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Aurangzeb's father Mohammad Haneef is likely to join the BJP during PM Modi's visit to J and K in February.
What was demanded of the ninth and penultimate Guru? That he yield to Aurangzeb’s demand of embracing Islam.
Aurangzeb's single minded obsession with showing the Hindus their place had cost him his very empire.
Sabhaji's brutal torture forged a unity and a sacred vow was sworn to uproot the Mughal empire from the soil of Bharata.
A story of a man ordained by the Gods to carry out their will.
We look at some of the arguments that we are sure would be rehashed on his 400th birthday in just a couple of days
Pakistan sponsored terrorists had abducted 3 policemen from Shopian and killed them brutally
He said he was angry after being called Aurangzeb and he should have killed the person who did that.
It appears that the organizers and the scholar did not want anyone in the audience with an opposing point of view.
The organizers have confirmed the cancellation of the event which was to be held on August 11.
There has been a concentrated efforts to whitewash the crimes committed by Aurangzeb
Burying historical facts to shield minorities from 'embarrassment' will only embolden religious fanatics and extremists. 
There are many lessons here that we must imbibe in order to avoid becoming like the caterpillar.
Girri was instrumental in getting the Aurangzeb Road renamed in 2015
We live in interesting times to be able to witness the farce
Has Mani Shankar Aiyyar committed a gaffe or is he a victim?
But Congress chooses to ignore this significant event to celebrate birth of Tipu Sultan, a bigot and a murderer.
Aurangzeb apologists try to portray him as a secular, sympathetic ruler which he was not.
He made the statement during an award ceremony of a news channel
BJP Delhi Spokesperson Tajinder Bagga gave a written request to the PM, Meenakshi Lekhi and NDMC.
Huffpost becomes the latest media house to publish pieces which humanize the Mughal tyrant
Media has told 24 lies in September 2015
Devious translations and convenient interpretations to whitewash Aurangzeb

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