his remark was ‘understandable’ in context

Sam Harris had claimed in his podcast that Donald Trump is a more reprehensible person than Osama bin Laden.

‘Osama bin Laden is less reprehensible than Trump,’ claims ‘rational atheist’ Sam Harris who once described the terrorist as a ‘moral hero in a...

Sam Harris claimed in his podcast Making Sense that Osama bin Laden is a less reprehensible person than Donald Trump.

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